Solana Shut Down Again!🔥But Network Continues To Skyrocket🚀

The Layer 1 network Solana has restarted after going dark around five hours earlier. The last time Solana experienced a “Major Outage” was in February 2023, when the blockchain was down for a few hours. Meanwhile, Solana’s ecosystem growth continues to skyrocket in every aspect.


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00:00 Intro
00:21 Sponsor: Tangem
00:58 Solana outage
02:30 Amazon Server Downtime Comparison
04:00 Solana + Jito + Firedancer Coming
05:43 Honeyland never went down
06:15 Gaming Coming To Solana
06:39 Solana Saga
07:00 Helium MOBILE Growth
08:11 Render Explosion Incoming + Apple Vision Pro
11:38 $RENDER + $MOBILE charts
12:15 Outro

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~Solana Shut Down Again!🔥But Network Continues To Skyrocket🚀~
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[Music] Today we'll dive into salana and of Course the big outage and what it means For the network is this a doom or an Opportunity we'll break it all down for You guys today my name is Paul bar Welcome back in the tech bath all right Let's get started here with tangum as Our sponsor and tangum is a great self- Custody wallet if you guys are looking At trying to do some self- custody get Your tokens off exchanges and get it Into your own management this is one of The tools uh that you could use in of Course tangum all you have to do is go To Tum.bin the app great security and the Cool thing is you can get your backups All that just go over click that link Right there get tangum and get the three Card set that'll get you going us our Link down below does help the channel Out all right so a couple of points I Want to hit to of course the elephant in The room for everybody and of course Everybody's hit me up on Twitter about This is that salana went down everybody KN knows that right well here it is Right there on the major outage 4 hours 46 minutes salana was down on the main Net so this is a problem that has been Plaguing salana for quite some time now It hasn't been going on very recently When you compare because you know we've

Looked at salana for quite some time and It's one of the knocks that in the early Days of salana I felt like was a Holdback now here recently there may be Some reasons why and I'll show what Those Are further into it uh this was a new Story recent uh salana outage took Almost a data result this is the one That is kind of the the measuring Point Let me kind of zoom in on that one this One was the network suffered an out Suffered an outage that lasted 18 hours 15 minutes this was on February 25th in 2023 so about this period of time that Was the largest one we've seen anything Over 24 hours that's going to be a real Problem that would be a PR nightmare for Uh for well it' be PR nightmare for Anybody uh this was kind of an Interesting feature that was created by Some of the devs was a network restart Which was underway this is of course Linking all the nodes and giving you Kind of a status bar of here's how the Network is performing and how long it Would be before we'd see it live I Thought that was kind of a a cool Feature I haven't seen any other chain Do that so uh that to me was a nice Little feature feat now some things to Kind of expect here this is AWS if you Guys know this this is pretty much the I Would say the largest you know

Centralized servers in the world this is Of course Amazon and if you look at Their downtime limits and a comparison Here not that that would be a real Comparison but there are expectations in Fact around 53 minutes to up as as far As 8.76 hours per year of allowable Outage So most customers don't like it when the Event is strung together meaning many Hours this was in the early hours here Eastern time um late hours for almost Everybody except Europe U so this is Kind of expected from all kinds of Servers including these nodes that are Out there it doesn't mean that it's Acceptable in the sense of how it needs To go forward you look at outages here On Amazon I was going through all the Way back to even as early as 2009 for AWS and you kind of see even today right Here they're still continuing to see uh Outages and this is as I said this is The biggest company out there that's Serving some of the most important Databases and data uh in the world and We're still seeing that doesn't mean That's an excuse for salana this means That these are kind of things that we do Expect to happen now decentralization is Supposed to solve most of this but I Also think it's just traffic congestion That we continue to see and I'll I'll Showcase what I mean by that a couple of

Points here right now salana of course Has salana lab's client jto is coming in As client and then eventually fired Answer will be in there as a client so This will help solve on the validator Side some of the issues that we will Continue to see here I think as Especially as the market continues to Scale in terms of the network usability And if you look at a couple of things Here here's defi just on showing uh Total value lock continuing to climb Here on salana so we know that's Happening then you look here this is the 30-day sales volume continuing to climb Right here is a heavy amount of sales Volume right now and then you go over Here and look at just the amount of Weekly mints we've seen here on metaplex Which is uh really exploded uh here on Salana as well so all of this in Comparison to other Chains No one's seen This kinds of traffic flow so that in Itself is still a a major issue and Remember there's a lot of deepend Projects a lot of of data projects Render of course rides on salana and Along with many others so there's going To continue to be quite a bit of um I Think you know just pressure on the Network here's the number of new Addresses uh this was a really kind of An all-time high here if you look back All the way into 2021 this right here

Was the last Bull Run in 2021 and look at that you know we were Still only seeing around 278,000 new Addresses now we are seeing a total of 500 93,000 this was yesterday or early this Month so that in itself another big Issue and then here is uh total value Locked again here on revenue revenue Continues to climb so that's a good Thing couple of exp poost I want to hit On salana may be down but you can still Play honeyland this is something that I Think we're going to see more projects Do and that is insulating what they're Doing on blockchain versus what they're Doing within app and I think that is Something it's a good thing thing you Know in terms of development and it's Also I think just a good uh process uh Honeyland of course is one of the big Games on salana but right now honeyland Keeps delivering it's playable from both Browser as well as uh as you guys know Mobile all right so another thing that Happened this week was game shift which Is kind of a wh label version of Shopify For game studios so this is a big Advancement new things that are going to Happen within this of course is just a Lot more transactions asset lending Etc Custodial non-custodial wallets Etc that Will play into the future of where games And this is going to draw in a lot of

