SEC Lies UNCOVERED In Hinman Emails! (Win For Ripple?)

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0:00 Intro
00:53 ATB
01:33 Hit Merch
01:59 BTC Charts W/ Frankie
03:40 XRP Charts W/ Frankie
08:17 APE
10:16 Hinman Email Bombshell
13:46 Deezy Lesson

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The only coin in the top 50 that's green And so while it might not be that green Well that's a stable coin so we're not Going to count that the own literally Only coin and the green except for a Stable coin so uh yeah it's relative Strength is fantastic it's doing a Really really good job I will pay you in Fiat to hire me [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] New stuff here that is right if you go To the channels tab you'll see around The blockchain we're almost at twenty Thousand nineteen thousand seven hundred I just did uh one of the uh the morning Streams one of the newer morning streams Whoa look how giant is head guy right There uh wait a minute wait a minute Here we go whoa whoa yeah I do the Entire stream my head's that large I Block the entire you can't even see what I'm talking about it's just uh we just Talk about my pores and pimples uh but Yeah I'm starting to do the morning Stream let's see if we can get that up Into the thousands right now just 778 I Streamed it 43 minutes ago so pretty Soon maybe you see me Monday through Friday 10 30 a.m Eastern Standard Time So uh please check that out all right Let's uh roll on to looks

Like we got a little updated page here Uh who is this that's just a stock model Is that I don't know Uh maybe I don't know is that Owen in a Wig I don't know who that is oh it might Be uh are you wearing any hit merch I Got the hit merch on today I got the ATB Hoodie I don't know if you can zoom out A little bit you can see it really oh Whoa feels good it's like uh stitched on Not that ironed on doo-doo uh and Obviously two-day money flow is starting To come up which uh I am I am cautiously Bearish right uh we actually did catch This really nice uh short position in The premium Discord uh this morning Looking for a price to come up here and Grab some liquidity with this big long Wick and then hopefully get it to drop Back down to this value area low we got Very very close to that final TP Um but again uh we've I've just been Looking to short all of these lower Highs uh but obviously um you know we're Not going to stay bearish forever and With the two it's with the way the Two-day money flow is started the way It's starting to come up here does have Me still leaning bearish but just Cautiously bearish right uh because you Don't want to be the last bear standing Right and then you're just holding all Your shorts price is mooning and you're Absolutely getting wrecked um so I am

Being a little bit cautious as we do Have these v-wops and money flow rolling Up on the two day and the daily uh daily Green Dot is now printing this was one Of the things we were looking for uh for A potential move to the upside and uh Again if we do get that and money flow Does not start to shape up I will be Looking to just short another lower high And some of the lower highs I am looking At here uh really just looking at kind Of this range right here the point of Control control of this range if we do Get a decent move up I will be looking For some potential rejections off of This level unless money flow flips Around right if we get up there and we Get new information on the charts that Suggests that we may wind up the uh we May be able to continue the move to the Upside that is where we flip on a dime Flip Flip long look for those entries to Get back to the upside uh and then we Profit on the way up as a Trader Literally we have to flip flop back and Forth constantly but the plus side to That is we make money going up and down Now I do want to go ahead and take a Look at xrp guys because xrp obviously Has gotten some exciting movements here Uh now we've been looking at xrp on my Channel for quite some time Um and we're basically looking at this Value area where we have the low of our

Range the high of our range and the Midpoint of the range right and uh Basically once we got in here I was Expecting to kind of just range around In this box and not really expecting Anything exciting out of xrp until we're Able to break out above that value area High and last night we were literally Saying if we do break out things might Start to push up very very very quickly Because If I pull up the volume really quickly Here guys and come up to a higher time Frame uh you could see let me just zoom Out so we can get some more of these Candles in here uh you can see you know Right above this level Let me zoom in a bit come on there we go Right once you get above this level Which is basically uh you know where we Broke out of uh recently you know just Now uh we have this Giant volume Gap Above us right so that that basically Leaves us uh with nothing holding us Back so once you break that level and Decisively hold above it that's where You get those quick moves to the upside And that has to do with this low volume Gap here now I don't know if you could See it on screen here but there is a Slight little tick up in volume right There uh you could almost barely see it Uh but that is basically where we hit Our head on right here at about 56 cents

