Solana Quietly Killing Apple🔥$2 Billion Anti-Trust Fine

The European Union has fined Apple €1.84 billion ($2 billion) for breaking its competition laws. The bloc announced Monday that it was imposing the fine on Apple (AAPL) — its first-ever antitrust penalty on the US tech giant — for preventing rival music streaming services such as Spotify from telling iPhone users that they could find cheaper ways to subscribe outside of Apple’s app store. Meanwhile DePIN projects benefiting creators and gig-workers are begining to flourish.

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00:00 intro
00:17 Sponsor: iTrust Capital
00:44 Apple $2 Billion Fine
01:42 Apple Stock Dying?
03:39 Spotify Hurts Creators Too
04:00 Creator Revenue on Spotify
04:48 Creators Turn To Web3
05:16 Spotify Burns $250mil on Rogan
06:23 Audius Explodes
06:56 More Uber Strikes Coming
08:16 Teleport Launches
09:56 Start-Ups Will Win
11:01 Solana Saga Airdrops Already Begin
12:13 Hivemapper vs Google
12:26 Solana Renaissance
13:03 Apple Pays Elizabeth Warren
13:39 John Deaton vs Warren
16:06 outro

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~Solana Quietly Killing Apple🔥$2 Billion Anti-Trust Fine~
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If you thinking all coins this is going To be a big video for you guys you do Not want to miss it we're going to Reveal some pretty crazy stuff that will Affect your holding so make sure and Stay tuned my name is Paul bar welcome Back into Tech path before we get Started I want to thank our sponsor and That is it trust Capital if you're Looking at long-term holding jump over To their website itrust and You can get into your own crypto IRA and Guess what you can put in it you can put A Bitcoin Ethereum you can even do gold and silver Into that not that I would but that's One other option that you have along With a ton of altcoins all of that Available to your own self-directed Crypto Ira check it out you'll get a $100 funding reward if you decide to use Our link all right so let's get into our First uh clip here I just want to Showcase something that I think is is a First of all it's a big factor here uh Apple was hit with a landmark $2 billion EU antitrust F now this is the biggest One ever uh accumulated and look at that Number I mean this is now starting to Get into real issues if they do not Comply and continue to basically kind of Run rough shot over the EU I think we're Going to start to see some very big Issues at hand for Apple now there's a

Lot of people that have looked at Apple Stock over the last little bit here's The one year slightly moving if not Anything sideways but I think the factor Here is here recently is a little bit More of a dip and do we see Apple Finally go under the $2 trillion Mark I Think that's the question that Everybody's looking at what are some Other factors that are going to hurt Apple we're going to paint that out for You and how salana may be the allcoin That is going to be driving most of this Interest I want to go to this first clip Right here this is CNBC talking about Apple listen in Apple's response here They said they are going to appeal the Decision and they lay out there's a big Blog post going up any minute now from Apple kind of ripping apart this Decision basically saying things like uh Spottify if is taking advantage of the Apple ecosystem um I talked to one of Spotify's lawyers about this um last Week guys and their kind of their Position on this is well you know we Want to pay less fees of course they Want to make more money but what they Also say is you know Apple's ecosystem Wouldn't be as successful without uh These thirdparty apps who wants to buy a Phone that you can't you know download a Third party app on so their position is Well we're adding value to this apple

Ecosystem to us and a lot of other Develop Clearly the EU agrees more with Spotify This is a much bigger find it was Reported 500 million so this is more Than double what people were expecting The F to be yeah more than triple what People were expecting it's only going to Be in Europe so you're going to have a Different iPhone experience as a European customer than people in the Rest of the world but a lot of people See those changes as emblematic of what They might have to do in the US we're Expecting any day now the doj to file Their antitrust lawsuit against against Apple which covers a lot of these same Issues so this could be a template for What we see around the world maybe worth Taking a look at Apple shares right now Too they're down but just slightly a Decline of about seven or 3/4 of a Percent yeah there and there will be an Appeal we need Apple for the market yes And it hasn't it's Nvidia it's fine has It has the Bon baton been passed the Goggles aren't going to do it did you Buy one are you out of your mind all Right so a lot of problems with apple I Don't know if you guys saw some of the Circulation around the goggles and Goggle gate I guess with the crack That's now starting anyway the point is Is that Apple has got problems on all

