Smart Money Is Buying Like The Banking Collapse Never Happened! SP500 & Bitcoin Interest Rate News

Smart Money Is Buying Like The Banking Collapse Never Happened! SP500 & Bitcoin Interest Rate News

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Smart money is buying like the banking Collapse never happened and it doesn't Look like it's going to continue either Based on the charts the data the facts Everything that we are pulling from These markets we have the fomc meeting Coming up this week interest rates look Set to increase and the markets seem to Be working out all of the issues that Have surrounded it for over the last 15 Months since that top came in in January Of 2022. we've got a lot to dive into Before the interest rates announcements Tonight so let's get stuck into the Charts after you hit that like And Subscribe my Segways are getting better To that so thanks very much guys first Thing is the Forex Factory chart right Here we have the interest rate Announcements coming up for me it's 4 A.m Thursday morning you can see that The market is anticipating a quarter of A percent basis point rise we're at 4.75 For the US and looking to go up to five Percent so there's a number of outcomes That can come from this announcement if There is no interest rate rise that's More than likely going to be a positive For the market and send them Skyrocketing if we get a 25 Point basis Hike that's what the market is expecting So we're probably going to see a lot of Volatility and potentially still go up If we get a 50 basis point hike maybe

We'll start to see some downside that's Prolonged compared to if we've got the Zero or the a quarter of a percent and The final outcome is that when maybe we See a 25 basis point drop which would Then be a pivot but at the moment Doesn't seem like those are the options That the market is pricing in it seems Like everyone is expecting a quarter of A percent so if we got that or less that Is going to be pretty well bullish for The markets and as we can see from the Current chart the markets are looking Extremely bullish at least in the short Term and of course in the longer term we Have high higher and higher lows forming If anything did happen if we got the Worst case scenario 50 basis points 75 Basis point hike and the market drops we Still have the October low that is Holding our support of 3500 for the s p So this is important to know if we're Investing in Bitcoin cryptos because Over the longer period we want to see The rest of the market increase because Then that allows the risk on assets to Also have a bit of a pump so that's why We're still so interested to see what's Going on in the broader picture here so The banking collapse is almost a distant Memory we are now 12 days from the Banking collapse as I've got pointed out Here around the 9th of March leading Into those lows that happened over the

Weekend and then Monday which was last Monday now the 13th this Market has now Closed just above the 50 level we know How important 50 levels are you can see How well the market respects them time And time again with the major cycle load Coming in almost dead on the 50 level From their all-time high to the covert Crash low that's where this number 3500 Comes from now we moved up got rejected At the other 50 of the bear Market which Was 41.55 multiple times and now we've Come back down to our next 50 level Going on to smaller and shorter time Frames here as the market continues to Find its feat as to whether we're going Up longer term or go down and so for What we're seeing with the 50 levels it Is really starting to hold its ground And start to move its way higher as just In the last few hours we've closed above The downside the short-term downside 50 Which is at 402.1 we closed at 402.86 so this is going to be important In the next 24 hours because of course We have to expect a lot of volatility Leading into these announcements what Everyone waits for but the good news for The Bulls is that we have moved a good Way away from the low and we're now Testing the 50 level so over the next Week or two we really do want to see the Market hold Above This level consolidate For that next move up that is going to

Put another nail in that coffin for the Bears we're not out of the woods yet as Bulls but in terms of where it currently Sits it's not looking so bad and this Just shows that the smart money is Almost forgetting about the banking Collapse and believing that that problem Will be solved by the government and it Becomes more apparent as we look at the NASDAQ but first we just need to pay a Quick attention to the volatility index You can see this is dropping as a Reminder we want to see the volatility Index drop leading into a more macro Bull market this you'd have to expect Would become volatile again over the Next 24 hours because of the high impact News announcements of the federal funds Rate the fomc meeting economic Projections and the The Talk in the Meetings that they have after the Announcements so in terms of the vix It's on track putting in lower highs Since the October low you have September Here you have the October low so lower Highs again Lower highs again into this March date And so it's basically just moving in the Direction of the Bulls now looking at The Dow Jones again this is closing Above its 50 level for this short-term Move here from the peak of March but it Still has another level to overcome so We come back to uh the February top it's

Still going to get back past 33 000 Points but this circled candle here is The banking collapse so we've nearly Overcome that entire price range but of Course Silver Gate and the Silicon Valley bank is in the tech industry NASDAQ NASDAQ is obviously the tech Industry here this is the chart of the NASDAQ ndq the market is now getting Very close to that recent peak in February this is the collapse right here Uh 9th of March Thursday 9th of March Leading into that low on Monday just Like the s p this is basically a distant Memory now for the NASDAQ of course we Can always come back from this point There's always the possibility of Pullbacks especially as we get towards Previous resistance levels in this case 12 880 and the previous lower swing top Here at 12 690. now just last night we closed above That level so that's a good sign to Overcome the lower swing top and then Work our way back towards 13 000 points We've bounced off the log downtrend We've overcome all of the selling Pressure that was all of two and a half Days when the rest of the media is Telling us that the banking sector is What collapse collapse is the market Time and time again the smart money the Buyers who are getting in at those lows Are saying the opposite I don't know how

