The Dollar is Collapsing (LAST CHANCE)

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I don't think that Bitcoin is an Immediate threat to the dollar it has Coexisted with the dollar for 15 years Now I think it could actually strengthen The dollar and our economic Prosperity As a nation I think every nation should Look at this as a very strategic n National Security um imperative to adopt Something like Bitcoin we got Nat Brunell about to join Us today uh famous for just her bullish Take on bitcoin just so great at Explaining it you maybe seen her on Several stations and she has one of the Largest woman-led podcast she's an Investigative journalist she has done a Lot worked for a lot of media Corporations and has developed one of The most amazing Bitcoin platforms out There so welcome thank you for joining Us today Natalie we're so excited to Have you it's a great topic today we're Watching Banks collapse and getting Extremely bullish on bitcoin so I don't Know how you're feeling but welcome to The stream well thank you so much for Having me I am always bullish on bitcoin I actually am really uh grateful for These lower price levels than I think Some people were expecting after the Spot Bitcoin ETF approvals because you Can stack so much more now than when Bitcoin finally hits its six fig Destiny So uh yeah happy to be here with you

Guys uh I I do agree sixf figure Destiny But then there's all these events that Make that Destiny seem like it's going To happen a lot more soon uh we just Recently had another bank get absorbed Uh after absorbing a failing Bank we Were talking about a possible domino Effect and how this might affect Bitcoin Do you see a possible Domino effect and What do bank failures typically do for Bitcoin's Price well it it certainly is a reason Why we need an alternative right but I Think that they're going to do Everything they can the powers that be The forces of control in order to Prevent a contagion or a collapse so They're going to step in with everything They need to do maybe a stealth QE for Just Banks which they seem to have been Doing ever since last March um and so I Think that people really need to start Taking seriously Alternatives like Bitcoin something completely outside of The system system that you can Peacefully opt into I I I want to trade All of my depreciating currency into Appreciating Bitcoin and so I think more And more people are going to realize That especially as they see that their Money in the bank is not actually their Money I actually said this recently on One of my Fox Business hits it's Basically an IOU and these Banks they

Fractionally Reserve their uh their Entire you know reserves and so that Means that they don't have even a Fraction of what they actually should It's not like your money is backed one To one and that's the way it should be Right but the Federal Reserve has Actually denied banks that have applied To be in their system that are fully Backed one to one um so I think that People need to start really taking this Asset class very seriously because even Having just a small percentage of your Portfolio in Bitcoin can lead to really Outsized returns it it has a really high Sharp ratio and the risk adjusted Returns have been more attractive than Pretty much any other asset there you Said something very important the the Money in the bank is not your money now There is a very popular weekly show Making fun of the term debanked is Debanked a real fear is that a real term Or is it something to Mock well I think that a lot of people Didn't expect for a situation where People's accounts are frozen or seized To happen in Western countries and yet You saw that about a year and a half ago With the trucker protest in Canada where People couldn't access their own money In the bank we saw it back in 2013 or 14 In Cyprus um so it is happening and I Just urge people to remember that when

They are putting their money into a a Retail bank ultimately that institution Is very governed and regulated by uh the Powers that be in wherever whatever Nation they live in and ultimately if The government decides that you're doing Something that maybe is against what They feel is is right uh maybe you're Dissenting maybe you have opinions that They're not in favor of what if they Step in and request of that bank to Close your account I mean that's Essentially what they do to Nations via Sanctions right they're basically saying We're going to cut you off from the Financial system you're not going to be Able to use Swift um and they weaponize The financial system and the dollar in Any way they can if they see that you Are you know in opposition opposition of Their agenda so I think people need to Be careful I don't see some kind of Dystopian um scenario where everyone's Bank account is suddenly seized in the United States nothing's impossible but I Do think people need to protect at least A small portion of their assets in a Form of money that no one can seize that No one can confiscate that you can Transport in a borderless uh secure way And that's Bitcoin yeah it's you know speaking of The wages versus Prosperity Gap here We've seen developed over the last 50

Years since we came off that gold Standard the Federal Reserve does one Thing which you're bringing up to a Really good point the money in the bank Is not yours it's not even a store of Value in fact it is depreciating at Faster rates than we have ever seen in History printed 10 trillion for crying Out loud and just the last few years It's like almost under one Administration at this point so what is The trend that you're seeing with the US Dollar are we going to see competitors Start emerging for this and why is Bitcoin so powerful against that United States Dollar well we already have competitors But I don't I don't think that Bitcoin Is an immediate threat to the dollar it Has coexisted with the dollar for 15 Years now I think it could actually Strengthen the dollar and our economic Prosperity as a nation I think every Nation should look at this as a very Strategic n National Security um Imperative to adopt something like Bitcoin but we are seeing that both the US dollar and every currency around the World I believe there's 160 of them they Are depreciating at different rates uh The dollar might be slower because it is The national the global Reserve currency And so there's an international demand For the dollar but every single year