And unfortunately uh we wound up getting An extremely quick rejection right back Into the range right so now at this Point guys I would be expecting a Potential revisit of the low of the Range back down at about 49 and a half Cents Um but it is trying to break out and Again because we have that big low Volume Gap above us that is uh pretty Exciting right because we are decisively Able to get over this uh price is Probably gonna rip up pretty quickly Right and hopefully not get rejected Like it did here but if you do get that Movement and uh I'm gonna wrap it up Right after this if we do get a decisive Break of this level guys I will look for That quick move up to our next key level And this is an extremely key level as You can see here because this is Basically the door to the Moon uh and The reason for that is if I zoom out You can see this level does come in at About 60 cents so I do think we could Rip through this low volume Gap come up And test that 60 Cent level pretty Quickly if things start to move for xrp And then at this level will be a very Exciting time for xrp because if we are Able to get above this level and hold it As support not only do you see the big Fall off in volume here up to this Golden pocket which comes in at about 73

Cents uh not only that but you can see From back here we have another volume Profile and what this does is give us Context into where price may be headed Next because the value area low of this Range is 60 cents and if we can get Above this level and hold it as support The next likely spot for price to go is It's likely going to go ahead and seek Out that point of control uh which is Actually coming in right here at about 83 cents now I know that sounds really High and I'm not saying we're going to Get there tomorrow or or the next day or Next week or next month but I'm just Saying if we start to break out of that Level that we just faked out of if we Get decisively above that level things Are going to get moving lightly very Quick to 60 cents and if we flip that to Support we are likely going to see a Very similar quick move up to that Golden pocket at about 73 cents which is Going to be giving you a lot of Resistance that's why this box is here Uh but price is likely not only going to Hunt out this golden pocket but if we Can get past that it's likely going to Go for the point of control which is About 83 around 83 84 cents depending on What exchange you're looking for so uh It's really exciting if we could get Above these levels for xrp uh things Could get moving very very quickly uh

And if you hold xrp like I do that is an Extremely extremely Um uh exciting thing to see on the Charts for sure yeah and if there's Anything that can move quickly with These high market caps is Doge and it's Xrp those two just kind of defy normal Ta odds normal volume odds you know just Normal large market cap odds they kind Of just shrug it off Shake it off just Kind of do their own thing so yeah it's Something to keep an eye out on Thank you [Music] [Music] It's easy what I've not been sold on is It seems like just a publicity stunt Like it's just like if you're a famous Person and you own one then they have a Lot of value but when all the famous People sell them they just they're gonna Crash in value it's it's more like a VIP Oh it did crash in value already right Well if I'm saying like it's it only has As much value as who holds it being it That important of a person uh I I the Reason okay you're saying like uh the Value of the the community as a whole is Only as good as the The additive qualities of those members Like it's cool like it's cool because Garyvee owns one and Jake Paul owns one And this you know this other celebrity Owns one but when those celebrities

Decide you know what Apes aren't my Thing anymore what's the value I have a Little bit of a different perspective I Went to ape Fest Taco went to eight Fest Yeah I get free entry into eight Fest Holding a mutinate the best crypto event I've ever been to In My Life Um also I stake ape when I travel Overseas because you know you can't do It in America and I'm able to stake 2 000 ape coin and I get a pretty uh Attractive APR by holding a mutant so I Get an additive uh yield by holding it So I and plus I mean uh my last two nfts Were both above an nft uh eth that I've Been air dropped and so I had a HV MTL Heavy metal yeah it's worth above an Eighth and then uh my companion I think Is worth above an eighth plus my other Deeds worth more than a Ethan they just Keep giving me these nfts that I could Sell right now for more than an eighth Well and it all comes down to education Obviously you know more about this You've researched a lot more you you've Done what you need to know to know when To navigate it but I think any person You're showing from this if you don't Have the time to dig and research you Should kind of stay away from things you Know Kyle F said something really good 95 of ape coin holders are in the red Well my eight coin was free So I mean you could say I'm in the right

Event you know I compared well if I Would have sold the top or if I would Sold you know 95 of the days but when The coins cost me zero And it's down am I am I in the red I Don't know it's uh it's it's an Interesting debate to be had for sure What is this bombshell the bombshell Proves that the SEC has been lying lying For years imma break down what I mean in A second SEC comments on hinman's speech Released in the Ripple Labs filing the Documents show that the trading and Market comments well here let me back up A little bit documents have been Released related to William Hinman he is The former director of the SEC uh he Worked there 2017 to 2020 and this uh Email is related to the sec's lawsuit Against Ripple Labs Ripple has been Trying to expose these emails uh but the SEC has been trying to keep them secret Why has the SEC been trying to keep These secret I'll show you why because It proves that they've been lying to Proves that they have been lying for Years folks the documents show that the Sec's trading and markets I'm sorry uh Yeah this is the SEC the SEC is trading And markets Department had a comment on The speech and they suggest that Bitcoin And eth are not Securities in their view Uh prior to making the speech he sent an Email to multiple employees the speech

