Shiba Inu Founder Exposed

Shiba Inu Founder Exposed

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Who is behind Shiba, a prevalent alt-coin with a shady background. In this video I EXPOSE who is the founder of Shiba and who else is connected, despite them trying to erase this truth from the internet.

0:00 Intro
0:44 Is it SBF?
2:35 Karma DAO
5:25 Karma Players
7:42 Andrew Lee
11:07 Unification
12:31 The Founder

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Welcome to bitboy crypto My name is Ben in this channel we docs People it's what we do we're gonna talk To founder of Shiva today hope you guys Are super excited if you guys love when We docks founders of coins there are Mega billionaires make sure to hit that Like button guys is that Twisted Tail It's a long tail Um and there's a lot of misinformation And there's a lot of people that think They know things and there's Conspiracies and all kinds of stuff out There and the fact is most of them just Don't know Jack ish That's Why They Don't Know Jack ish so we're gonna try To cover this story from start to finish There's a lot of overlap so it's hard to Kind of tell this in like a one straight Narrative we're gonna do the best we can So uh here we go right right here is SBF Shiba Inu Creator ryoshi coinbase Director finds directly now a lot of People will tell you that ryoshi founder Of uh Shiba Inu is multiple people That's false a lot of people tell you It's same baby freed found out that's False did a video on it last week where We talked about all this information why It looks like Sam was one of the Founders however Sam was heavily involved from the very Beginning of Sheba and we're gonna be Able to show you a group that he was in

Along with some of the other major Players Um in Shiba Inu Um so first year let's start with this So the link between uh Sam and sheba Here's where it was we have Connor Grogan the head of product business Operations at coinbase amazing Sensational Discovery saying that Basically uh there was a tie-in between Sam and sheba based on this Alameda uh Openc account so here is uh Connors uh All of his research let's go ahead and Move over to the actual post itself so Here we are on the thread A wallet directly connected to the Founder of Shiba Inu has an interesting Openc account Alameda now then he goes On to show this here and what he shows Is that basically from this website this Exchange bit Cub then it goes to Shiba In you ryoshi this is ryoshi and back Down and it's also connected to the Alameda openc account now here's what I Would tell you what I've been told about This situation why this occurred in the Early days of Shiva and you they were Very loosey-goosey with the wallets and Who I control to them and who had access To them this Alameda account it is in Fact Sam there is in fact overlap Between Sam and ryoshi they are not the Same person that's that's exactly what I Was told on this situation so to really

Understand how this came to be we need To go check out this Karma Dow now karma Dow I assume this is the correct uh link Here I don't know if it had a coin I'm Not 100 sure this may not actually be The right page uh when you click here on The link did you hear this so obviously The site is not open right now however We do see this Karmadow.eth now this is a uh of course A dow is a decentralized autonomous Organization now a lot of times we think About Dows do you think about the Constitution Dao we think about the by The Broncos now we think a lot of these Different Dows there have been very Recent however this moves around since March of 2019 and there's some that even Predate some of these which we'll look At in just a second but very interesting Here if you click this notice this link In karma down you take this and it takes You to one Mr Andrew Lee July 20th 2020 announcing Karma Dow the First ever token permission networking Chat group on telegram now this is not The only dial of its kind you have Metacartel Ventures is another major Dial here and then you also have Believe it or not this is real moloch Dao and I believe that tornado cash Actually came out of moloch Dao if I Remember correctly now moloch of course

Is the Canaanite god of uh child Sacrifice so that's who they decided to Name their uh Dow after these are evil People Guys these are extremely evil People look at the the uh connections That Gavin would from polka dot has Between his uh you know his story about Molesting children uh you know what he's Got going on parody and polka dot all The way over here to my lockdown a lot Of tie-ins there as well that's another Video I could cover uh we're not going To do that uh today the point is to say Karma Dow is very similar to metacartel Ventures and also to molok down it's an Incubator it launches projects and There's a gigantic group of people Inside of these Um inside of these Dows that push these Projects so Um here's Andrew Lee uh here it is um The mission of the Tao is to have as Many people in ethereum and the greater Court of space to adopt a network group That values Karma which includes the Qualities of being mutually beneficially Helpful to our mutually helpful to Others Mutual value-add giving to all And be kind the problem with all the Bad Actors and scams in space while there's A need for networking and communication Which we're going to look at one person That was in the group then you'll see None of this is true here

Um but basically Um Andrew Lee started this and I would Say this I don't think that uh that Andrew Lee is a bad actor Um in all this I think he started this And it kind of grew out of control but Let's take a look at uh at some of the Uh players here inside of carmandau this Is actually their member index now none Of this stuff is public uh this was sent To me uh directly here and why are some Of these greens so they're not I do not Know I have no idea why that is but if You uh this Shirley Anatoly I don't ever Constellation in here tells you a little Bit about who these people are Um Unchained Junior shark bait Um let's see here see we recognize any Of these people uh Kryptonian Um let's see here who else is on this List of course not everybody get full Names for Magnus Um let's see here keep going down here Um and you will see down here round Number uh was it number 50 right here Here is our first name to look at here This is Nema Jehan we're gonna come back To this one here in just a little bit And I believe we also have Um one Sam Bateman freed right here Number 79 and of course look who's right Under him Ryan salame the guy who ended Up uh narking him out to uh the uh Government of