Fronts okay and let's just be clear Spotify is no you know friend of the Creator space either they are still one Of the biggest problems out there in Terms of independent creators that's Really the biggest challenge that I Think crypto does address and could Really kind of Rectify across the entire Market I want to go to a clip here on Artist revenue on Spotify listen in you And me are to be the Mo I thought i' let you into my Spotify Insights for this year my music has been Streamed 650,000 times I had 207,000 Total listeners for this year my music Was added to 6,490 playlists almost 98,000 people Streamed my songs for the first time you Know how much money I've made 0 nice all right I don't think it's Anything to smile about this is a bad Thing but that is the reality of what is Happening out there this is a problem of Course there is Violeta and she's Starting to do some other things she's Going to start going into her own Marketplace and doing her own nfts so Right there you can kind of see a little Bit more about what she's been doing Point is is that artists are starting to Utilize the infrastructure that crypto Is about to essentially make their way And this I think starts to opt out of The ecosystem such as Apple such as

Spotify we talk about it a lot on this Show I think content is the next one That starts to fall now the problem is Is that you still have major independent Content creators much like Joe Rogan who Are out there getting a new deal this of Course is Joe Rogan getting a new Spotify deal this doesn't really help Many of the independent creators kudos To Joe more than worth it because really This is about a stock price by signing Joe and notice here this hit showe is Going to be distributed now broadly Including YouTube not just on Spotify But YouTube rather than exclusively on The audio streaming side of things so That I think was Joe coming in and you Know putting a little pressure on but When you look at what Joe Rogan did for Spotify in terms of just their stock Price I think that's the play that Everybody's making right now uh going Forward so and you can kind of see the J The Joe I'll call it the Joe Rogan pump Right there if you look right here this Is August of 23 and then you get this little bump Right here in December and it's just Been going up up up up up now can it Recover I think that's the key here if They continue to push out news like this With Joe Rogan it's a big deal but let's Not forget there are some other Alternatives out there audius which is a

Project also on salana that we really Like one of the reasons I think this Will continue to be a big factor audius Took a huge bump right there guess what On the Apple news this of course is Where you see a little bit of the Movement on the token price and I think We're going to continue to see a little Bit more action even though it has been Going up over the last month lots of Movement right here on aias uh as a Whole so this is another project that Lives on salana but there are many out There that I think are going to affect The ecosystem for apple one of the Things I want to get into is Uber Because that in itself is a big Ecosystem contributor listen in February The 14th concluded successfully right The No Love protest the second one You're hearing it now in this channel Not only again Canada UK and the United States will unite but now Africa will Join in the South Americas will join and A lot of the other European countries All happening behind the scenes because We ain't fool On April Fool's Day the third protest Which is Labor day is going to involve Many countries and then the fourth one Is going to be on July the 4th on Independence Day right we're going to Show them that we are independent Contractors and by the fourth time we're

Going to have every country that these Gig workers operate in on board and They're going to pay dearly they're Going to pay dearly in social media on TV stations in newspapers like they did It was insane so all I can say is daros Shawi buckle up all right so this is one We've covered a lot around uber and Their gigging of the gig workers and and It's an issue because I think this again Continues to push toward is there an Alternative out there there is one Alternative that came out of breakpoint A couple years ago and it was a project Called teleport now this is a clip that Explains a little bit more about what Trying to do listen in how much of a $30 Uber trip do you think goes to your Driver so they pay their own Social Security benefits gas and car lease What's left is more like $4 while Uber Is trying to give company Equity to Drivers they can't this law only allows Company to share Equity with employees The problem is Uber drivers are Independent contractors which means they Cannot give their shares to them so Basically drivers cannot get the Benefits cannot get equity and they earn Less now now I want to show you a ride Sharing app that's fixing this it's Called teleport on the surface looks Very similar you open the app enter your Destination get a car and go but there's

Two big differences one it's cheaper for The users and two the driver earns more From $30 D gets paid $25 which is 85% of The total Fair why can teleport pay more Than Uber first Uber's biggest expense Is 24% on ads and trying to get new Drivers teleport spends nothing instead Teleport incentivizes drivers and users Through web three reward referrals built On a salon of blockchain and second Uber Spends 10% of the total Fair on fixed Cost because it has a closed system Protocol instead teleport replaces a Traditional ride sharing company like This with an open protocol therefore Having little to no fixed costs now this Is something that I've talked about a Lot is that when you look at Innovation And how it's going to happen in this Next layer of whether it's blockchain And AI many people would say well you Know the E combats meaning Uber the Likes of what we'll see with LT Etc will Be the winners I think it's the all the Opposite I think it's going to be the Startups the startups that are grinding And the ones that are out there getting Going teleport being one of them it's a Project again that's that rides on Salana and of course they launched their Uh first city in Texas and you know like It or not I wish they'd have done it Here in Miami I think they would have Had you know a bigger opportunity

