Hi welcome to Big Boy crypto my name is Ben AJ get out of my freaking video No you moved to the middle she could be In the video No look at look at what I'm wearing look How puffy I am I'm wearing gloves and I Don't mean puffy like P Diddy I mean Like I'm pumped up it's literally Negative one degree here in Boston uh Our flight got moved until later tonight So we're going to have a roast beef Sandwich boys Have y'all ever eaten roast beef before Hell yeah AJ there's a family-friendly show oh Sorry thank you Uh guys I want to talk about Sam bingman Freed right now Um because something very interesting Happened in the last 24 hours also AJ And I and Aaron say hey Aaron Hello Aaron's my vlogger he films all my Videos she said I'm gonna pretend to Sleep that guy that guy's actually a Professional photographer even though he Doesn't look like he's a professional Anything All right guys look here here's the deal The deal is Um later today me and AJ and Aaron we're Going to the AL Grant headquarters we're Gonna make a video in front of it in Zero degree weather we'll see if they're

Open they're probably closed Al Green Never closes But their office does Uh so I wonder about same name and free Because something kind of interesting Happened and I've already been seeing The narrative I've already been seeing The narrative guys same baby Freed's Going to prison I want you all to Understand that he's not getting out of Going to prison okay Carrie Wong and Caroline Ellison's deals included prison Time so there they were at one time Cooperating against him what are they Doing now I'm not sure saying they're Not cooperating supposedly but this Guy's going to prison there was a case Today or this week that was decided in Texas That basically said that Sam bingman Freed is innocent Of charges relating to selling Unregistered securities Uh in in in uh in the form of the uh Interest savings accounts that they had On FTX now okay let me reiterate that or Let me go back let me let me fix that a Little bit That's what everybody's saying okay he's Not innocent of that all that Texas that The Texas uh Court said or which I think It was a Texas State Court they just Said Texas does not have jurisdiction over a

Bahamian exchange to be able to say that They're liable and must refund all of The Texas customers which by the way Guys By the way okay I want you to think About how idiotic this thinking is Behind this case Okay this thinking is That I agree with the findings a hundred Percent you want to know why because If Texas if Texas residents let's say They they were found guilty as they say I'm an FTX were found guilty here And they had to refund all the money to Texas customers you know what that means That means that all the people in Texas Would be taking all a hundred percent of Their money back And that means the pie for everyone else Would be smaller like think about this That means that everybody in California That was on FTX us if Texas took all the Money that means instead of getting Maybe uh no FTX us they say you might Get 100 back that means that now if you Lived in California you would not be Getting 100 of your money back Um because Texas or Texas took all Theirs now that's if they're not 100 Solvent if they're and here's the other Thing if they're 100 solvent FTX us is Then everyone's getting all their money Back then why does Texas get to go first In the line no look I love Texas if I Had to live in another state other than

Georgia it would be Texas for sure love The people in Texas okay like a couple Other states who I like Kentucky look I'm a southern boy you guys know how it Is I had a great time in Minnesota had a Great time down there in uh the heat Zone in Phoenix And join Boston definitely too cold okay But Georgia Kentucky Texas Tennessee Those are places I would want to live I Wouldn't want to live in Florida either Way too crazy in their yard in the Florida man But the point is is that if it's solvent Everyone's getting their money back why Is Texas good to go first if they're Insolvent Texas would be eating the pie Away from everybody else in the United States so because of that this is a good Ruling this is a good finding we don't Want Texas to get all their money back First That's not fair to the rest of the People in the country that are on FTX us Now Texas people if I lived in Texas I Would be saying this but I'd always be Like yeah but I wouldn't mind getting my Money back first so if you live in Texas I understand I get it okay but this is Not an indication of what is going to be Happening in the future with SPF with FTX Texas doesn't have the jurisdiction That's all they're saying like I get Driven Crazy by these people who say

That oh he's got he's not gonna go to Prison Elizabeth Holmes not for three Years she had two babies two babies She's still doing 11 years now how much Does she actually do serve Four or five years whatever we'll see But you're gonna get punished okay And I I think that people need to Understand I want to say this again okay Oh the politicians are protecting the Same who name the politician that's Protecting Sam All the politicians he gave money to Have to give the money back and they all Look like idiots Uh Gary Ginsburg protected him probably That's the only person I can think of The ones to protect him and he's not Even a a a an elected official he's an Appointed official by One of the people That was made to look like an idiot Joe Biden and he doesn't need much help but He did get some help in this one Um so none of these politicians knew This exchange was insolvent they might Have known about money laundering which I don't think most of them knew anyways Um they might have known that Sam was Trying to buy favor with him what do you Think a political donation is you dummy What do you think it is a political Donation is literally buying favor That's what it is what do you think a

Lobbyist is doing they're using money to Buy favor that's literally what they do It's not a bribe they're campaign Donations and when we get into this Thing with the campaign laws it's gonna Be very fascinating to see how this Shakes down and I want to reiterate Again guys there's another thing coming With this Ukrainian money laundering That involves team bigman freed he Doesn't even know it's coming and I do Okay I know what's coming now there are Some specifics that I still don't know He doesn't even know how much trouble He's in for this yet okay this is all Coming it's all coming out of the Pipeline it's going to come during this Year it may not be even in the first Half of this year where the Ukrainian Stuff comes up but it's all coming okay You heard it here first how many times Does your boy Legend astray on SPF you All know I was the first one out here Rant hooton and hollering and screaming You all know it I know it we all know it We saw the heavy metal remix we saw the Little bubble remix shout out a little Bubble we saw that Been dead on on this thing from the very Beginning and I hope people open their Eyes and really see what has occurred Here this man is going to prison okay It's not happening this month it may Take several years before he goes he may

Get a lot of time now someone brought up Something interesting at one of our book Tour meetups shout out to catching up a Crypto book Tour all the people have Been absolutely amazing we're going to Gary ginsler's Hometown well I don't Know if it's his hometown we're going to His home we're going to uh Washington DC Uh tonight I feel like I canceled Earlier today we're going tonight to Washington DC our Meetup will be Tomorrow one to three you guys to check Out book if you're in The DC area and you want to come you're In the Baltimore area you're in the Virginia area wherever you may be we Would love to see out there tonight Signing books taking pics kicking down Doors Garrett ginser we coming for you Uh where's Gary where is is the FCC Office in Washington DC yeah oh we Definitely going to take some videos we Definitely go do some content in front Of the SEC y'all gotta know we already Doing that but the point is Is that um Uh the point is is that we've been on The book tour somebody brought up this Interesting situation we're here we're Eating roast beef boys Um they brought up a really interesting Situation uh which is what if Sam Disappears I mean I I don't believe he's Really got anywhere to go but he's what

If something crazy happens unpredictable Something we're not seeing now it could Happen but the point is this guy is not Uh this guy is not going to be that's Right and filming a video in one degree Whether zero degree weather negative one Degree weather okay But this Texas thing is a good thing It's not a bad thing remember that That's all I got be blessed

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