Game devs I think uh in making it just Available another thing of course salana Saga now getting to 60,000 phone orders That's a big deal by the way use our Link down below we're trying to get on That leaderboard but if you haven't you Know got your chapter 2 yet go ahead and You know use our link down there down Below because there's going to be some Pretty cool benefits I think for this Phone we ended up ordering one we'll see How it goes Other things that are happening of Course this is Frank M over at Helium And if you think about the amount of Assets that are starting to roll in These are salana based assets that are Starting to roll into coinbase Mobile Helium's mobile token has made its way Onto coinbase along with many others That are starting to make their way and I think that's the key here is the road Map going forward so we're going to see A lot of that and of course if you look At Helium right here the mobile Subscriber nfts this is continuing to Climb again more transactions on salana And let's not forget right here is Hive Mapper Hive mapper one of the biggest I Think deep pends out there right now When you look at the total amount of Roads that are about there these are Kilometers 60 million Global Road Kilometers right now Hive mapper has

Already mapped over 7.7 million I'm Impressed with what Ariel has done in a Short period of time and they're doing a Lot obviously the US and um you know Western Europe Australia uh still the Biggest markets which is is great Because I think we're going to see this Explode as well again more transactions You know on all this and I think this is The thing and of course here's render of Course you know it's continuing to Explode don't forget render is also on The road map for coinbase and there's a Lot happening around render I'm going to Play a clip for you but one thing to not Forget here is that hopefully fired Dancer gets in play before we see one of These dpin you know really take a viral Move or we see a major game take a viral Move this is this is something that has To happen so hopefully fired danc is Going to be able to get going listen Remember these kinds of networks all Networks of of what's happening in in um Blockchain right now are somewhat Sensitive and a little bit vulnerable I Think in general because this is still Early early days for a lot of this Technology I want to jump over to a clip Real quick to give you guys kind of an Sight of where this might be going on a Bigger scale listen in what are you Seeing in terms of the workloads right Now that you're experiencing on the

Network are you experiencing more Towards the rendering side or more Towards the AI training side both every Render job uh has an AI component we do Denoising we do upscaling you know Anything related to gender of AI in Media still requires rendering 40% maybe Do you know sort of neural jobs neural Comput jobs 60% is still traditional Rate tracing or generative um you know Stuff that you can run uh in a normal Render drops and then I think the other Thing is division Pro in particular um Just rendering a one minute movie that Is spatial video like apple spatial Video format as we started those jobs And the you know the amount of usage on The render Network just for a few people That were doing that it's it's just a Massive explosion you're going from Rendering 4K per frame to you know Hundreds something that's about a 100 Times that and that's something that I Knew was coming I mean obviously I think You know Apple entering this Market is Huge so I think if you're going to be Doing content for that and I think Everyone wants to um that's going to be Another you know driver of um you know The kind of workloads the amount of work That's being done per job on the render Network you know we're going to see Pretty much everybody that's ever used Render look at using you know the system

That we've created for spatial video Spatial content and when you want to Walk into a scene or create something Interactive which has not really been Possible to the degree that I think it Will be like a holc like experience on The Vision Pro is something that you Know will have literally a holographic Cube as a sample in the aets launching Friday um but that's an expensive render Jop are going to want that that's the Future that even you know Sam anma talks About like oh I'm going to build the Holic I want to see that happen that's Our vision as well um and I think Apple's entry into this Market is going To make that happen short of real Holidex being built um so I do see that Our our sort of you know example and Template of that you know releasing in a Matter of days will open the door to Others being able to then follow that And there's been a lot of stuff we Haven't been able to share prior to the Vision Pro being public um but I think After that announcement and after our App is out and the content that comes With it you'll see a lot more traction I've been a little bit surprised that Render we haven't seen an explosion on Render the asset just because of the Connection to Vision Pro but also Remember that this right here coinbase Assets is now added rendered to the road

Map so we're going to see this on Coinbase the other thing is this is get In into the institutional side of Coinbase so that that clip we just gave You was from coinbase institutional a Podcast most of the people who listen to That are institutional companies they're Getting their first real taste and Understanding of what render capacity is And what its place in blockchain and Maybe the future of cloud compute is Going to be so there's a lot happening Out there for sure if you look at the Charts right now you can kind of see Render here up slightly over this past Few weeks let's take a look at that and Yep from this last little buzz right There about 70% I still think this is a Good value one that I like just in terms Of even though it has climbed quite a Bit this year from the uh origin of when We started talking about render but this This one again I think is a good one uh To keep an eye on let's take a look at Salana see what's happening there little Bit of correction here obviously after Yesterday and uh not bad I think holding At $95 uh still a pretty decent uh Situation I think for an outage to Actually occur so we'll continue to Watch what's happening within the Ecosystem as you guys know we cover Quite a bit of salana news here mainly Because there's a lot of advancement in

The tag that really makes it here on the Shelf all right if you're not in the Diamond Circle get in there it's another Great place uh to really get information And just as a reminder one time uh to Think about guys is we don't really do Much promotion on our Twitter accounts If we do anything about announcements or Things like that it's it's in the Diamond Circle which is our email it's Where we're a little bit more connected To our audience so all you have to do is Click the link down below you can get in On that catch me on X Paul Baron we'll Catch you next time right here on Tech [Music] Bath

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