SEC Imploding! (Bullish For Crypto?)

SEC Imploding! (Bullish For Crypto?)

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Why did they let this little lizard guy Get the job unbelievable [Music] [Music] [Music] Gary ginser crypto litigation tactics Challenged by X SEC chair Former SEC chairman Jay Clayton who Dropped off the xrp case with Carriganzer had expressed discontentment With regulatory approach in a recent CNBC interview Clayton referred to his Statement if we're not losing cases We're not suing enough businesses Interpret it as a notable shift in the Public's perception of the government's Role Clayton firmly believes against Those approach is misguided saying I Don't want to see cases brought by the Government when they anticipate losing Uh in response to Jay Clayton's remarks Multiple stakeholders within the crypto Industry have rallied to support their Positions John Dean everybody know who He is uh highlighted the observations Made by the judge and herbal case Putting out the SEC lawyers did not Consistently adhere to the law Tell you what John Dean uh he's got to Piss the SEC off He has to yeah right More than me I think Um analysts have questioned whether Consumer May exhibit favoritism towards

BlackRock potentially granting them Leniency nevertheless the extent to Which the SEC will provide concessions To Major players in the traditional Finance sector remains to be seen do you Think that BlackRock will get the first One approved all these other ones have Been in for you know vanak and all these Uh pro shares or whatever been there for Years or 2018 or 17 so I think the Winklevoss twins one has been since 2015. Very early on they put it on And then this one gets filed by Grayscale and goes through immediately That would be insane yeah I mean I think At this point what we were talking about The other day is it looks like Arc Should be first in line and I do believe I don't know we're covering the story Today but I think that they just even Reworded some of the details of their Filing to mimic what BlackRock had so Now you got a real stickler point we're Gonna have to see what Gary and the SC Does yeah because it would make sense That they're delaying saying like oh no How do we how do we come up with a way To rationally deny Arc invest and then Accept BlackRock or somebody else that We like better yeah but they're running Out of way so I I'm kind of the boat I'm saying like I Would not be surprised to see them come

Up with some BS excuse to deny Arc or Delay Arc and approve someone else first But what Arc just did is going to make It a little bit more challenging to do That they're gonna have to be more Crafty whoever gets the first one is Going to win the biggest a must-watch Former SEC chairman Jay Clayton Describes the new and deeply Un-American Ethos of the SEC owner Gary gunzer if We're not losing cases we're not suing Enough businesses total abuse power Let's see what he had to say about me Hear this I don't need I don't need to clip it but Put it on Let's take this to a you know a very High level on the regulatory side From the leaders of the regulatory Organizations is if we're not losing Cases if we're not being pushed back on By the courts we're not doing enough oh Think about that for a second that is a Fundamental shift in How We As Americans View the role of the government I I Don't want to be in a place where I know The government is going to bring cases They think they're going to lose imagine You're the person who is the subject of That case now we're talking about Corporations let's see if they can if They're not stopped they're gonna yeah Right but this is an ethos now which is Unless we're losing we're not bringing

Enough cases you know that may be fine For private litigants against each other And think about but when you have the Power of the state and you're you're Supposed to only bring cases and only Make rules that you think are going to Pass judicial muster let's take this to AIDS wow Wow you my guy Robert vermouth says when Clayton is the voice of reason you know The current SEC is in trouble that's for Sure Jay Clayton sounds like A good person yeah In that clip That is scary stuff right there boys and Girls Foreign [Music] [Music] Pierce U.S crypto laws can't assume Anything is a financial asset Uh let's see your reminder all users are Financial on June 29th commissioner Hester Pierce dubbed crypto hum Five years ago uh appeared remotely in Australian blockchain week and was asked How she would regulate crypto answering I think we have to make sure that Whatever regulatory framework you have Doesn't just assume that everything is a Financial asset uh Pierce explained While crypto is thought of in Financial In very financial terms other uses exist Such as enabling people to interact

Without requiring a centralized entity There's the use case for altcoins guys There it was Sister Pierce just made it For you Um let's see asked about her crypto Advocacy uh Pierce says or purse as it's Pronounced on her voicemail uh purse Said is it purse well you said on her Voice oh the voicemail No I've never heard another person say It like that I would think she would be The the leading expert on how to Pronounce that we should ask her Uh she thinks the SEC can do better and Believes if she can't speak freely then I don't know why I'm in that position Wow Do we think you put it in the chat then You a poll for what people have heard From next substitution What do you think will she be the one She should be I think she should I like what I'm hearing from I mean Overall like this is the this the story Of the day as the title suggests uh the Only coup wasn't in Russia the last Couple weeks we're seeing an SCC coup Unfold in front of us Gary gensler's Having it implode on him as we speak and I think I think Hester purse Pierce Pierce prayers however she wants to Pronounce it I think she's in a good Spot I think that would be amazing again Reading that article love her take on it

I think she has a very common sense Approach Um to how she wants to lead the sec's Regulation yeah I would love to see it Yeah I think I would too I mean I would As well here's my only problem with her I just a little bit of criticism Uh in a day where it's hard to attack Someone that's broke crypto compared to Gary Gensler but I would say about Hazard versus fierce person Nobody knows what her name is Uh is that She's been there for five years I Believe right I remember making videos About her in 2018. What has she been able to do as a pro Crypto commissioner inside of a Five-person board What has she done has she done anything Positive I think one of the things that She did was uh they managed to get rid Of um floppy disks The sec's no are using floppy disks did You know that was a real story no I Didn't know that yeah this year that was One of the big decisions the SEC made What a what an important decision yeah They were stopping putting data on Floppy disks now you have to have it Stored somewhere more secure Sure story guys So so you see what I'm saying like how How positive for crypto can she be if

She's been in The hen house there and hasn't been able To really do anything I I think that's a fair question I mean we fall in love with these crypto Characters you know we we fall in love With them and you know like I'm yeah I Want to caution people about RFK like Look I'm not saying that bad about RFK But compared to anyone running against Him that would be anti-crypto we vote For RFK for sure but have you looked Into what this man thinks about taxes I'm just saying it's not if he's only Pro crypto candidate he's got my vote But I'm just saying like there's more to Research to know about these all things Being the same if they both are Pro-cryptos then there's things that Will make a big difference if one's Antichrist crypto then of course we go With Pro crypto yeah no I I think I Would what I would love to maybe you Know the answer to this what is Hester Purse's experience of knowledge when it Comes to crypto space how long has she Really understood the Dynamics of it Because we know there's a lot of people In the government who a year ago really Had no idea what they're talking about Whatsoever they're just reading a piece Of paper first I think some of the People in Washington and other places

Spread out they're they're starting to Somewhat do their due diligence and Research it Um so I I think I know more than people Think they do yeah I wonder if if Hester I mean has she been crypto knowledgeable For five years and done nothing or is She more recently crypto knowledgeable Oh no I mean I I remember her making Pro Crypto statements in 2018 videos on it Then there's a video that I have her Dressed like Wonder Woman I think yeah I Think you're raising very good questions And as far as RFK at the same thing like The more and more I watch RFK I I'm Liking it more and more but I I've said Like yeah crypto to me at this point is A is the top issue I'm looking at but I Do want to hear other issues as well Yeah I do want to make sure who I'm Voting for is going to be a well-rounded Decision maker for our country yeah I Think so but at the same time though Like I said all things being the same One brokerage open anti-crypto I don't Care where they stand on the other Issues so now we got a lot to talk about As a company too I mean I'll tell you What I come back from Dubai it's So look at Mighty appealing over there [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause]

Thank you [Music]