Especially with their tie-in with helium Mobile or the potential for a tie-in With helium mobile but let's remember All of these startups including coinbase Amazon many of them started in little Offices just like that including Travis Kalanick who was the founder of uber who In the original Uber I think was the Real Valiant effort of trying to replace What was happening with the you know Pretty much the situation that the taxi Drivers had in terms of a strangle hold And lot many of the city so it it all Starts in that kind of mission I hope That that stays the case here with of What is happening in uh blockchain don't Forget all of this is going to pin Around one thing and that is the next Generation of a phone and what is going To be the next generation of a phone Well you got the Saga right here let's Not forget if you've not ordered the Saga just remember you heard it here First we talked about it back in the Founder window you could have cha saved Some money now you can still get into This early adopter window but it is Closing fast so jump in on that and grab It while you can the reason is there has Been drop after drop after drop this is Value that's coming to Saga holders Without you doing anything except Holding the phone including a lot of the Nfts that the salana foundation or

Salana mobile is themselves also Airdropping in so a lot of huge value Coming in cat with hat of course is Another one that just added to it we Showed you guys this last week uh out of The bag and guess what there's another One coming that we're privy to that's Going to be again coming in on the Saga Uh holders out there so if you're not Aware of it there's going to be a lot of Different daps coming out I think we're Going to start to see real movement in This space and all of this is writing on Salana so if apple has a nemesis it Might be uh salana in a way you got a Hive mapper don't forget about them this Is the mapping Solution on salana where You can go out and earn by just mapping Locations think Google Maps Google Earth Etc you've got of course this happening Which which is salana Renaissance this Is a hack a hackathon think of this like The new Shark Tank getting ready to Happen right here on March 8th or excuse Me March 4th through through April 8th Some of the things to watch for is this Right here look what they're looking for Dpin defi payments Dows gaming Infrastructure consumer apps all that And here's the prices this is going to Draw in a lot of developers and it's Going to continue to really Drive notice That that is uh presented by IET we just Did their big uh by the way if you guys

Didn't catch catch that uh interview we Did with the i that CEO go back and look At it it was over the weekend so go Check it out all right last up here is Of course who drives all of this stuff What's usually lobbyist and lobbyists Are connected to what they're connected To lawmakers who then create the laws That usually benefit well guess who is One of the biggest contributors to this Lady right here Senator Warren let's Take a look at the list here on opal SE Open Secrets Google number one and then There number seven Apple Inc Bo so these Are the kind of things that we are going To have to deal with here in the United States so one of the ways we can deal With that is put some of our own people In there to where they can bring a Little bit more awareness around what's Happening in crypto and that of course Would be none other than Mr John Deon Let me play a clip for you now my Opponent has a bill that bans Bitcoin Self- custody and crypto in the United States of America okay with the debt crisis where Half Americans don't have $500 set aside In case of an emergency with the opioid Crisis with income inequality why why is Elizabeth Warren running on an anti- Crypto platform 12 years ago she said That she was going to Washington DC to Hold the bankers

Accountable she was outraged that no Banker went to prison from the 2008 Financial crisis well fast forward a Decade who just wrote her bill Jamie Diamond and the banking Institute wrote Her anti- crypto bill you go to fight The bankers you can't beat them so you Join them and you become their number One lobbyist because since I announced She has emailed five times she's got Senators from Connecticut saying this Guy John Deon is a problem she won't Outwork me I promise you that she'll out Raise me but if I'm competitive I'm Going to win this race all right so Kudos to John I think you know he's been On our show a couple of times in it I Would say this if uh if you guys want to Make a change out there go check out John Deon for Senate uh it's worth it I'll try to leave a link in below and When I retweet this video later I'll Definitely give John a call out because I think he's the one now you think about Elizabeth Warren well he's right she has Kind of positioned herselves now Differently with the big Banks makes Sense now that she's after crypto and She's also positioned herself with big Tech because again these are scenarios That play out usually in these super Pacs which is the funding of what all These lobbyists generate through to get To these lawmakers to get laws made that

Are beneficial to all their companies Now the key here is all this can be a Grassroots ever that's how all of these Different companies have grown Uber grew Off through Grassroots Apple itself grew Through Grassroots podcasting grp Through gr Grassroots we will see a Grassroots effort I think in web 3 so Stick around if you guys want to catch More of that make sure and subscribe Right now it's one of the best ways to Get additional content from our show Over on our Diamond Circle and if you're Not following me on X it's at Paul Baron Catch you next time right here on Techb

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