SEC “Security Tokens” To Watch + Bitcoin ETF Updates

SEC "Security Tokens" To Watch + Bitcoin ETF Updates

The agency argued that 13 tokens listed on Coinbase were securities, including coins like Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), Polygon (MATIC), Filecoin (FIL), The Sandbox (SAND), Axie Infinity (AXS), Chiliz (CHZ), Flow (FLOW), Internet Computer (ICP), NEAR (NEAR), Voyager (VGX), Dash (DASH) and Nexo (NEXO).

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00:00 Intro
00:21 Sponsor: iTrust Capital
00:55 Coinbase case
02:29 Security tokens (SOL, ADA, MATIC)
05:17 ETF Updates
06:34 Bitcoin Chart
08:06 Ethereum ETF
10:23 Solana ETF
11:15 Trump/CBDCs
12:48 Macro Update
14:24 Outro

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~SEC “Security Tokens” To Watch + Bitcoin ETF Updates~
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Coinbase case causing some ripples in Crypto we'll break that down for you Guys today what tokens could range for You and really what to expect over the Next few months so make sure and stay on With this one my name is Paul bar Welcome back in the tech path let's get Into it I do want to thank our partner And that is it trust Capital you're Looking at long-term holding on Something like crypto Ira this is the Place to do it it's an great opportunity For you guys to maybe look at more tax Positioning maybe right now you're Already doing your tax planning and You're thinking what can I do for 2024 That really sets me up this is a good Place to start check it out uh you can Of course trade very low cost on E Bitcoin all within your IRA right there On it trust Capital use our link get a $100 funding reward if you decide to Check it out all right let's get into a Few points here one of course is the Coinbase case what happened yesterday uh We did a full video video if you didn't Guys didn't check it out go go look at That one uh because it breaks down all Of what judge uh has really kind of Covered on not only where where coinbase Is going but also the potential of Whether this gets dismissed or not this All started all the way back here uh Last year and of course this was June 6

Coinbase was hit with the SEC uh lawsuit That identified 37 billion in crypto Tokens I think everybody kind of knows Who those are all right so in this Article coinbase disputed obviously the Situation with the SEC Authority in Federal cour and if you didn't listen to Our full video on we did a full Breakdown of the hearing itself lot of Juicy tidbits in there so go back and Check that out within the article There's a couple of points here and also Attorney Jeremy Hogan making some Statements on this this was all around The 13 tokens salana cardano polygon Filecoin Etc you saw axi in there Chili's in there Flo in there which is Kind of the underdog of all of these This could could be one of the tokens to Really keep an eye on because of its Value compared to some of these others So one to watch Jeremy Hogan talked About this in reference to uh the judge Basically saying hey there's there's Unlikely he thought very unusual that Motions dismiss are actually granted but Because she has so much awareness I Think this is a little bit different Case and of course if you listen to the Hearing notes and some of the recordings We grabbed for you you can start to see All of this painting out I think that This is going to benefit coinbase now What's the percentage of a case actually

Coming to trial that I think is the Bigger question we're going to answer That tomorrow with um metal law man he's Going to hopefully be able to give us a Legal opinion on because I think he was There so we'll get a full rundown of That elanar terret of course tweeted on This another exchange as he Lo SEC Lawyers these 12 tokens uh 13 tokens are Computer code uh the judge interrupted She said hey sorry this is kind of what Your friends at the back table referring To coinbase are saying and wondering What we're doing here so this was a Problem for the SEC to actually set Their case up they were struggling and That's to me was a bit surprising I Thought they were really come out strong With a very very succinct position and It was not the case at all now remember That Robin Hood this goes again back to When these were all Dlisted off of Coinbase Robin Hood listed these as well Also June 9th and if you look at these That whole list all of those took a hit I'll go over some charts real quick We'll take a look at Salana and let's zoom in on that date Right there you can kind of see the move Right here which was I mean not dramatic But it did have an effect on where we Were seeing the movement on it this was Almost 30% just in a few days there on The daily chart and you can also see the

