The Sandbox Cross-Platform + Cross-Chain Roadmap🔥CEO INTERVIEW

On this episode, we’re taking a look at the crypto-titan metaverse ‘The Sandbox” and it’s 2024 roadmap to bring NFT ownership and creator tools to the masses.

Guest: Sébastien Borget – Co-founder and COO The Sandbox
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00:00 intro
00:16 The Sandbox One Year Later
01:54 Creator Rewards
03:50 Palworld Multi-Platform Release
04:34 Sandbox Pokemon Tools
06:40 Minecraft NFT Ban
07:06 2024 Roadmap
08:46 Mobile Release
09:15 Apple Vision Pro & VR
10:52 Xbox Launch
12:18 Global Team
14:24 Cross-Chain Interoperability
17:11 A.I. Game Maker Tools
19:32 Brand Partnerships
21:47 outro

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~The Sandbox Cross-Platform + Cross-Chain Roadmap🔥CEO INTERVIEW~
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This has been a big week in crypto and Today we're going to be diving into a Project that has been in crypto for a Long time probably one of the ogs you Guys are going to love it uh my name is B bar and welcome back in Tech path Joining me today is Sebastian Borg who Is the co-founder and coo over as smox Great to have you Sebastian it's a pleasure to be back hi Paul hi everyone it's good uh it's good To see well you know I think when we get A chance to talk to Founders who's been In the space this long and have seen you Know a few bull runs you've seen the Cycle of web 3 kind of get birthed and You know really A lot happened I think That many people may not be fully aware Of that are brand new to crypto give us Uh kind of a rundown currently on Sandbox and its growth how many active Players are you guys currently Sporting right so sandbox we've been one Of the Pioneers in the space face of Like providing a decentralized virtual World where anyone can become a Creator Publish an experience on the map truly Own their creation thanks to the use of Blockchain Technology we're still in Alpha stage and we've made a lot of Progress this past year in 2053 finally Like any of our 27,000 land owners can Publish an experience on the map and in Just in a matter of three months we have

Close to 700 experiences that are live And played made by uh crators we have uh On a monthly basis between 50,000 and 100,000 active users who are either Creating because creating is playing on The sbox building the open maners is Part of the game or exploring the Various experiences and content that you Can see on this map that also from one Of the 400 top brands that we unboarded In the field of music culture Entertainment fashion Sports and More Talk to me a little bit about uh how Many creators right now are building on Game maker So it's really exciting like we really Focus on like being crator first we've Updated our game maker recently with a Major release that add more multiplayer More fun many more gam playay possible And we're seeing a rising number of Crators who are using and participating We just recently open the Builder Challenge that's going to distribute Over the next 10 weeks 1 million Cent as Reward for The credor Who publish and Onboard new users to the platform and on A daily basis we have tens of thousand Of Creator who are using the software For more than two hours a day creating Those new form of experience that Leverage like social interaction that Leverage like content that you don't Find on other platform like both on the

Narrative side but also on utilizing the Official nfts from those brand and IP That we bring this is also being driven By the game jams that we introduce so When you join uh when you arrive on the Sandbox website you can find those um Game video game competition where you Create and you can earn rewards and you Can create games for your most favorite IPS like The Walking Dead care birs Etc So we call it Bild to earn and I think It's an essential concept like you're Learning skills you're creating Experience you're contributing to build This finite World which we were showing The map before 166 164 lands and this is A social project that we're doing Together and that's I think something Really new where combining IPS combining User content and recreating a world Together is something that is really Fresh think about what Minecraft users Were doing with when they were building As on the Washington library there is Kind of this feeling of creating an open World together in sunbox as well I want To go over to a clip real quick let me Play this for you it's talking about the Success of power world listen in you Know power world was able to launch the They were game preview they launched in Game Pass they also simultaneously Launched in Steam and through the Combination of those things you know