Um the Bahamas scroll down you see more Of these people more names more names More names Andrew Lee is down here now There's two different uh Andrew Lee's Which is quite fascinating Um one of these injuries the guy that Started uh that started the Dow and then You move on over here and you find Um let's see this guy is a different Andrew Lee fomo masternode he was Involved heavily in the beginning of This as well this is not the founder of Sheba but he is very heavily involved in The very beginning and you guys can Notice here if you click on this it Takes you to a tweet At fomo masternode knows how to put on a Show we had a blast thank you icon Project KBW 2019 and notice here gone username gone So you'll find a lot of a lot of Commonality in these people wanting to Disappear after people starting to know Who they are uh here he is again here is The other Andrew Lee Um there is a picture of him he is Heavily involved in the beginning of This as well also not the founder Um we'll get to who the founder is here Is uh in just a moment uh this here is Andrew Lee a lee.eath you can't see he Does follow me here Um it's good A lot of people crypto do Um but you guys can see here uh he

Founded Doge chain yada yada yada Um join May 2010 he's got 14 000 Followers uh and you can tie this Directly into this announcement over Here about Karma down this is the same Guy who was involved in the beginning of Karma Dow here are some uh deleted Tweets here I believe Um here uh Andrew Lee admits to knowing The founder of sheep and building Trading or investing many Overlook the Importance of power law distribution Versus this everything intact because The big win can be around the corner I Happen to know the guy who made cheap His success wasn't because he was a Genius it was a lifetime of persistence You guys can see this is a now deleted Tweet why I guess Andrew doesn't want People to know he knows who the founder Of shebiz that is correct now where did She begin where did Sheba begin so this Is actually a deleted tweet I believe The deleted tweet was from Andrew Lee Here as you can see Haley it was from Him Um first uh or or then this guy GCR says Think I first learned about shib and Karma Dow in the summer of 2020. karma Was first of its kind and hasn't been Said enough for how revolutionary it was I mean a lot of projects uh the launched Through there a lot of different Projects uh including

Um serum you may be interested to know That serum was also launched inside of Carmen down Um we are excited to have SPF Alameda Make a private presentation and Q a to Karma down members about project serum In just a few hours and you can see here Bragging he had 129 attendees you can See here Sam's iPhone this is Sam Bayman Freed in a closet of a hotel Um trying to uh convince all these People to get involved in serum to raise Money in it now supposedly I think he Had said that he was not going to be Raising money uh for scenario but here He is he was doing it uh here's this guy It sounds familiar I think I know him From somewhere uh look up here we have Andrew Lee right here Sam McCulloch Um we can see if there's any other names Here that I recognize Alan from Gate dot IO also a scam we'll have a lot More on that scam uh down the road as Well uh so basically bragging I mean Look look forward to it having fun and If you look on that members list you can Cross-reference some of these names over On that member list and you will see Them as well Um but uh obviously uh here is a thread On this meeting that took place uh Webster exposed same payment free print Pitch project serum on July 28 2020. um On a 100 Zoom call from his hotel bed

With basketball shorts big shocker Minimum investing 75 000 for one million Serum among the zoom participants was Their internal team associate Partners In Wales uh Sam fish presentation with All right it's a limited round who wants In like flies the internal guy says yes Save Me allocation please and the rest Fell for it so you can continue to come Down here and see a little bit more About the way that FTX generally did These flywheel tokens like serum Um but the long and the short of it is Um this was a place where a lot of Projects were getting launched in very Very very sketchy ways now one project That was uh heavily associated with Karma Dow was unification and this is Where we get the Smoking Gun here we get Our name and the ticker the ticker of Course is fun now it doesn't really Matter what this project is but you can See lately it sure has been pumping That's right uh has been pumping there Is some uh news going on Um where shibarium is talking about Using fund I wonder why why are they Talking about using fun at Shiva very Very very interesting situation here I'm Coming in right 753 on Queen Mary cap Now I will tell you I had another YouTuber another YouTuber actually sent Me a telegram message here a few minutes Ago and said hey I think I know who the

Founder is and I said yeah tell me who It is everybody's been guessing they've Been wrong and he not he got it he Nailed it he nailed the founder And I said man that's interesting how Did you know that he said well I had This guy on to talk about his project Unification and then right when she Belonged he messaged me and told me to Delete all the videos I made on Unification very interesting Um so what is unification was it Decentralized blockchain toolkit sounds Like every other web 3 project out there In the history of mankind Um and you can see the unification Universe see shibarium see Sheba swap a Lot of overlap with Sheba and Unification Um so here we go this is where we get Into the fun stuff this is Nema Jehan And as you will see once again as always These guys love to delete their their Tweets love to delete their profiles Name of Jahan This is a place order please follow my Main account name a let's go main Account there it is zero tweets zero Tweets Um and it's it's not shocking not Shocking that name does not want his Name out there um from what I've been Told he does not want people to know Where he live he's very scared for him

