The Apple of Blockchain? How This Crypto is a LEADER in Security | Energi

What is Energi crypto? The world’s safest blockchain? Today we are joined by Tommy WorldPower to talk bitcoin, ethereum, & cryptocurrency in 2024! LEAVE A COMMENT 👈
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00:00 Intro
00:55 What is Energi?
04:01 How Energi Can Prevent Scams
09:25 What if a Scammer Immediately Sends Funds to Exchange?
11:34 The Apple of Blockchains?
15:16 The Delisting Incident
21:49 GonnaMakeIt NFT Marketplace
24:01 “It’s Gonna be a Crazy Ride”

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This is what it's all about you know I Found that we've really built a brand Around security this is what I'm saying Like other blockchains are not even Close to what we have today I sit down With Tommy world power founder of energy Blockchain when I build energy I think I Even you know may have not even given a Credit for how powerful this is but this Is truly what the world needs as they Describe themselves the safest Blockchain in the world an ethereum Based L1 featuring defense in depth and Onchain law enforcement this technology Is extremely powerful and extremely Necessary and of course how they just May be the apple of blockchains I I have A lot of love for Apple but I love how Everything just works together really Well I love how they they protect user Privacy energy we have those things just Build directly in and I welcome other People to come build too thank you Energy for partnering today and making This video possible and let's start now You're a crypto veteran you've been in The space a long time for the new people That are maybe just coming into crypto Today what is energy at a high level for Sure so quick background on myself I've Been in crypto since watching it since 2012 bought in in 2013 at the peak of The bubble like a proper D gen getting In then so you know uh bought Dogecoin

Right around then sat on it while it Went down 90% you know and uh kept Buying more bought ethereum at a dollar Was doing YouTube videos on ethereum Back then and other things I was I was An OG crypto YouTuber so originally I Was out there uh doing this stuff and I Love it so and then in 2017 I created Energy which energy has really set Itself apart from other blockchains in The Avenue of security that's kind of Our Niche and I'll tell you guys a Little more about that soon but that's What I've been doing for the past six Years built a blockchain built a deck Built a bridge and now we have an nft Marketplace all that kind of kind of Like an apple of blockchain in a way Where it's all bu built in house um with A really good component of security big A big specialization in that so again We'll tell you more about that but That's kind of high level on me so I Want to understand like how is this how Is this better security like I think the Most common scams I see is if I click a Scam link then I lose my money like that The scammer immediately takes my money Transfers it off how does energy Help for sure and actually the reason I Wanted to come here here you guys today Is because I want to tell you guys a Story about something that happened Which which I'll tell you in a second

But to take a step back of why security Is important let's let's look at this We're g to have how many people are Going to come into blockchain in this Cycle potentially super cycle right like Hundreds of millions right I mean that's That's what this Cycle's supposed to be I mean think about that and without the Proper protection for people you see People like in DC like Elizabeth Warren And other politicians and they're Insulting crypto and they have a valid Reason they're saying that why does Crypto have to be so criminal why do People have to do this and that on it You know what and and we all I love Crypto very dearly you know it's but but They have a valid point that um what has Gone completely unchecked by most the Space is the concept of security and how To properly do that and it's really Surprising for me being in crypto for This long I really thought the kind of Big incoming blockchains would have Definitely solved this problem but fast Forward here we are today February 2024 and uh you know we're leading the Way in that by far and I didn't think I Was going to you know but I did it Because I had to protect our community I'll tell you guys again a good story of What we just went through that really Makes that point because you know it's Uh it's not always like a small hacker

Small scammer sometimes it's big Entities is attacking the whole Community so but I I'll go into that bit More but yeah kind maybe that's a good High level yeah well tell me that story Because I think that's going to help me Understand how energy is different Security Wise okay okay all right so well one Thing first of all you guys saw crazy News that if you guys heard first of all Crypto's going nuts right now which is Awesome right we live for this so it's Great to see that um but uh we almost Listed on an exchange called bit Forex And uh bit 4X has now seems like their 57 million in hot wallet disappeared and Uh their CEO is uh not accessible this Is the last I heard so I don't know um This is not the first time something Like this has happened right people Leave their money on an exchange and Then the exchange CEO runs away with the Money right uh this is not the first Time we've seen this a number of times Throughout Cycles uh we almost lumit Forex and if We did we'd have the only blockchain That could protect itself cell but let's Say we were for instance let's say a Blockchain is on there without Protection what just happened to them is They're going to have a bunch of money Stolen now and that money is going to

