The Next 50x Altcoin – Ethereum’s SECRET Weapon!

Listen, I don’t care about your project…I don’t care if you process a million transactions per second…I don’t care if your consensus mechanism was created in the center of the sun. What matters is if people care. Do people actually care? Social metrics are often overlooked and lately I’ve had my eye on a certain project and it’s tough to not be…Optimistic. Let’s get it!

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0:00 Intro
0:47 Andreesen Horowitz
2:06 Coinbase
3:50 Tokenomics
5:07 Arbitrum, Polygon, & Optimism
6:48 Coinbase Wallet
7:50 Conclusion

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The world of optimism just went to a Whole different level that's right we've Been telling you guys that optimism is Going to be a big competitor to polygon In this next Bull Run and now we've got Even more reasons to be optimistic might Even catch it why well let's just say a New partnership might give it just what It needs to get to the next level let's Get it Welcome to bitboy crypto my name is Ben This is my channel believe it or not and Right now we are looking at optimism Here on lunar Crush just quick look at The chart here you can see some sideways Action uh we're coming in at 2.48 cents Right now plus 161 percent I guess that is over I think About the last year somewhere around There but it is done absolutely Phenomenal now let's take a look at why Some of this is well here we go we got Andresen Horowitz I don't know if you Guys have heard of injuries and Horowitz Or the famous A16z funding round of course remember on Joe Rogan coffee couldn't remember the Name of it but the point is Andrews and Horowitz is a big player in the game of VCS and hedge funds as well so let's Take a look at this ottomanism has been On a hiring spree and plays the expedite Its mainnet launch after securing Backing from injuries and Horowitz of

Course if you go and look at this date Here this date was February 25th 2021 so Quite a while ago and Andrew's in Horowitz which manages a portfolio with Roughly 16.6 billion dollars announced Today's leading optimism's 25 million Dollar series a investment round on February 24th to achieve lower fees Lower latency and greater throughput Compared to transactioning on ethereum's Layer 1 mainnet autism uses Roll-Ups to Monitor transactions together use of our Contracts on an ethereum sidechain Before broadcasting them to the main net But here's what you need to know Anything that Andrew is in Horowitz and Specifically Mark Andreessen whatever They touch pretty much turns to Gold They don't have a lot of misses a lot of Losses in the world of investing in Crypto they've got a lot of wins and you Can see from now back on February 25th 2021 They picked a winner big time now we Also have coinbase they're picking a Winner here picking a winner here with Uh optimism coinbase lunches layer 2 Blockchain base to provide on-ramp for Ethereum Solana and others bass is built On optimism February 23rd 2023 just Announced you guys probably heard about This big news made a bunch of waves Crypto exchange coinbase launch base a Layer 2 Network built using autism's op

Stack to track millions of new crypto Users in the coming years Tesla of Base Was started by coinbase on Thursday Coinbase is joining automism as a core Developer on the open source op stack Base will not be limited to ethereum it Will also provide easy and secure access To layer 2 networks such as autism as Well as other blockchains ecosystems Like Solana coinbase has no plans to Issue a new network token now this is Big right because if coinbase were Potentially launching their own token Then this may take away from some of the Prospects of optimism itself now what Happened when coinbase announced this Well of course price go up coinbase Shares up six percent since unveiling Layer 2 ethereum Network base look at Brian Armstrong look at that I'd like to Draw some hair on him so basically what Happens is coinbase now is this Partnership with autism the entire Optimism of ecosystem pumps big surprise Tokens of optimism ecosystems surge as Coinbase unveils its layer 2 base Velo The native token of the optimism based Decentralized exchange velodrome Finances gained 21 in the past 24 hours Automation's native lending protocol Soon finances sewn token has jumped 82 Percent taking it seven day rallied over 300 percent and there were more opx uh Fail hnd ring and pickle everybody loves

To tickle the pickle we have the Tokenomics here now this is a pretty Cool chart here looking at optimism Um this is from olympio core Contributors to the team seed investors Ego system fund shows really where all The tokens are uh spread out here are The token allocations for optimism uh Retroactive public goods funding 20 Percent Sugars at ease Sugar daddies Seventeen percent core contributors 19 Use our airdrops 19 in the ecosystem Fund 25 so this is a little bit about The token allocation uh it doesn't seem To be out of balance anywhere uh in my Opinion so let's talk about how it's Governed How is it going to be governed the Optimism Collective takes an Experimental and agile approach to Governance you have two houses you have The token house you have the citizens House it's token house members op Holders are responsible for submitting Deliberating and voting on various types Of governance proposals carrying out These functions op holders May either Vote directly Or delegate their op power to an Eligible third party they have a Citizen's house since I was a large kill Experiment and non-plutocratic

Governance retroactive funding of public Goods it's responsible for retroactive Public goods funding if you come back Over here uh you guys see that is part Of this 20 here so the citizens house Will be over this now let's talk about The three big competitors here this is Really the nuclear arms race of Layer 2 on ethereum we have polygon of Course everybody knows polygons shirt Right there everybody loves polygon we Made a lot of money with polygon in the Last Bull Run we have autism which we've Been going over here uh pretty Extensively and you also have arbitrum Which just launched the nudes of its Airdrop that will be coming pretty soon So expect arbitrum to really step up to The plate here soon but which one is Going to prevail Polygon is the most active network but Optimism it's catching up and I'll give You my big prediction here my big Prediction is I believe polygon will Remain number one in this bull run for Layer Two however I believe optimism Will be the biggest mover the optimism Is going to make up a lot of ground Against polygon in the next two years in Terms of e-transactions optimism polygon Are showing a clear upward Trend over The last six months is October of 2022. Here are the daily transactions by Chain You guys can see how much further ahead

Polygon is than everybody else you guys Can see here objects have made a pretty Sharp upward Trend Um and of course arbitrum is trading Upwards as well man we're going to Really have to see what happens with Arbitrum over the next couple of weeks As uh you know people are starting to Get really excited about it automatism Is seeing exponential growth in Daily Transactions under this a heading from Just under 400 000 October they've grown To almost 1.5 million there's an Indicator that all coin trading is on The rise here Arboretum is in a secluded Third place in this regard so that's Right you can't see here obviously we do Have optimism way above arbitrary but That could change pretty soon then we Have this coinbase launches wallet as a Service and this is key service Insurance and sub-custody keys are safe Even if the user's device is compromised Even an end loser uses access to their Device the other web3 wallet is still Safe and can be securely stored firms Can tap coinbases while as a service or To offer their user wallets directly in Their apps with onboarding and simple as A username and a password now why is This big well we're looking for how can Optimism potentially pass polygon what Is the route well when you have coinbase Saying they're already going to be

Working with optimism now saying they Have a wallet as a service coming out That anybody can use Guess what it's probably going to run on I mean we could be speculating here but Most likely this is going to be ran on Optimism it's going to be absolutely Huge for the number of transactions as You can imagine coinbase is Far and Away The number one Exchange in America and One of the safest and most trusted names In crypto to be honest with you so the Closure options will give you tied to That probably the more credibility it's Going to have let me know what you guys Think do you like optimism do you like Polygon do you think arbitrum is going To come out of nowhere pass them both Draw those comments down below oh God be Blessed good boy out [Music] Thank you [Music]

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