Amount of money flow kind of coming out Of here this is on the Lux aligo chart That continued throughout this period of Time this was happening for several Weeks here with Solana and that was of Course back when salana was hovering Around that price of around 28 bucks Which would have been a great buy had You known uh that salana was going to Have such a rebound so this one of Course is cardano also on the same Period of Time same issue so these Delistings had pretty significant impact 30% that's a big that's a big number and A k continued to see a little bit of Down uh you know downtrends around these Kinds of issues because it did kind of Shock the industry because then Everybody was wondering how many more Tokens could also get delisted last up That I want to take a look at here was Madic and same kind of scenario right There Friday the 10th there was that Weekend of a blood bath 45 almost 50% Here for madic now it did recover a Little bit and it did also have some but The point was is some Traders probably Panic sold and that's the impact of These kinds of things so you have to Think on the other side of this if these Get relisted within coinbase or others What kind of impact is that going to Have on this next potential trading Cycle so that's the one thing that we

Are watching for sure uh other things to Kind of keep an eye on of course within The markets itself just in Black Rock Now holds 25,000 I mean this is growing By the day of Bitcoin over 100 or excuse Me 1.6 billion for their spot right now Continuing to climb and then further if You look at w blockchain here they're Talking about uh Gbdc uh mainly on outflows because this Is something that we're going to Continue to see and you'll notice that With great scale notice right here first Three days here's the outf flow numbers You can kind of see the inflows the Comparisons I mean this is not going to End well or it doesn't appear to be Going to end well for Grace SK I'm just Kind of curious how long does this take Before we truly see black rock become Kind of the Behemoth in the room lot Happening on the ETF here breaking of Course Bitcoin ETFs just hit a record With their highest ever net inflows uh Massive almost 10,000 Bitcoin in one day So again very very uh big move now it Hasn't had big moves on bitcoin the Price because I think we're we're going To continue to see a little bit of Stabilization here on Bitcoin now do we See Bitcoin get a retracement I think That's the other Factor when we've been Tracking this on our Market sentiment Index Bitcoin has been declining so

There has been a little bit of of timing There I'm going to go and take a look at Bitcoin real quick so here's the Bitcoin Daily chart you can kind of see a little Bit of the peel off there back here on Friday the 12th the adjustment sideways A little bit of a red day right now what We're dealing with and again this goes Down to 41 this is the question mark That I think a lot of people are having Remember money flow coming out starting To go into a problem here if you guys Aren't uh checking out the Lux algo Indicators make sure and check them out This right here is the price oscer Matrix that does a really good job on Tracking money flow so it's one of those That you can kind of catch some of these A little bit ahead of time and if you Haven't checked out some of the Indicators on this go over and just go To your invite only if you're in Lux Algo get your signals and overlays That's one of the the other charts that I'll use that gives us you know some Good bullish and bearish sentiment this Of course was the bearish sentiment move That we're currently witnessing over This past week so um much like what We're seeing with sentiment data from The MSI also playing into this further Into this I want to kind of go through a Couple other points here on Twitter uh That really kind of gets into you know

Some other situations happening overall This is from DJ news breaking you know About grayscale basically sending Another 418 Million worth of bitcoin to Coinbase Prime does this mean that this Is them just settling out what does this Necessarily mean for Bitcoin long term Again ETFs will they have a real impact On the future of Bitcoin coin I think It's still more tuned into macro and the Happing and what we'll see within the Rest of the market now eth is the one That I'm very interested in because I Feel like this is the one that has the Potential to set up in May if you look At some of the dates that are Potentially lined up for do we get maybe The SEC coming in with a true uh spot ETF for ethereum this is Mark yuso Talking about his opinion listen to what He had to say I think the big challenge Is Timing I mean it took 10 years 10 years To go from the first application by the Wink ofos twins for an ETF in Bitcoin to Approval yesterday so look the SEC Didn't want to approve this you know it Was clear in in the Chairman's statement That you know we're we're approving the ETFs but were not approving or endorsing Bitcoin at one point they said ethereum Was not a security but then they kind of Backed away from that they pretty much Have said anything else is a security so