Get sent to another exchange or traded On a decks and G to get dumped and it's Going to cause a lot of harm to those Communities and of course to the people Who also held the assets on that Exchange they always say not your keys Not your coins and you should have Custody of your own funds I'm a big Believer in that self- custody right um But uh we're going to see a lot I hate To say it guys but we're going to see a Lot Rap like this during the bull market the Bull Market's when the scammers and Really come out to play excuse my Language the um the scammers and and and Uh and and people like that like look Out for that if just guys watching this If this is your first or second cycle This is when the grifters come out you Know they're trying to you know they Don't have anything you know and they're Trying to sell you like they do and of Course just straight out scammers are Trying to steal from you so you know if You're not on energy keep your guard Really high and uh if you are on energy We we we provide a a a security kind of Blanket so I guess the simplest way to Explain what I have built is there's Dows right most of you guys know Dows Right decentralized autonomous Organization these already exist you Have uh like the polka dot Dow or you

Have the apoin Dow you know or Originally energy was a fork of the dash Dow which was one of the earliest Dows In crypto that's what our original Dow Was based off of um and what we did is a Lot of Dows allocate funds right you can Vote on what to spend money on we do That too that's how we do all our Funding that's how we're decentralized Organization a true decentralized organ Organization needs that but we took it To another level and that is building Enforcement into the Dow as well and This is the game changer this is the Game changer you guys and this is what I Think is crazy that um I'm I'm I guess I'm surprised you know five years I Invented this on energy five years ago In 2019 and we did it in response to Users getting scammed and scammed Basically tricked by fake team members Messaging on Discord they have the same Profile picture or on telegram you know They have the same profile picture they Mimic the profile really well and they Find some unique way of getting to you Or maybe they befriend you or something You think you're actually talking to you Know the head or whoever it is in that Project and but they're just setting you Up to catch you off guard to steal from You I mean it's crazy that we we have to Talk about it like this but this is the State of crypto and um so the solution

To that is to have enforcement on the Blockchain where the Dow can vote you Can get a quorum on the Dow right 10% or Whatever it is for different Dows and You can uh freeze a bad actor or even Recover assets from Bad actor very Important to note this is not rolling Back the blockchain this is a direct new Transaction you know new transaction to Freeze new transaction to drain and Recover new transaction to send those Assets back to the user so we're not Rolling back the blockchain Um and uh and again we're we're really Big on decentralization too we have over 500 nodes to participate in our Network You can participate with one energy for Staking we have a lay or two built in That's where the governance happens Master noes that's a thousand energy at The current price of uh uh 20 cents That's pretty affordable 200 200 bucks Or so but you can you can be a governor Part of the governance on energy so so That story you told me about bit Forex Could energy have prevented that yes Well here here's what we could do we can What we could do is freeze those funds Right the energy they have in their hot Wallet right like if they had a million Energy in a hot wallet sitting there What we could do is prevent those funds From getting dumped on Dex or getting Dumped on an exchange and so we can't we

Can't directly get the funds back for The you for the direct victims who had Their money stolen because they kept it On an exchange again don't keep your Money on an exchange just bottom line if You're keeping money exchange keep 5 10% No more than that you know never keep All your money in exchange but the users Who had money exchange we can't get it Back to them but at least we can prevent That stolen energy from getting dumped On everyone else right which is like Basically like if you think of it it's Like a it's like a tax you know it's Like the thief tax you know they come And steal people's crypto and dump it on The community we have no Thief tax and Energy we shut those thieves down so Yeah and something you mentioned last Time is that there is a delay if you're Trying to transfer your coins onto an Exchange or out of the energy blockchain And that's the secret sauce because a Scammer will just automatically send any Stolen coins to an exchange but you have A delay and this is what it's all about You know I found that we've really built A brand around security this is what I'm Saying like other blockchains are not Even close to what we have because even I I Aspire that the space eventually Adopts the sort of Dow enforcement Protocol or a philosophy that we've Taken because you need it right but so

Far we're still the only ones doing it But even when they have that the next Level of that is exactly what you said The delay because if you're asleep when Something happens or on vacation and Someone steals something from your Wallet and you're asleep and then you Wake up and you check your wallet and You're like oh well funds moved from my Wallet four hours ago and it's already Sold and gone that didn't help you right So you need that extra layer this is the Defense and depth so you have the time Delay they do this in the traditional Market t+3 settlement now I want to be Really clear anything on our blockchain Is fast right now our block times are Minute because that's what we did in 2017 we're dropping it down to 15 Seconds it'll be very similar to Ethereum in terms of speed and that's Not really an issue right a couple Seconds for a transaction that's okay Right transactions cost a penny or less On energy it's that's fine fees and fees Are cheap transactions are fast the Issue that's outstanding today is that How are a 100 million people going to Come in a blockchain into Essentially a scamfest for lack of way Of putting it you know like and I want To say something too you know something That I really realize is I don't when I Build energy I think I even you know may

