These Altcoins will EXPLODE💥 (Top 3 New Trends)

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These three cryptos are about to explode Like an Icelandic volcano it's time to Discover Crypto today we're going to be jumping Into the top three altcoin ecosystems That are set to pump in 2024 the first One I've got for you guys is osmosis Founded by Josh Lee and sunny in 2021 Osmosis is a proof of stake blockchain As well as a decentralized exchanged and Automated Market maker that all lives in The cosmos ecosystem so I'll give you a Quick rundown on Cosmos before we jump In perhaps one of the most Innovative Ecosystems out there Cosmos describes Itself as the internet of blockchains Which means that it's a decentralized Network of independent parallel Blockchains that can scale and Communicate with each other each Blockchain is powered by open- Source Tools like tendermint and the cosmos SDK These tools of course let the developers Build custom secure and scalable Blockchains very quickly without almost Any headaches and osmosis is just one of The cool projects that has been built on The cosmos ecosystem osmosis describes Itself as the largest interchain decks AKA decentralized exchange it's pretty Much the Unis swap on Cosmos what's Really cool about this project is that Osmosis sees the entire world of web 3 As a single playground for development

Making it accessible to anyone no matter Their preferred blockchain whether it's Ethereum or salana osmosis has got you Now with a total locked value of over 200 million 49 million in daily trading Volume and over a th000 interchange Transfers this is a very userfriendly Exchange and it's going to rival all of Our centralized exchanges like coinbase But unlike a coinbase or aex osmosis Users still can use stealth custody and Enjoy onchain access privacy and Trustless transactions meaning no kyc Plus it's got a really cool liquidity Function for its users where you can Place your crypto in these pools and Then you'll get trading fees and newly Minted LP tokens think of it like Dividends for stocks but for crypto the Osmosis automated Market maker utilizes The liquidity pools to price assets and Provide decentralized liquidity for Trades basically when you're trading on Osmosis you're trading with liquidity Pools instead of an orderbook situation That connects individual buyers and Sellers and this is all done with their Native token osmo which used to be only Available on the osmosis platform but Now it's available on tons of exchanges Like coinbase binance kucoin and even Bitmark now at the height of the bll Run Osmo found a high of over $11 currently It's only sitting at about

A160 so if it were to regain alltime Highs that is an easy 10x from here but Keep in mind this token is inflationary Which means more tokens will be added to The supply over time now with the max Supply of 1 billion tokens and only a Little over half of the supply Circulating just make sure you do your Own research and remember this is always Never Financial advice now the next Project is a true Hidden Gem but before I get to that make sure you just take a Minute and smash that subscribe button And turn on those post notifications so You stop missing out on all of this Amazing Alpha and at the end of this Video let me know in the comments which Project you're most excited for okay now Let's hop over to Igan lay this is an Ethereum based protocol that is making Waves with its revolutionary reaking Method I'm going to say that one more Time reaking method now some of you Might have seen all of the hype on Twitter in 2023 Ian Labs the Organization that runs Igan layer was Founded by Canan in 2021 I'm probably Butchering his last name however Unfortunately Igan layer doesn't have a Native token yet but it's very likely That one will be released in the near Future and it could be used for things Like governance or rewards just like we Talked about on osmosis but of course

Differently that's because Igan Labs has Rak in $50 million in a series a funding Round from notable investors like Blockchain capital polychain and even Coinbase now this layer is still really Early in its days so just make sure you Keep an eye on this one cuz this could End up being one of the most hyped Airdrops of 2024 but what is reaking Well similarly to osmosis with something Called super fluid staking on their Platform igen uses the same assets twice Meaning that this project takes Advantage of the over 20% of ethereum That's currently staked into the secure Network it's going to allow the users to Now restake that ethereum that was once Locked up into other projects so yes you Will get a higher yield from this double Dipping method and newer smaller Projects can utilize the security and Stability of ethereum staking and of Course this means users are going to be Able to restake those tokens I mean who Doesn't want to double dip it just means More money for all of us let's say You're staking your ethereum with Something like a Lio Finance you would Receive their token St eth staked eth in Return and receive rewards in that stake Eth as well but now you can stake that Staked eth over on the igen layer Deposit it in their contract and then Just earn even more rewards now

Unfortunately deposits of lsds right now The assets are currently paused at the Time of recording of course this is all Around the speculation that an air drop Very well could be coming in the future But this means you definitely need to Keep an eye on this project the next Project I want to talk about is Aptos And that's because it is quite Interesting it's based on the DM Blockchain that was originally the Brainchild of meta you may remember when DM previously known as Libra and all of The governments made all the US soldiers Mad got super mad at meta for having the Audacity to create its own currency Remember only the Federal Reserve is Allowed to do that well meta of course Stopped its developments in the track on DM and the developers went off to create Their own token called Aptos with their Original goal of just simply creating The scalable fast and secure blockchain That is accessible for new users now Mo And Avery who met at meta went on to Found Aptos lab in 2021 they proceeded To get over 350 million dollar in Funding at the launch of its test net Yeah before its main launch that's Probably because of their Silicon Valley Connections and the fact that of course They worked at meta but Aptos uses a Programming language that was developed For demon called move now move is stored

Globally which makes it more secure than Most programming languages out there but It's also flexible for development just Like osmosis and Cosmos apts use a Byzantine fault tolerant engine now of Course the infamous slogan Salon killer Has started to resurface as Aptos has Speeds of 160,000 transactions per Second while maintaining security now This is because Aptos is quicker due to The function of something called block STM which is a technology that allows Them to process multiple transactions All at the same time and validate them After the execution now of course Aptos Off the bat is going to seem a lot more Reliable than salana primarily because Salana breaks down almost once a week However we need to keep in mind that Salana is under way more pressure than Aptos so time will only tell if Aptos Will actually be able to compete with Solana's market cap now another reason Aptos is compared to salana is because Of the way salana orig originated even Though salana has had all of these Network issues and has had a lot more Than just network issues itself with Communities and things like Sam bakman Fraud well Aptos has a growing nft Community you see salana blew up in 2021 Because it was so quick and it was cheap For retailers the nft market just Started sparking a mass adoption

Narrative around their non-fungible Tokens so something really cool with Aptos is going to be their typescript SDK which is a fancy word for saying Faster and better transactions than Salana for example the test net has been Able to Mint millions of nfts in just Under 1 hour now everything on apd's Platform is going to be done with a Token called a that you can of course Get on binance bybit Mexi bitg and even More it launched in 2022 and reached an All-time high of just under $20 in January of last year the price then sunk To about five bucks and then proceeded To double during the fall 2023 pump now Currently it's hovering around $10 with A total supply of a bit of over 1 Billion and a circulating supply of just Under 400,000 which means such a low Circulating Supply May create downward Pressure on the price in the near future But with meta Harden Founders tons of VC Money and impressive testing I think Aptos has some serious potential going On in the height of this bull run but Let me know what you guys think out of Osmosis Igan layer and Aptos which is Your favorite protocol of course leave a Comment below and tell me what you think I'll see you guys at the Top