Because they print so much the Purchasing power decreases and it's Obviously worse depending on which Currency you are and how how far away You are from from the money printer in Different nations so I think that a lot Of places are looking for Alternatives We see bricks popping up there's been Discussions about backing um currencies With gold again a lot of central banks Are adding gold to their reserves in Historic levels uh some some people have Talked about will we go to a system Where we have special drawing rights Maybe a basket of currencies because no Nation really trusts any other Nation But right now the the US dollar is so Entrenched in the Global Financial System I believe 80% of international Transactions are conducted in the dollar The dollar is um what most of the debt Around the world is denominated in uh Countries are still buying treasuries Although at slower uh Paces so I think That the dollar is here to stay but I Would if if I were you know a betting Person I would say the US dollar may not Be around in the next hundred years and I would want to find something that is Global permissionless decentralized Absolutely scarce and uh I think that The the winning horse could be Bitcoin Now I've seen you interview multi I Don't know if you've actually

Interviewed multiple candidates but I Know you interviewed uh the RAS Swami And he is very Pro Bitcoin in general Pro cryptocurrency there's a lot of Talks maybe or not and speculation Whether he's going to be running as a VP Here shortly we do have other candidates Out there that have been talking about Backing the United States dollar with Bitcoin as a reserve currency whether That's one two 3% that's still up for Debate but what are your thoughts on a Candidate moving into this new Presidential election and what they can Do to not just allow Bitcoin to Prevail Uh but be adopted and be looked at as no Longer as a speculative asset and more Of this currency and store of value in General for retail investors sure well First I think it's worth pausing and Measuring the fact that for the first Time in a presidential election we have Candidates coming out in public and Endorsing one particular digital asset Which is Bitcoin and they want to Protect your right to self- custody and They're exploring ways that it could be Incorporated into our financial systems So that has been really exciting I hope That that continues I think we're going To see more of that some of the Presidential candidates don't touch this Subject at all others have expressed Concern and I think we just need to get

There in terms of educating our policy Makers and the people running for office I see a future where we do have a Bitcoiner in office I look forward to The day when in the white house we have Someone completely orange pilled that Advocates for this technology but you Know if you're a bitcoiner then you know The process that it took to to kind of Go down the rabbit hole and learn all of This it's it's not something that's very Easy to do especially for people that Are very entrenched in sort of the Legacy system and politicians certainly Are they want to protect uh their power Structure and so I can understand why Some of them might be resistant to it What's unfortunate is when you listen to Political speeches or watch anything in The media and I come from the media World it's so clear to me that most People it's not that they just don't Understand Bitcoin they don't even Understand how money works and they're In favor of all this money Printing and Both right and left red blue they've Increased our federal you know deficit And our debt and so something really Needs to stop and I think that's why It's so important to educate the people Who are leading this country about Bitcoin because it is one of the things That can be used as a tool to get us out Of this financial mess that we

Essentially created and generations Before us have created that is a good Point you know within the crypto Community we take for granted our Financial knowledge and forget you know Some people don't know about money Printer go bur and what that means for You know their their asset values or Their ability to feed their family in The future we're talking about Presidential candidates Natalie there's One name that has been floating recently And that's Jamie Diamond Jamie Diamond Came out very very against Bitcoin in Fact saying well if he was a government He would attempt to ban it but then on The other end of the spectrum you have Larry think saying oh no it is a flight To safety so you have the Black Rock CEO And the JP Morgan CEO at odds over Bitcoin what do you think the the true Wall Street CEO consensus Is well I think there actually is a Consensus on Wall Street that Bitcoin is A global macro asset that is here to Stay and people should allocate at least A small percentage of their portfolio to It I think the spot Bitcoin ETF approval Was just a massive legitimizing moment For this industry and and the fact that Some of these Wall Street firms and Major CEOs have done quite a turnaround On uh Bitcoin is really it's really Encouraging now Jamie Diamond of course

Bitcoin sort of a it provides a Competition to his business model I Don't fully believe what he's saying um Because if you obviously look at the ETF Issuers JP Morgan Chase is is one of the Authorized participants in one of those Issuers so I think they've got some skin In the game uh I heard somewhere that Actually Jamie D Diamond's daughter is a Bitcoiner and holds Bitcoin so you know Watch what they do not what they say I'd Be curious to see how this evolves over The next couple of years the one thing That I think we're we can be sure of is That they want to maintain control as Much as possible these retail banks have Become more powerful than ever they are Too big to fail they work very closely With the government no one knows who Wears the pants in that marriage as Saaden moose has said um and so they're Going to try to gain the most control That they can over people's finances and So I think they're going to have a lot Of involvement in the upcoming cbdcs and They're also going to want to be Involved as much as possible within Bitcoin to know where people are Spending the money where how it's going In and out of the network um in the on And off ramps and I I ultimately you Know I don't trust people in power and I Don't think we should ever put them on a Pedestal we shouldn't necessarily assume