Pocket pair was able to have this Outsized success and it was the largest Thirdparty Game Pass launch ever and That's all because we give creators Options on how they can launch their Games we've got subscription we've got Retail we've got freeo playay we've got Gra preview we have the consoles we have Our experience on PC and they can access All of those things we know it's working But being able to to be able to get this Launch uh simultaneously on various Platforms I think is a big key thing I Was also looking at this tweet right Here new idea for game maker tutorial Exploring the ability to hire your own Crypto crew can follow and protect you Kind of uh very thematic around Pokemon In reality but but very creative when You look at things like that and you Wonder around the success of where Sandbox could go seeing what we've seen Now by a very small Studio that has been Able to do this what do you make of this Do you feel like this is going to really Start to forge a new Trail I I do think So I think the future of gaming is Toward like user generated content like There's no doubt about it and like there Is no limit toward like the the Creativity and the power of imagination Of the crowd and we're living in a space Where like like gaming is still we we're Still far from the Golden Age of gaming

Like there roughly two to three billion Gamers I think like there's a potential To have like six billion gamer everyone Can become a gamer but the kind of Experience and game that we want to play It's still to be invented is going to be At the cross crossing of uh like Different gameplay Pokemon but then you Add FPS you add like mounting on Creature and you allow people to make Their own vehicles or own mounts Etc and That's become an exciting concept that Brings people together and it goes back To this idea again like the fun part is About creating is about imagining your Own game experience is really what and Sharing that with others that's the core And the beauty of it and that's why our Strategy at s book is still once again This year to focus on the Creator first The success of the Creator giving them a Lot of freedom about what they can do With the game maker encouraging them you Are showing geeki on screen he's one of The top streamers that are sharing Tutorials on almost a daily basis with The community to inspire them this is What is going to drive it like you don't Know yet what successful but I'm Confident that sunbox within the next One or two years will have a successful Title on the platform and you will come From the community of Traders well I mean you look at the

Success of Minecraft you know obviously They haven't uh really gone the Direction of nfts most likely it's we're Going to see a band coming at it I don't Know if they'll shift the cycle but this Is going to open up an opportunity I Feel like for sandbox in the sense of to Your point of creators really um Generating I think just a a different Viewpoint of how games are going to be Done in the future when you look at that And you think about all right let's uh Let's go into whether it's mobile Whether we go into consoles what does The road map look look like for you guys Well like we're going to focus still Like on improving the sandbox on desktop First and I think this year like we'll Move from an alpha version to a beta With a lot of major product update Adding more rle system faster loading a Better onboarding for all users so like The brands I join they can like onboard Their fans and Their audience even Faster a lot of uh mechanism that touch Toward the meta gameplay allowing like Achievement uh battle pass and uh Crators even to make their own season System the marketplace has open so Crators can mint any content but we also Push for like um lazy min seeing a System that doesn't require even like a Blockchain transaction until there's a Purchase uh will will push forward like

Making your own collection of content All in the support of the Creator and How they could also like monetize at Some point the content they publish on The platform here we're seeing as well Like how sand box is at the Crossing of Culture so the fact that you can find uh Like digital fashion pushing for Self-expression through our digital Identity and avatars and those Collection with Brands since we've C With seven 17 Brands already and we'll Have probably 20 more this year that Launch Avatar collection those are Things that will keep increasing our Immersion the way we express ourself the Way we connect with other and we play And earn or build and earn in the Metaverse mobile will most likely come By next year we think 2025 will be uh Like the public launch of sandbox with a Mobile version with um like an even Greater user experience and uh exciting Content made by those creator that will Start to kick uh the masses into the the Metaverse well there you have it I I Think a lot of people have been looking At mobile do we get there first before Maybe an opportunity with console uh Recently I was testing the Apple Vision Pro as well we were talking about Platform I think XR holds very Interesting promise as well but not not In the immediate shortterm future um

Probably as well 5 to 10 years until the Technology mature becomes like more Deployed across devices and different Region of the world but the fact that we Can live and have into our reality which Is Blended between the physical reality And the virtual reality inside the Headsets at a resolution where like the The 3D object and the the media file That you're watching through the Apple Vision is so detailed you don't see any Pixel it feels like like it's just part Of of your surrounding environment like All your digital content yes that's me Testing it and I'm really excited to see Like now I can play my with my digital Asset I can explore into a sbook Experience and all sort of game and I Feel like is just surrounding me and Part of my daily life and at that point Digital world or physical world will Just be part of our day-to-day world Where we we we we interact I think you Know from an AR from an arvr standpoint You're right I I think that there are First of all this is really the first Year of really seeing uh a competitive Marketplace with what we've seen with Meta obviously apple with their Vision Pro now I think we'll start to see some Real leaps forward in Innovation just Because of the competition side of Things speaking of that you've got to Think about the console side of things