Much more clearer I can make that for Anyone who is really considering that The market has to collapse in 2023 there Has been multiple signals there are Multiple indicators saying that the Market is likely has likely bottomed in October we're seeing higher lows we're Seeing break back above previous support Resistance levels we're seeing further Higher lows we're seeing log downtrend Breaks so the bear Market downtrend Breaks we're seeing support on 50 levels We're seeing breaks back above Short-term catastrophic news Announcements which many believe would Have crashed the market and should have Crashed the market by now I could continue to Rattle these off but The video will end up being 20 minutes Again so I'll spare you more of my voice And I'll leave that for the next videos That's what we're seeing in the NASDAQ So far a nice break above 13 000 points Is really going to set this thing up for Another move to the upside during this Second half of the 18.6 economic and Real estate cycle meaning up another way We look at this is with the home Builders index you can see we had a low Earlier here on the home builders index In June homebuilders index important Because we want to know whether those Builders are making profits and so far The investors the buyers the smart money

Are saying they will be making profits Again if they aren't already making some Profits now in their bills because Remember this is Forward Thinking not Backwards in terms of the news headlines Telling us what has already happened a Low in June another low in October which Is a higher low stronger than the rest Of the market Because it had a higher low then we've Just seen the drop into the March low Like the rest of the market on very high Volume which we've looked at in other Videos as well so this is another strong Signal coming in very close to the 50 Level now with all of this data as well I just want to reiterate that it doesn't Mean we'll go straight up we do have to Have down days we do have to have Periods where the Bears feel like They're getting a grip a grip on the Market again and that fear comes out in The market so all we have to do is pay Attention to where is that volume coming In where are the support and resistance Levels like here we're looking at 50 Levels and of course our swing chart as Well you can see these swings the Significant levels here in this case Probably around 59 points for the home Builders index but for now good volume Mark is starting to Trend up we really Do need to get above 69 on this reading Here in order for that next stage of the

Bulls to take control in this market Next we've got Bitcoin the dominance and Crypto currencies but first quick word From our Channel sponsors New Brighton Capital for our Aussie viewers if you Already control your own Super or have Already made the decision to set up an Smsf New Brighton Capital specializing Crypto accounting for self-managed super Funds check out the link in the Description where you can book in your Free 20-minute consult and be sure to Use promo code pazino for a 200 credit Off your smsf accounting fees the fair And great index is sitting at greed Yesterday was even higher at 68. today We're at 62. remember we've been looking At this particular chart coming in Putting in some support as the market Found some fear out there but the higher Lows continue at this stage which seems To be the reason for the market Continuing up at this point just putting In that little bit more strength to the Market sentiment in order to be able to Push this price a bit higher now of Course we're back at these levels here At around 60 to 70 which during these Periods of a breakout in Bitcoin or Cryptos primarily Bitcoin here we've Seen it many times get rejected around This level and have some pretty severe Pullbacks so is now going to be any Different probably not I'd probably

Expect somewhere around here maybe a Little higher if we happen to get Another push from Bitcoin just to push This sentiment up a little bit more but It seems like now would be a pretty good Area for some sort of resistance if not Then a little squeeze up to 80. but of Course the volatility is probably going To pick up with the fomc announcement Coming up so we're going to keep our Eyes on the lows and the downtrends here At around 30 to 40 on that reading Essentially if we can't get back below Those levels if the market is holding up Relatively well 20 30 40 on the reading Probably looking at another higher low I Think most of the Bears are getting Their bags packed to jump ship to the Bulls soon but any sort of pullback from Here down to somewhere around 24 or 25 For BTC Then you can expect the Bears to come Back out and start to tell you that We're going to revisit the lows at 15 or 18 or maybe even go to 10K the Bears Still have not left the building yet and With any push back to the downside of Any of these previous support levels and Around that 24 25 maybe even if they're Lucky 22 which is currently the 50 level You can bet they'll come back out Screaming and dancing and clawing for Any of those downside targets but for Now