The worst but I think that Jamie Diamond Will eventually have to get on the on The pro Bitcoin train because otherwise Uh it's going to leave Chase Bank in the Dust and speaking of putting them on the Pedestal I've noticed that your career Is quite abundant with what you've done For producing and everything from Mainstream media now launching your own Bitcoin very Pro Bitcoin podcast you're An associate producer here for CNN and Obviously you've been an investigative Of journalists for years do you see a Narrative and Trend and shifting with The mainstream media that is putting These people on a pedestal and saying we Need to ban these digital currencies we Need to remove these assets these are Bad for the environment they're money Laundering indexes are we going to start Seeing mainstream media really start Changing that curve as we've seen asset Managers start now producing ads through Google and actually advertising to a Retail audience do you see that Happening or is this why you left Mainstream media in the first Place uh there there's a lot of layers With that answer first of all I do think The mainstream media narrative is Changing and more and more journalists Producers anchors reporters are learning About Bitcoin and covering it in a Thoughtful and responsible way we've

Still got a ways to go um but I one of The reasons that I left my mainstream Media journalism career is I did feel Like it was becoming overly politicized And that we were moving from overall uh Be being watchdogs for the government to Being almost lap dogs in some cases I Felt like at some networks it was all About access to political figures uh as Opposed to really holding them Accountable and holding their feet to The fire and and I saw more bias emerge Within news and different networks and Channels and um platforms and so this is What I think the power of the Decentralization of media is because you Saw a lot of independent creators like Myself emerge uh so that there is more Information out there and there isn't Just one or maybe a small group of five Gatekeepers that decide what is fact and And what is not so I actually think that This is really empowering I think the General shift is going to be towards More decentralization and that'll be in The financial system with Bitcoin That'll be in media with content Creation that'll be in food hopefully With a return to more um like local Farming and ranching where people can Actually know and feel and touch where Their Foods actually coming from as Opposed to the mass corporations that we See so my hope is actually that we're

Going to uh we're going to move to a Place where the individual has more Empowerment and sovereignty and Bitcoin Is one of the most important Tools in That movement well I for one personally A fan when I go to the grocery store and My food is you know injected with weird Dyes and filled with water you know so That that's just my two cents there uh I I want to ask you about the media Coverage and how are they going to marry You know cbdcs in this context you know Crypto is a great thing but Bitcoin well In that context it's a terrible thing Especially with the having only a couple Months away or a few months away so We're going to see increased media Coverage of Bitcoin how do they Correlate those two distinctive Narratives well I think most journalists Probably don't fully understand what the Having is um but I I think that with the Cbdcs I I'm I'm not overly concerned About them for two reasons number one we Do have Bitcoin we have this other Option and number two I think that the Roll out will be slow and unless Something really drastic and dist St Opian happens within the US I don't see Us going down the path of like a social Credit score system like in China where You essentially could get punished for What you're spending money on I mean I Envision a future that is very different

And so I don't want to spend my time Believing that we're just going into This very negative uh you know lack of Freedom and everything with your Finances being controlled and governed By the powers that be I I think that America is is better than that and going To fight for our freedoms that is the Risk though is cbdcs that people do talk About it's this idea that you're going To have programmatic money that is Ultimately controlled by the government They know when you spend they know how You spend and if they decide that they Want to maybe have your money expire by A certain date so that you spend it and Stimulate the economy or maybe there are Certain places that are more favorable They can pick winners or losers you know There's there's a whole spectrum of Where these cbdcs could fall and how Much Financial Freedom or slavery you'll Um you'll be placed under so I uh I'm Hopeful I really am because I think There are a lot of freedom fighters in This country who will make sure that They have people in office who Understand how important it is to make Sure that people have the freedom that They need um but obviously we do have Challenges ahead so people need to be as Aware and keep their eyes open so that They don't Sleepwalk into total Financial control well Natalie I want to

Thank you for coming on today you have One of the best podcast and shows I've Seen on YouTube If you guys don't know In the chat where can they find you I Mean some of the interviews you have Absolutely blown me out of the water I Think the latest one I just watched was With Whitney Webb another investigative Journalist and you just get so much Information and knowledge out of your Sources what are you doing next where Can they find you and what do you just Have to say to the Audience well thank you so much I'm Super grateful I've been growing um During this bare market and I post two Episodes per week one is more of a news Driven show about 10 minutes long so Very very quick for your drive or walk And uh the second is a long form Interview and we touch on everything From Bitcoin to geopolitics to what's Happening in global macro so it's called Coin stories you can check it out on YouTube Every audio platform Rumble as Well as X I'm very active on X ATN Brunell as my handle and just thank you So much I'm I'm really focused on Helping um educate the general audience About Bitcoin so that they're well Informed to make the right decision for Their lives all right great stuff there And we're going to have links for all These talks down below so check out her

Content uh you know check out all the Episodes she's putting on X especially Might be the last FAS in a free speech Who knows as we get closer to the bull Run and more attention is on this asset Class uh Nat Brunell uh thank you very Much for joining [Music] Us [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] N [Music] [Music] A [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] A [Music]