Suggests we do not need to see a need to Regulate ether as it is currently Offered as a security uh it is important To note that look here's the deal the SEC has long said look we don't want to Show you hinman's emails because this is A rogue opinion of a random employee It's not a random Ploy it's a director But that's how they tried to frame it Right they're like look this is one Guy's opinion he does not speak for the SEC therefore we don't want this Revealed because he doesn't speak for The SEC The markets and trading Department Agreed with him that means divisions Within the SEC looked at the speech and Saw no problem here Bitcoin and eth Aren't a security we agree Meanwhile the SEC said we've never Agreed with Hinman Hinman just kind of Had his own wild opinions that we didn't Agree with therefore you need to throw At all these Hinman uh emails now that Is out we know what the truth is the Department also noted that taking too Strong of you on bitcoin could undermine Their efforts towards other cryptos that Are also Securities or that our Securities it also Express concerns that The cinnamon in the section saying that Ether was not a security instead of Hinman wanted to make a Blankman Statement that Ethan's not a security

This would need further internal Discussions here uh who do we have the Quote I think this is Brad garlinghouse Yeah wish I could go in depth now but we Waited this long 18 plus months I don't Want to overstep suffice it to say Brad Garlinghouse uh said uh I believe the Documents were well worth the wait now Is it mean that it's over tomorrow no it Doesn't mean that it's over tomorrow but Does it show that the SEC had a broad Understanding that Bitcoin and eth Aren't Securities yes did it have a Broad understanding that him men's Viewpoints were largely the viewpoints Of the SEC yes and Hinman has said these Things aren't Securities this is good News we're going to see why is xrp uh Losing let's see where are we at on the Price right now let's click on this Scroll down xrp programming eight no six He has down one percent well if you look At the rest of the markets coins are Down fifteen percent twenty percent six Percent uh xrp about the only coin in The top 50 that screen and so while it Might not be that green well that's a Stable coin so we're not going to count That the own literally only coin and the Green except for a stable coin so uh Yeah it's relative strength is fantastic It's doing a really really good job I Will pay you in Fiat to hire me look his Name's Taco listen to him all right uh

All right look let's do some DZ lessons Uh yeah just despite what may be coming Out of my mouth the previous hour and 20 Minutes here I can give some sort of uh Joy here to some people and The way I'm gonna share Joy is to stop The main thief of joy Morel you know What the main thief of joy is The number one thief of joy is Comparison comparison is the thief of Joy okay uh when we compare ourselves we Diminish ourselves when we compare to The guy in the nicer car we diminish What we have accomplished also there's One some about comparing yourself There's a downside to it because when You compare yourself to somebody say It's on Instagram you're looking at Their feed you're looking at snapshots Of life you're not looking at all the Hard stuff and say you compare yourself To Warren Buffett right he's you know One of the richest people in the world I Think he's like number three right now I Think of Warren Buffett there's people Who are just going to say man if you Could wake up as Warren Buffett tomorrow Would you do it oh in a heartbeat I'd be A billionaire would you because you then Wake up almost 90 years old Uh your your back's probably gonna hurt You know you're probably gonna have a Wet poop you know I mean there's there's Gonna be all these downsides to waking

Up you have to spend time just think of The good side you had to spend a lot of Time with Charles Munger too is one of The downsides what's wrong with Charlie You just have to spend a lot you walked To the McDonald's together you drink Your diet coke it just um so when we you Know you don't think of the the negative Aspects when you have to compare Yourself to somebody think of it as Sticking your hand in a bucket of Fish Hooks sure I want to stick it in there And pull out the Lamborghini and the Bank account but you're also going to Pull out the the Ed you know the the Inability to walk uh you know the maybe He hates his home life it could be your Neighbor it could be your co-worker it Could be your best friend it could be Your younger sibling your older sibling It could just be someone that you kind Of despise but you kind of admire think Of all the bad parts okay so never Compare yourselves to somebody else Because that's just gonna steal your joy Just gratitude just be thankful for what You got don't compare yourself to other What they may have is you don't know What's going on underneath the surface That Lamborghini could have uh well it Was a bad thing that happened to an Engine The bad thing that happens to engines Yeah they blow up it could blow it could

Throw a rod the next time they switch Gears they could throw a rod to look you Don't know it could have sugar in the Gas tank so when you look at a Lamborghini you say man you know what's Really going on could be sugar in the Tank just think of all the bad things Comparison is the thief of joy Carper coin you gotta focus on Thankfulness and gratitude it's like Garyvee said love is on His own head all right that's all I got DZ out hit that like button everybody And make sure if you haven't watched it Watch the around the blockchain morning Stream give it a little like uh we'll be Doing it Thursday morning as well Ben Should be back tomorrow [Music] [Music] [Applause] Thank you [Music]