Have not even given it credit for how Powerful this is but this is truly what The world needs you know this this Technology is extremely powerful and Extremely necessary the enforcement Dow Enforcement on a blockchain the security Protocols I mean this is what this is What I see as the future top blockchains In the world in 10 or 20 years they're Definitely going to have this something You mentioned at the beginning today is That you want energy to be the apple of Blockchains could you go into That yeah you know I I I have a lot of Love for Apple you know we all probably A lot of us have iPhones I had both IPhone Android but I love how everything Just works together really well I love How they they protect user privacy well They you know they're doing that better Than most the big companies right now They they've kept that Purity you know In a lot of ways even with Steve Jobs Passing God bless them you know but That's you know energy we have those Things just built directly in and I Welcome other people to come build too You know but we have a good deck for you Guys and a good nft exchange coming out Again right around the corner these are Like the two biggest applications on the Blockchain we've got those inhouse and We have a bridge so these are kind of The main apps we provide kind of those

Main apps directly for you all within This security environment that you can Do all this stuff and not worry about You know theft if you're building a Collection nfts you get those royalties That's a huge problem right now on other Blockchains and the whole royal royalty Theft is what's going on and it's Happening because of a lack of Governance on the blockchain you know That if people can find a back door to Screw someone over like you guys I just Pause here real quick guys as human Beings we're better than this all right For sake like come on like when Do we turn into a bunch of Thieves we're Not you know we're not stealing people's Royalties you know we're not stealing People's stuff we need a proper Environment a proper blockchain that can That can uh have that culture and that's Really what what I want to see you know That this this is what it's really about It's a cultural shift the endgame of Money is a competition for ethics let me Repeat that because it's a big one the Endgame of crypto is a competition for Ethics because you're going to use money That has high ethics you're going to use Money that protects its citizens that Protects its people you know I see Energy people use energy like our Citizens we got to protect them it's our Duty so if there's a thief out there

Trying to pray on our community members It's our job and it's the community's Job to help and participate in having You know voting on proposals voting on Having leadership to take care of each Other like this is what I see and I Think it's really gone again kind of um Missed by a lot of blockchains which is Crazy I don't know how they all they all Let me tell you what every other Blockchain is competing for for the most Part it's a trillion transactions per Second and then it's like free Transactions all right we have enough TPS that's not the issue and then all The transactions are pretty cheap on Most blockchains except for Bitcoin and Ethereum so like that's not that's not An issue either the issue that no one's Talking about is security oh one more Thing sorry know I'm on a a roll here But one thing I see all the time is Blockchains are like I just read this Today like I I was I was getting a Haircut my barber's like oh yeah my Friend told me about this blockchain and So I go look it up on my phone and I'm Looking at it and it's like you know Highly secure and I just see that I'm Like yeah right like when they mean Secure they're just talking about their Like hashing algorithm you know or Whatnot they're not talking about Protecting users but it's such a misused

Word in the space most secure blockchain But there's no safety in their Blockchains actually you know but they They use that as like a marketing Anyway so I just went on a roll there But the excitement the excitement of a Bull market is palpable we're certainly Excited on our Channel and you've been In the space for years so Bull and Bear Um so it's just nice to see other people Caring and wanting wanting to learn more Um is there anything we didn't mention On energy for example you had an Incident with an exchange you were Telling me about all right yeah yeah Yeah so let me tell you guys a story and I'll I'll I'll try to make it quick here But I want you guys to catch this is Important we were on a we were on a big Exchange okay for like five years and we Had good relations with this exchange You know everything was fine and then um We did we we energy did have you know a Rough bare market in terms of you know a Price pressure because we were building Through the bare Market you know we we Didn't quit we didn't stop and I'm Really happy we did because we got this NFP marketplace now that looks sick and It takes time to build stuff you know And we we we we built through the bear Anyway so this this exchange we're on Again a big exch ex change Dlisted us And about 100 other projects all right

And then like I messaged them I was like You know we didn't do anything wrong What's the issue they didn't give us any Warning it was like Hey we're going to D List you guys in two days there was no Way to talk to anyone no upper Management available talk to anything They were just like oh they made their Decision it was it was not not not good You know communication or anything what But whatever you know we're gonna you're Well with the punches right so Everything's fine they're the users are Withdrawing their assets off the Exchange now um what they did is they Said you know you have six months to Withdraw and if you don't withdraw Within six months then your assets are Forfeit all right this need like let's Take a second here right what's the Problem with all the stuff we saw with FTX and all this stuff it's it's the Misutilization of user funds right you Cannot Just steal user funds you know but That's essentially what happened I mean So there was over a million energy there And just and just for the audience and Just for the audience the common thing Is if there's ever going to be a deal Listing is hey if you don't move your Assets by a certain date they'll get Autot transferred to stable coins and You just have those stable coins this

