The Credit Suisse Crisis… EXPLAINED! 🚨 What it Means For Crypto!

The Credit Suisse Crisis... EXPLAINED! 🚨 What it Means For Crypto!

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00:27 Credit Suisse News Today
01:15 Credit Suisse Crisis – Explained (Timeline)
04:17 US Banks (FDIC Insured) vs European Banks
06:03 Will The Fed Raise Rates Again (in March 2023)?
07:31 Why is Bitcoin Dominance Going Up?
07:57 Big News for Altcoins! (Uniswap on BNB Chain)!
08:52 Ethereum News Today
09:27 Speaking w/ Bitboy, EllioTrades, Tiffany Fong, & MORE!

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That the stock has been trading lower it Has been trading at a record low as well Major European Bank Credit Suisse shares Plunge as Bank fears widen and just for Context Credit Suisse is so much bigger Silicon Valley Bank had 212 billion Dollars in assets while Credit Suisse Has around 1.2 trillion dollars in Assets in today's video we will talk About Bitcoin we will talk about Altcoins but just as an investor in all Markets credit suisse's biggest backer Says they can't put up more cash of Course I'm speaking about the Saudi National Bank the Saudi National Bank Said they're not going to be putting any More money into Credit Suisse after a Cash infusion they had already done so While the Saudis said no actually just In credits whis asks the Swiss Central Bank for a public show of support Meaning they're asking the bank for a Public backing and a while for me Something like this for me doesn't Really instill confidence if they're if They're making these public statements The bank does insist that its financial Position is not a concern with the chief Executive saying that its cash reserves Are still very very strong but I do want To kind of piece through how we got to This level because people in the US Don't necessarily follow credit Suites That closely but it is a large Bank it

Is its assets are more than 550 billion Dollars or so compared to a Silicon Valley Bank at around 200 billion so so Yahoo finance says over 550 billion some Analysts stating over 1.2 trillion Either right Credit Suisse is at least Double what Silicon Valley was and let's Just look at a timeline Credit Suisse Timeline of key events why some Investors starting from almost 10 years Ago have started to lose confidence the Timeline is long here it goes back even Further than this when you look at some Of the issues but tejan Tian became the CEO and he was the person who was men Who was an outsider he was not Swiss he Was meant to sort of turn things around And then the company just got hit by Various external and internal frauds he Ended up having to be forced to step Down in 2020 and then then in 2021 there Were the failures of a couple of hedge Funds and Cat and capital firms that Were really tied to Credit Suisse Greenstone capital arcados capital and That really then accelerated I guess you Could say some of the issues that Credit Suisse so stick with this for a second Because the hosts are about to compare Credit Suisse today with bear Stearns Back in 08 and then at the very end the Latest Credit Suisse news today it Really reminds me of bear Stearns back In the day I guess we keep reverting to

These 2008 crises parallels because While that was a banking crisis not that That's going to be the centerpiece but That's what we're dealing with today and Back in 2008 bear Stearns failed in March of that year so we're looking at The 15-year anniversary but the year Before the summer of 2007 we had a Couple of hedge funds by bear cerns that Went belly up and that was a real Harbinger of what was to come in the Global financial crisis so yeah looking Back on this timeline you can see some Of the Echoes or at least some of the Fingerprints that are similar between These two entities right so they you Know there was a money laundering Criminal conviction that was related to The bank that happened ended up Happening in 2022 it was for money Laundering in Switzerland it was Connected to a Bulgarian drug smuggling Ring you get the idea here so the CEO That succeeded T John tiam was Thomas Gottstein he was forced out there was a New seal all our Corner that came in and Then uh back in October the company cut 9 000 jobs it got a capital injection at That point it also ended up reporting a Loss for last year and then more Recently just in the past week the Company said it had found material Weaknesses in its accounting and delayed Its annual report so that was tied up in