And his family Um well you should have been hiding Forever is what I have to say to you There sir Um but yeah this is this is 100 The founder of sheep we're gonna go on To kind of show you how how this came About Um but this is him uh you want a picture Of him there he is there's your guy Nema Jahan uh you get a lot of pictures of Him here if you go to if you just search His name find this one here we go we got This unification the wrk chain there it Is Um here he is we showed him on the Stream a couple times the unification Foundation now what's interesting is if You search this guy you won't find any Connection between him and sheba very Very very interesting Um here this is him name it John Jahan Is the founder CEO of unification Foundation of blockchain based protocol Uses off-chain applications and Unchained smart contracts create a data Marketplace and user Sovereign identity Center Um so we continue here's another little Thing about him here Um he has a mail so thank you for Identifying appreciate that now I did go To LinkedIn here and um I did actually I did I I did send him a request and in

My request it just said Hello I would like to find out more About you founding Sheba so we'll see if He connects or not uh that was just kind Of a little dog whistle to him no pun Intended Um so here we go uh this is more uh icos How to Ico in 2019 here he was going Around just playing people how did you Create icos how to make uh you know uh You know a ton of money off of other you Know taking advantage of other people And so here we go this here It was forwarded me by an anonymous Source and this is Andrew Lee Darren from FTX and this here he was so Scared he wouldn't even put the name he Would not even put his name in on this Message Circa 2019 now ship community Doesn't know about in the ship community Did not know the name that uh Neymar was Actually the founder the entire time but Man is that a rotisserie duck come on Man so here we go here are some Screenshots from some chats that were Inside of the karma Dow telegram group So here you are would you pay very close Attention here to this here the bricks The the corner wall here uh this year Community organizer This is Nema now how do we know that Well I know that from double triple Confirmation for multiple people who are In this group but the ticker the ticker

Is fun f-u-n-d well wait a second here What was the ticker oh fun right here Here it is uh so even outside of the C Of the screenshots I've shown that I Cannot show you guys because it doxes uh Who sent these to me Um there you go there it is fund right There you know the ticker the community Organizer that's what they call him uh This is Neymar so uh here is this one Where he literally sent the ship to Vitalik Um this is the message he sent it to a Town because you know they sent a huge Amount over to vitalik Um uh by talking ended up burning it Yada yada yada uh consumer press Connections get this as a nice human Interest article the ship team can't Because they don't have money but this Is actually newsworthy so they sent all Of this money here was the plan it's in All the ship over to vitalik then we Will make a news article about it and Make it public and this is how we will Get the hype going around ship Um so uh here is a little bit more here There's nothing really on this one I Wanted to show This once again is the same the same uh The same one from somebody else number One make a great press piece uh let's See here and then of course here is the Larger screenshot here and this is proof

Right here by the way if you guys know The person that sent me this they sent These forwarded to me to prove that they Were actually inside of the group this Is someone that is inside of the karma Dow group this is not someone who found These screenshots they were able to Forward me the exact same messages and As you guys can look back and forth and See you can find they are the exact same Messages this will make a great press Piece number one holder shib whale now See he's a ship oil now number one Holder great press piece here's the Ether scan here's the either scan if you Guys want to check it out and find out That it is in fact legit sending um you Know it looks like uh 254 trillion sheep Tokens uh over to uh vitalik and of Course then we do have have uh you know Andrew the other Andrew Lee fomo master That was at the end of this but the Point is this guys here's the point Sam He's not the Sheba in you Creator he is One of the original people involved in This he was in karma down this was Launched remember the Tweet the Tweet Was Um let's see where the Tweet was think I First learned about shiv and Karma Dow In summer of 2020. uh we have all these People are in the same group we have the Member list we know everybody that was In this group as I told you I've already

Have uh the the information was Forwarded to me from this this uh from The actual Karma Down group I think it Does still work to this very day Um well there's there's a YouTuber I Recognize oh hey Maddie that's that's a YouTuber Um there if somebody really went over This list here you'd probably find many Many more Um people on here that are uh you know Involved with crypto still to this day Uh some of these people you would uh Recognize Aaron Choi he's from Cabo Supposedly I'd have to cross check a lot Of this stuff I really just focused on Those people that I know Um for right now but I'll go ahead and Just do a a small a slow scroll For any of you guys that want to get any Of these names or Um you know screenshot any of this I'll Just do a page down screenshotting into This to double check to see this has all These people's telegram handles here as You can see on the right side as well These are their telegram handles guy From ample fourth in there as you guys Can see Denzel Washington this guy who was uh Won a lot of oscars don't they the same Guy maybe just one more Oscar I don't Know but there you go that's it guys That is your founder you want to see

What it looks like I'll show them to you Again the one and only The founder of Sheba and you also known As ryoshi yeah had a good run Neymar That's all I gotta be blessed [Music]

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