You look at what's happening with Off The Grid Godzilla uh games which has Started to launch this is most likely Going to be could be the most played web 3 game maybe even a huge hit for uh for Off the Grid and the gonzilla team how Long before sandbox could leap onto Consoles on Xbox specifically at the end Of the day we still I still think like Sunbox is kind of a startup we're not That big of a team so we're uh we're Interesting interested into the long Term of like how it could be accessible To more platform but we haven't yet uh Had the chance to look further at the Console side so like we'll start with PC We'll go back to Our Roots mobiles and Afterwards I think like it would be a Good timing to explore whether we we Push further toward XR or we go more Toward traditional console side well That'll be the that'll be the question I Mean timing if if you you know if you Wait too long you know the the console Side of it could really become headset Orientated uh whether it is X rvr you Know on on that that I was looking at This tweet from you uh SX franchise Originally started as a mobile game back In 2011 so uh you were kind of showing Some some things there in terms of the Progress around that you're saying 25 though for mobile and it could be Even longer for something like a console

Uh entry for Xbox how you mentioned team Size how big is the team right now so The team right now is uh roughly a Little bit over 400 people across 12 Different countes and plus a few like Remote people what's interesting and one Of the strengths of sandbox is really Like our Global culture I think I don't Know if many people realize but at the Core sunbox is part of like the animal Ceran group we're on Kong based company And Asia plays a very important role for Us not only because like originally That's where like the investors of Sandbox are with qu Enix from Japan true Global Venture hash from Korea or Animoca BR from come but because Asia Over the last 12 months has really been Leading the charge in term of like Adoption of the metav verus in term of Brands in term of creators in term of Land owners and sand holders which are Like all the different audiences that Could overlap of the sandbox and here We're showing like actually this is a Game that one of our creator tweeted This morning and I just retweeted Because I found like look every morning I connect to social media I can see the Creativity uh and like the different Creators who are using our game makers They are pushing for new game playay Types so I'm very confident it will Emerge but the creators the top creators

Might not emerge from the traditional Market that we've seen before like us or Europe we do have teams on the ground in India in Vietnam in Thailand as well as Turkey and maybe these are like where The next big uh heat makers will be from And we hope to support that new wave of Creators who were not making video games Before and that's been inspired by the Sandbox and our no code game maker to to Really push to our them to Success well I think you're right the The markets that we're finding already I Mean we see it just in our own Viewership of our of our channel it's It's a very Global uh orientation around Web 3 gaming topics so uh it's good to See that you guys continue to go in that Direction what about um the cross chain As ECT whether it's on salana Avalanche Ronin you know there's some great Opportunities here we've already started To see some movement in this space where Are you guys on Cross Chain so uh first of all like sandbox Now is fully on polygon so we finalize Like moving all the different kind of Assets which means like avatars have Been minted directly on polygon since The beginning of the year all lands are On polygon and any content made by the Creditor on the marketplace is is also On polygon since the end of last year And that means like we've achieved like

A transition and we can support now a Lot of like evm based uh blockchain in The future for more Interoperability um we've done also Quite interesting Bridges or or not Techically Bridges but more like Interoperable interaction with other Chains um one of the Avatar collection That we Bridge among the 50 is uh Project called clay mates and it's Actually one of the top nft community on Cardano blockchain so working with their Team we're able to bring the ownership Of one of those nft from cardano Blockchain toward polygon allowing the Owner to have a token that they can use To play in sandbox reflecting that Ownership it's quite exciting because That opens the door to one like more Blockchain ecosystem could be avalan Solana size s Etc and indeed cross chain Could be like um a solution on the the The back end that like allows users to Not have to think through which Blockchain they are and still allow them To to play uh across different games and Services contributing to more like Um Discovery distribution of audiences Within all those different blockchain Ecos system that right now are still If you think about it they are still Fragmented like Solana and all the Project across the Sol ecosystem don't Really overlap with the eum based