Exchange didn't do that right correct And and also even that is even that is Like Shenanigans too you know a little Bit you know I was like but what I see Now in hindsight is was this all part of The plan and and you know that's Definitely a consideration that this is This was a a revenue generating activity Let's say you know which you know this Is I'm just thinking out I'm not and Again I'm not going to name who it is But there's a lot of shady stuff in in This space you know so anyway those Funds went to another exchange that they Went to Dump guys by the way do you know what Scammers do I just want to make sure When scammers steal money from someone Um and we took down some scammers and I I get in their head and I see how they Think one scammer was telling me how He's like your money is better to be Your but your money is better mine than Yours because you're going to lose it Anyway you guys get that that's how they Think they're like let me say that again They think that your money is better That it's theirs because you're going to Lose anyway how up is that that's How they justify to themselves human Language that's how they justify Themselves which is Terrible can you imagine if everyone Justified things like that like that

Like that no you know anyway so um so They took this it was over a million Energy which is a ton of energy it's Like 1.5% of our supplies it's a lot of Energy they sent these funds to another Exchange to go dump and lo behold that's Where energ governance comes in and I Was fine with them you know people Withdrawing because they were Withdrawing from the account like every Day the people you know withdrawing Their money but as soon as they send it To another exchange I was like that's it You know we froze it there through the Decentralized governance put the Proposal in froze it uh and prevented it From being dumped that money is now over 1 million energy is now confiscated I Would love to see it return to its Original holders that is going to be Very difficult to do because we don't Know whose address ties to what but at Least we prevented that money from Getting dumped on the rest of our Community and imagine some of those Holders who had energy stolen probably Have other energy on the side imagine How they would they had already some Energy stolen you know and then like More energy dumped on them like can you Guys imagine what most blockchains go Through right and you do you see what Energy's power and potential there is You know that we're able to protect

Against that's just one example I didn't See this coming this happened just a few Weeks ago I didn't see this coming I was Having a nice normal happy day and and I Find this out but the point is we saw it Coming and we could react where the rest Of the blockchains are powerless against This sort of stuff and that money went Back to the exchange like you just made It go back is that correct so we what Happened was we kicked it out of the Exchange they were sending it to that That exchange that exchange actually Kicked it out of there and we froze it And it's frozen in that in that the Address that went into the exchange from We kicked it back out to that address And it's frozen in there if that makes Sense it does it does um and hey if You're aware down below of which Exchange this is please let me know Down Below in the comment section I'll be Reading I just want to make a point guys I'm not the the reason I'm not Mentioning it is because I'm not I'm not Doing this to create drama or something I'm doing it because I really want to Underline what what look again our we we Have we should have a duty to protect Each other in the space and we uphold That duty to protect our users and our Citizens and this is what I believe is a Highle responsibility of all top Blockchains this is what all top

Blockchains should be doing and again I'm surprised that um other top Blockchains haven't figured it out yet But we're on this for five years you Know and three years with no successful Theft that I know of and by the way all These systems were built Brick by Brick It wasn't all at once like we had the we Had the governance uh enforcement and Then we realized we needed the time Delay too when we had some people you Know some criminals still got away you Know so that's how all the pieces kind Of come together and for you as you as a User be sure to set up a wallet alert And you can get to that on our website If you're if you're on energy so this Way if your funds move you get an email So that's how you know you check your Email if you see an alert that says your Funds moved and it wasn't you let us Know right away we can jump into AC and We got three days to catch them before They can get out but that's usually Enough to catch them I will say like I Think security is going to be a huge Trend especially with AI and everything Security is only becoming more part of The narrative for blockchain you have Been building for multiple Bull and Bear Cycles so I am excited to see more I Want to ask you you know maybe about the Show we did or um the crypto Market in General but just anything we didn't