The most recent slump that we've seen in The stock right but more broadly at a Time when the international banking System is in a very delicate position Because of suvb they're worried about Whether the other vulnerabilities are Here comes credits suites with what Looked like a lot of vulnerabilities yes And then of course in summation before I Share with you my opinion as well as the Latest bitcoin news and let me just I Want to put this in the context of maybe A 50 000 foot view here this is um we we Don't face anything like the situation That we faced in 2008 for a number of Reasons the Federal Reserve is just Guaranteed all FDIC deposits above 250 000 in a bank that means your money in a U.S Bank is safe right now so all these People Googling where is my money safe Do I need to pull money out of my bank Your money is safe if it's in an FDIC Insured bank here in the U.S what we're Talking about are the effects for Investors people have bought the bonds And stock of some of these Banks and Then we're also separately talking about Credit Suisse which is a European bank And all their troubles right now and how That might be resolved and we could talk About that for a while there's contagion Effects yes Um and there will probably be not just You know the the three or four banks

That we've seen run into trouble now There'll probably be more but uh does it Develop into a full-blown crisis or is It kind of a piecemeal thing where it's Dragged out over years I see it more Like crash where we had Enron Worldcom then we had 2000 then we had in 2008 where we had a Cascade of failures Everything at once right exactly this Does not feel like that right like the Ground is falling out and I think that's A really good distinction that you made Between like people holding money at Banks do not go to your bank and pull Out all your money I think like don't do That if that's what people are thinking About it there And that's a very fair point that it's Just the investors in this Bank the Shares the shares are tanking right now As stated by the CEO the assets are fine Now click subscribe because you want to Stay up to date on this now of course Perfect timing potentially even bigger News the fed's next meeting is next week And of course the big question is will They continue raising I.E suppressing Markets that's one of the major reasons We've seen these Banks collapse it was Part their fault part the FED going Crazy fault but next week will we get an Increase a pause or a pivot well the Latest data as of yesterday shows us That inflation is coming down headline

CPI with six percent it was projected it Was going to be six percent and core CPI 5.5 just like projected now Understanding what that means in the Grand scheme of things yes month over Month we're slightly coming down but Inflation is still super sticky this Would suggest the FED would at least Either pause or raise another 25 basis Points of course the massive instability In all these Banks would suggest the FED Broke something and they need to pause Now what does the market think well the Market now thinks there's a higher Probability of no hikes at the next fomc More than 25 basis points at the next Fomc meaning the economy is getting sick Quickly the market is projecting that The FED wouldn't dare raise another 25 Basis points because of what we've just Seen of course 45 of the people compared To 50 five percent of people think we Will see that rate increase now as banks Are going down Bitcoin is going up Bitcoin dominance reaches nine month High obviously a big reason this is Happening is because people want out a Peaceful way to opt out of the Traditional system but also the alts are Bleeding back into Bitcoin here are all The major alts paired not against the US Dollar but paired against Bitcoin and we Can see the trend is pretty obvious of Course Innovation is still happening

Case in point uniswap version 3 has just Gone live on the BNB chain and while we Knew uniswap to be the primary decks for The ethereum ecosystem and pancake swap To be the primary decks for BNB chain Over 66 percent of uniswap governance Voters said yes to supporting the Deployment why uniswap wanted to come to BNB chain as their next obvious chain Because BNB chain is one of the world's Most active blockchains by daily volume And in a direct quote from the director Of growth at BNB chain he says with BNB Chains thriving and dedicated community Scalability and accessibility it's a Launch pad for all things web 3 the Reason somebody would come here would be Protocols looking to reach larger Audiences can grow so if you like Uniswap you love this and speaking of Stakers the final dress rehearsal for The eth upgrade just happened staked Ethereum withdrawals are being processed On ethereum's go early test net ahead of The Shanghai fork and why this was Significant like I said this was the Final dress rehearsal for ethereum's Upcoming Shanghai upgrade more Accurately known as chappella occurred Tuesday and the test happened it was a Success people were able to withdraw Their staked eth on the test net meaning Activating this feature live on the Mainnet will occur sometime next month

And my brother and I will be speaking Next week at Outer Edge La specifically Who else is on our panel with Leo trades We have Tiffany Fong we have bit boy Going to be a great panel happening Wednesday March 22nd at 2 30 PM be sure To use code altcoin daily VIP altcoin Daily VIP for 10 off your ticket

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