Robinhood Fuels Bull-Run With Re-listings🔥Crypto Weekend Outlook pt. 2

In a recent update on its official website, Robinhood has announced its support for the doggy-themed meme coin, WIF. The financial service firm has placed the Solana-based token among the ranks of prominent cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. This could be in response to high retail demand looking to further fuel the crypto bull-run.

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~Robinhood Fuels Bull-Run With Re-listings🔥Crypto Weekend Outlook pt. 2~
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Hey everyone thanks again for stopping In on part two sorry about the stream I Don't know what happened but we are Going to give you guys the remainder of The video uh as well as some of the poll Res results as well so we'll get into That but let's go into the Robin Hood Topic Robin Hood of course hitting on uh All cylinders now in the EU and mainly What that means is they've expanded Their supported crypto list and what You'll notice here let me kind of zoom In on that you'll start to see a lot of The normal stuff that you see here in The US but of course you're going to Start to recognize some projects that Are not available polygon coming in near Pepe salana Celestia dog with hat uh all Of that available now so Robin Hood Really in a position where they could Trigger quickly if we get a coinbase win So that's the key here if we get a Coinbase win some pretty big things Could be happening with Robin Hood love To know what you guys are using in terms Of your trading platform as well couple Other things I want to hit on in terms Of some key points is remember that when Salana was pulled off there you know These are people talking about they were Delisted from Rob Robin Hood back on June 27th what that simply means is we're do A pump if it comes back into Robin Hood

When I think it it will once we get a Coinbase you know whether it's a Dismissal or some indicator that this is Going to be a good positive move for Coinbase that's when I think Robin Hood Comes back in with some of these assets So at that point get ready salana is Going to get a very interesting move be On the lookout for that we'll go into a Couple of of charts as well uh only Robin Hood EU is listenting it currently Right now not even Robin Hood us is a Level of cope I did not even dare to Dream about like 36 hours ago I think That's just people getting frustrated With what's happening out there uh Breaking right now eth uh mcoin Pepe Moving pretty uh pretty dramatically uh Going up about 1.5 billion in market cap Overall and of course we'll talk about Some other meme coins and I'd love to Get you guys is dropping your own meme Coins in down in the comments there's a Lot happening in the meme coin uh sector I think we are seeing some pretty Interesting ones overall here of course Is dog with hat uh outperforming memec Coin market after Robin Hood's European Listen listing that we just kind of Mentioned there I think it's just a Matter of time we're going to see some Pretty big moves on some of these uh Salon based uh dog theme token remember You probably could only get that through

Your Phantom app in the previous model Now if you're over in the EU can get to It so a couple other things for Comparison mcoin Pepe up uh 17.7% Bon is Up 5.4 Dogecoin uh is down nearly 3% Over the same time frame but Doge has Been running as well all right so Jumping over to the charts now just so We can kind of wrap up on the front half Of the video for the Bitcoin situation This is one thing to note is this is on The monthly chart right now I'm using The Lux algo tool set right here but I Want to show showcase something guys This is a monthly close that is the Highest ever in the history of Bitcoin So you look back here of what happened In October of 2021 last all-time high There we are on the monthly close uh Which is pretty significant I think Again this is just another bullish Signal for what we're seeing within Bitcoin overall all right so let me jump Over to uh dog with hat this is just Kind of showcasing a little bit of this Movement on The Daily so pretty big uh Move right now again memec coin's Starting to track really nicely and I Think this will be interesting cuz Retail this is in my opinion this is Something that is a early precursor to Retail coming in when we start seeing These meme coins starting to slide Around this is one to watch for sure

Here's kinu a little bit on that one if You have been watching this one this of Course absolutely went Bonkers no no uh Pun intended let's go back here even to Where it's trading right now almost 3 Almost 400% right there on kakino again This is one that is in the Avalanche Ecosystem several of those out there uh For sure love to get your opinion on Which um meme tokens you're watching do You like Pepe do you like Doge maybe one Of the ogs or are you looking at maybe One of the ones that has yet to hit the Market make sure and drop it down in the Comments All right so let's jump to the Poll real quick this was the pick from Everybody that was in the live earlier Before we got clonked there what's your Top mem coin box seems to lead the pack A little bit 394 votes I think that Might have shifted a little bit may have Come in it was holding two whiff and Then Cino holding number four right There so we'll see we'll probably do Another live around meme coins to get a Full understanding of where the audience Is going and again I think we're going To see some new uh players in the market So be on the on the lookout for that uh If you're not in the diamond Circle get In now it's a great place to get Additional content catch me out there on Twitter X at Paul Baron we'll catch you Next time right here on Tech

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