Cover for Energy um nothing really comes to mind Just wanted uh to let let you guys know If uh our nft Marketplace going to make It that's what the killer wh show is on We we focus on that so that's coming out Pretty soon it's looking really good you Know so it'll be uh for those of you Guys who use blur it looks similar to Blur but with a lot better kind of UI And just in terms of it just it just I Don't know I like it more you guys it's But but props to blur for that because They they made they made these nft Marketplaces uh just a little uh I don't Know better so yeah so so anyway gonna Make it um yeah yeah and to be clear Today's interview has nothing to do with The show it just by happen sance we you Were a contestant on the show that has Not aired yet uh it'll be the last Episode to air very very soon thoughts On thoughts on your Experience yeah so we we did the show Back in in summer and uh and obviously Crypto is like way more energetic now Which is great to see but the message That I say in the show you guys have you Guys will have to see it and get that But it stay stands True to this moment And similar to what we're talking about Here just the you know the Responsibility we have to it's our duty To protect our people whether it's

Protecting royalties or whether it's Protecting from theft or anything you Know again 100 million people you guys How are we gonna on board 100 how are we Gonna how are we gonna have governments Accept us how are we gonna how how how Can we combat that narrative in the DC That they're trying to push oh crypto And crime you know we need to get behind This and that's what I'm saying like it Doesn't just have to be energy in fact I Want to have other competing um you know Competing blockchains competing for that Ethics this is this is an inevitable Inevitable evolution of the world you Know and and we're just and uh energy I Made on the 4th of July you know 2017 Independence Day baby you know what's up You know and uh it's the purpose of Crypto ultimately liberates Humanity the Unique governance to do that and we're Leading the way in that so I have one Final big picture crypto question Because I got to give it to you Tommy We Did an interview back in 2022 really the Start of the bare Market it was like Around November and you basically said At the end when I asked you a big Picture question hey I'm bullish on the Market but we are overvalued right now And it'll be a cool down and that was The ne that was the bear for the next About year so I got to give it you what Are your thoughts on the current market

Are we is the bull over more to come Currently man great question well first Of all you guys hope you guys all sit Down and Buckle in because it's going to Be a crazy ride so uh I always say the Opportunities increase in time they Don't decrease so just so you guys know That there's way more opportunities now Than ever so first of all be tuned in Have your head in the game now is time To pay attention you know I had a Vacation that I love uh that I go on Like I like to go on annually I cancel It I'm focused I'm in the game right now You know like now is the time to pay Attention all right so um uh Bitcoin has Gone on a on a had a really nice move And that's amazing to see the flows from The ETF are phenomenal but that money is Going to flow everywhere else we haven't Seen eth move yet you guys are going to Be in for it you know when eth rockets Off you know when eth is 10 grand uh We'll be in the show um and then all Coins are just you know eth squared in In terms of like the power of the move So low cap high value low cap coins Obviously low cap coins are higher risk Right but if you find a good low cap With uh good active founder you know uh Good Fundamentals uh and this is actually Really important guys differentiation And branding we're going into that phase

Now where before yes every blockchain oh Fast fast blockchain this that no we're Really going into like what is the brand Of this blockchain really about what is Where where is that brand pay attention To that we're really going into that Specialization so altcoins the right Altcoins are going to do Insane so start You know doing your homework learning Plugging in and and let's make some Money guys it's gonna be fun the next I So I would say you know this this cycle We're right on time perfect timing we Got the having coming up the ethereum ETF coming up um you know typically the Cycle would peek out late next year that Doesn't mean it's necessarily going to Happen like this it could end earlier it Could end later and it could be a super Cycle so but I think I think 2014 is uh Very very well positioned 2024 in crypto Sorry sorry where yeah 2024 did I say 2012 2014 is what you said oh Lord I man Just went wanted to go back 10 years in Time time flies when you're having fun You guys uh 2024 this year is g to be a Lot of fun so definitely try to commit Your time to paying attention and catch These waves and obviously we always say This on the channel never invest more Money than you were willing to lose Cryptocurrency is risky but that being Said everybody in the industry because Of the ETFs because of so many things

You know this is the bull market is the Belief Tommy I want to have you back on Links for all your stuff are down below But just final thoughts for the altcoin Daily audience on Energy on energy well you go you know Again guys Uh again I think the key thing is uh the Endgame the the focus on ethics the duty To protect blockchains have a duty to Protect their users so really start Expecting that you know don't don't Accept that it's your fault if if you Got scammed through a sophisticated Trick no if you got trick like that that That's a duty of a good blockchain to Protect you that's what I want to say And that's what I how I want to see the Space evolve and as soon of enough Enough of us start demanding that then That will become the state of blockchain And we can actually have a safe Experience in blockchain so I love it And like you know like you said branding Is important and you guys are branded in My opinion as you know the one of the Main people tackling security so you're The leader in That well thank you and pleasure guys Thank you Austin for having me uh all Quin daily are the legends of crypto YouTube so a pleasure being here an Honor being here thank you Guys