10k's off the table 12ks off the table 15K looks like it's the low and if they Get anything to the downside I Personally think that's a by the F and Dip opportunity so with that in mind we Can start to clear up the Bitcoin chart Here 20 700 has been a very nice level For us to keep track of what's going on In the market that's probably gone at This stage so I'm going to remove that One off the chart for us now we have our Wyckoff bullish flip that's what the BF Target is it's on our boyfriend Target Our bullish flip Target 26.9 those are Key levels where the market changes Behavior which is why we pay particular Attention to those because if the market Can't get above those levels then you Could probably expect the opposite Direction to happen so the trend was up You can see here on the 14th of March it Got to 26 553 the level to reach was 26.9 so it Was a few hundred bucks off that level This is what we looked at in the bull Market of 2021 when Bitcoin was getting To 60 Grand in May of 2021 and couldn't Push higher yet you had 80 90 of people Expecting an eighty thousand a hundred Thousand dollar Bitcoin but you guys That have been around for two years now Would know that that's the price you're Looking at and we were bearish because That price wasn't hit that's the reason

Why we look at these Wyckoff bullish uh Target levels because we're looking at Extreme changes of behavior and we want To know that the market has overcome Those and that smart money is now buying Those levels so Wyclef bullish flip 26.9 That is gone our next level to the Upside 34 and a half another key level Which comes in at our major 50 level 34 And a half so this is going to cause Some resistance as well of course where We currently are plenty of resistance Here if we go back to the previous bear Market of 2021 this two to three month Stint here from May June and July They're the levels back here at around 29 28 8. so there's no surprises and no Rewards for knowing that this is going To be a key level of resistance around This 28 to 29 K level Bitcoin may have a Bit of a pause here and we continue to Head up from this point after we get Some of those news announcements because This is usually the time in the market Where it's waiting to see what happens Next in that short term before we can Continue on with the trend otherwise We've got plenty of support now to the Downside the previous tops here at 25k The previous levels here at around 24K So the 50 level from the current top and Then the major 50 level with the current Top in mind if the current top moves Then this 50 level move at that level at

The moment is at around 22 000 so a lot Of support for Bitcoin to the downside Should things start to break down and What we are seeing breakdown for Bitcoin Is the dominance but only on the short Term here we've had a mega push over the Last week breaking past 50 of this Entire range nearly at two years here Where Bitcoin has ranged in its Dominance between 38 and 48 Including stable coins now if we want to Exclude the stable coins we've got to Turn in our Tia Bitcoin dominance tool Here the market is now up at 53 and a Half percent Of the dominance over the market so Bitcoin's dominance without stable coins Included which is getting close to these Previous tops that are put in at around 56 so it's important resistance levels To note on the way up so that we can Then tell whether Bitcoin is going to Maybe pause and some of those gains are Going to flow over into all coins and Get so some pumps in alts or if we've Got that next push in Bitcoin to go if We turn this back off and just look at The data including stable coins you can See we've got some pretty key Significant resistance here at around 47.5 to 48 previous top here in June During the stablecoin pump and collapse Of last year we also have that top in October 2021 which was very close to the

All-time high which came in in November And then this period through June and July as Bitcoin regained dominance During the 2021 bear Market all of these Areas have been resistance but it seems Like Bitcoin is ready to get it back on Its Bitcoin season and pump through Those levels potentially taking out Those tops at 49 and the next levels we Have are 56 remember that's including The uh the dominance here so they're the Levels we're looking for any sort of Pullbacks on the Bitcoin dominance which Would then potentially mean we'll see Some alt coin pumps from that point like We are seeing today now for those of you That stuck around thank you very much You guys are the real goats out there Sticking through my 20 20 minute long Videos but I'm leaving you some special Surprises at the end here my forecast This is the stuff that I put out in December and you can quickly read here What I'm thinking is going to happen Next probably no surprises at this stage But just want to reiterate I don't think There's going to be any sort of land Collapses 23 24 or 25 probably not even Into 2026 that is going to be the key Here and for you guys that have been Following for some time you know this Comes from the 18.6 year economic cycle A fantastic book by Phil Anderson which You can find on Twitter and I suggest

Follow following him the book is the Secret life of real estate and banking This is what has helped me put together These forecasts leading into 2023 the Date here is 22nd of December 2022 so Three months ago to the day unpopular Opinions at the time you've got to Remember what the feeling was like in December this was at those lows in the S P 500 that is those higher swing lows That were coming in during this period People were freaking out like we had to Go back down to some lows S P 500 is Bottoming not crashing that's what I was Saying back then and continue to say Europe will not freeze this winter That's a simple one most should have Seen that but remember the news was Pretty much telling us that Europe had To freeze last year real estate's not Going to crash and we're starting to see A turning point in many markets second Half of last year and first half of this Year are buying opportunities that was When Bitcoin was down at around 18 or so Thousand dollars Bitcoin is bottoming so We talked about last year and most Crypto's a terrible DCA Investments Trading different story fantastic get on Them trade there's going to be massive Profits to be made there which is the Other shill here to our Tia members you Can learn how to trade cryptos over There some really great content there

That go through trade step by step for You guys links are in the top of the Video description like And subscribe if You enjoyed that let me know in the Comments down below I'll see you guys at The next one until then peace out

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