The Markets are due to CRASH here according to this historic data. #recession #sp500

🔴Video Title: Data Shows This is When The Markets Crash.
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10e cycle in terms of the market Movement for that particular year the Year ending in four we have that extra Bit of knowledge with the real estate Cycle which happens every 18 to 20 years So years ending in four are going to be Slightly different depending on which Half of the real estate cycle we are in The Years ending in four are pretty much Up years you can see towards the end of The year is really where things start to Pick up and things can be a little bit Turbulent in the first half of the year But doesn't seem that bad so far as the Market has been heading straight up Since January so on to years ending in Five a pretty significant bull run which Basically culminates somewhere between 2026 2027 is where we do get this pretty Significant bare Market it's probable That we are going to see pretty Significant runs up and then followed by Significant Corrections probably a crash In this case because of how far things Have run Up