Probably not going to have ETFs in those Anytime Soon I would say it's less than 70% Chance I'd probably say less than 5050 um I think it'll just come down to Are the people that run the firms that Manage these assets willing to do do the Hard work to make it happen so we'll see How that goes all right so I first of All you know we've had mark on the Channel many times I agree with him a Lot of times I disagree with him on this One I feel like eth is most likely going To get a position and if you look at Some and he even mentioned this some of The firms if they really put the hammer Down start to really look at the Potential for an eth EOS system and what They might want to be able to do to Present the case you've got things like Franklin Templeton here we're excited About eth as an ecosystem despite the Midlife crisis it's recently experienced We've seen a bright future many strong Tailwinds including a lot of these new Advancements within uh eth overall so The fact that we're seeing Franklin Templeton which seems a little bit de These guys are really going after it Because they're talking about Inscriptions all sorts of things that's Ironic that we've got Wall Street Actually referencing these these terms And tools all right so let's no stop

There with uh Franklin templon this of Course is him talking about salana Couple things in the article right here Trillion dollar asset management firm Franklin templin praised for the salana Network so a lot of they they get it I Think they get what the opportunity is Here with a lot of these layer ones so Growth in decentralized finance Infrastructure networks uh nfts even Meme coins all in salana most notable Developments in the last quarter we've Seen a lot of this and we we've already Kind of tracked a lot of this down for You guys if you're watching our Channel You probably seen most of this uh kind Of get down there but even kind of you Know changing its current laser eye Profile to what they're doing now with The knitted hat I don't know they're Having fun with it that's a good thing Because I think Wall Street is now Starting to understand what is up here And the opportunity that kind of Presents overall the other thing that's Playing into this is the whole idea Around Central Bank digital currency now That we're getting onto Wall Street with Crypto next kind of question is is what About regulation what about a stable Coin and then what happens if we get a Cbdc here's Trump talking about what This means and this was just here the Other day listen in tonight I'm also

Making another promise to protect Americans from government tyranny as Your president I will never allow the Creation of a central bank digital Currency you know About I didn't know you know so I'm very Well New Hampshire very smart people Very uh very current you know what They're doing such a currency would give A federal government our federal Government the absolute control over Your money they could take your money You would you wouldn't even know it was Gone this would be a dangerous threat to Freedom and I will stop it from coming To tonight all right so Trump not a big Fan of cbdc uh good I think overall the Fact that he's aware of it this could Also be a play where Trump is trying to Angle in on a little a little of the Mojo that Vic ramaswami had around the Big crowd because he was very pro Blockchain pro pro Bitcoin maybe Trump Is actually going to come into the lane Of crypto and use it to pick up that Last little need he's going to uh have To really run for president and be able To to take on Biden so interesting Interesting that politic uh the politics Are playing such a big role in this now You look at macro macro is still in the Wind I think that might be one of the Reasons we're still seeing a little bit Of a stall in the market right now US

Debt just broke 34 TR trillion meaning US debt is now up 1 trillion in the past 3 months 2 trillion 6 4 trillion four Years and 11 trillion in the past four Years this is crazy so man you see the Chart of the potential here what what This simply means is dollar devaluation Currency devaluation when you have Currency devaluation which is really What we have here in the US it's not Necessarily inflation it's it's a Devaluation of currency that's where Crypto circumvents all of this because That is the new form of how the Potential of being able to really kind Of understand the monetary system is Going so so why we talk about it so much Last up here is Goldman Sachs thinks First Rate cut may be a little bit later Than March if that actually happens Which I believe it will be as well I Don't think we get one in March I think The CPI number that we printed in January was indicative unless we see a Reversal that is massive or we see Potentially any issue around you know Stagflation potentially looming okay Maybe at that point we start to see some Potential changes but I think that the Market has overpriced in the situation On these rate Cuts because there was as Many as five rate cuts that were Anticipated I think this is going to be Boiling down to a handful if maybe very

Few meaning we're going to see higher For longer until the market really Starts to address that overall all right So let me know what your thoughts are do You think we're going to get a ray cut Do you feel like the market is going to See just a slow trod down are we going To see an under 40K Bitcoin and if we do What does that do for you in terms of Changing your strategy going forward are You still long-term or are you playing This back and forth with swing trades Let me know drop some comments down Below if you're not at the diamond Circle make sure and get into that it's A great place to get additional content And of course all you have to do is Click the link down below catch me on X At Paul Baron we'll catch you next time Right here on Tech Bath

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