Ecosystem but cross chain could be a Solution to now like audience grow and Benefit the whole web free as a whole Yeah well I think this that's one of the Obviously one of the big trends that I Think we will see the successful Projects and games really uh you know Benefit from especially when you look at What's happening with Avalanche their Gaming e ecosystem has grown a lot here Recently and then you also just look at The salana ecosystem which seems to be Growing even though not maybe not quite As fast more micro games a lot of d-pen Projects that are kind of going in that Direction um I want to talk about AI Last up for you in terms of AI for game Generation tools there's a lot of Function and use case that we're seeing That but when you look at a Creator Economy and a builder economy AI tools May be a big feature is this something That's coming our way within Sandbox I I definely believe AI is a Technology that can like Empower even More the creators and make content Creation more accessible like we can see Just from text promp or painting like Here like now anyone can become a Creator and that means like instead of Maybe a few hundred million of people We're touching like billion of people Can just write and type or Draw like This it's really exciting and so far at

Sandbox again like we see ourself more As a startup we don't have like internal Team working on AI itself but we partner With leading company in the space layer AI kinetics ggwp and that allow us to Text and experiment very fast like 2D And 3D content generation for avatars Game asset in 3D in voxo Land generation as well or even in the Future like hopefully creating game Rules and and game system to Add more fun and different kind of logic And game plays we're already using AI For in-game moderation reducing like Toxicity within the conversation among Players so they can have like a safer And more enjoyable experience we're also Using AI to capture uh human body Movement from just smartphone video Streams and that allow us to make like Avatar's body movement much more Expressive reinforcing the human touch That we can bring toward character so That's me that's my digital twin in the Metaverse so people can recognize me but When we launch new Avatar collection Some of them comes from like music Artists dance and we apply that Technology to their dance move so it Becomes more fluid and people can enjoy Like expressing themselves with these Emotes last question I have for you as Partners uh any major partnership that Brought the most players I'm kind of

Curious on trends of how Partnerships Are applying within Sandbox we you know it's in the Beginning we made we partnered with Major Brands such as Snoop Dog Stevey The Walking Dead Ubisoft Etc and um Defin is Snoop Dog has been the leading Ambassadors and brought a lot of Audiences back in 2020 into the sandbox We can see here the doggies the Collection of 10,000 unique avatars each One being an nft and since then we've Launched 19 other Avatar collection with A major brand and IP uh aoria DJ atoni Wu drama from Korea Shin Young Football Character today we announce Maradona the Legendary football player in partnership With We Touch different Vertical and those are helping to bring New users into the metaverse and that Also shaping the metaverse as something Really unique it's a place which is very Inclusive and diverse almost like a Modern film park where you meet all Those different characters who can be Male female non-binary or even nonhuman And it's exciting when you see a little Rabbit character running within a Walking Dead world or a Smurf that inter Interact with I don't know Paris Hilton For example or Gordon Ramsey from El's Kitchen or Elvis Presley as well it Gives more and more freedom toward like How we can choose who we want to be how

We interact which Community we are part From and we can use those content to Also be more creative and Inspire and There will be exciting um partnership Coming along this year with really major Major IPS okay here we're iing Minecraft Video you can see like like the Inspiration of like various contents It's quite fun I think this around like Movies I will find something similar in Sandbox as well there you go well that's The key is uh is really kind of you know Bridging the Gap I think for web 3 and The future of gaming for sure Sebastian It's always fun having you on the show Thank you so much for the Deep dive on Where sandbox is today we appreciate It thank you Paul and see you all in the Mid All right take care all right you guys Are tuned in maybe over on the podcast Side of things jump over here to the YouTube channel because you're going to Get a a visual display of what we're Talking about especially in these web 3 Game projects it's very important that You see this because it's um I think Gives you a much more depth in Understanding the capacity and the Opportunity here so make sure and tune In to the YouTube channel subscribe Right now hit that little like button it Does help other people find the videos That I think are going to get a lot of

People educated on the future of web 3 If you're not following me on X it's Very simple at Paul bar catch you next Time right here on Techb

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