This Curveball Signal Could CRASH The Markets | Interest Rates | #news #recession

🔴Video Title: This Curveball Signal Could CRASH The Markets | Interest Rates | #news #recession
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If there's one thing we all know it's That markets hate uncertainty and right Now everyone is certain that we will see Interest rate Cuts in 2024 so what if Interest rates don't get cut and they Pause instead well it's probably obvious If they go up that will put a massive Scare into the markets but if they pause This could also be seen as negative for Price action let me explain why if Markets are expecting something to Happen and it doesn't this can be seen As a negative and what could happen is That the price on indices could drop and This could send shock waves through the Markets but this could be a perfect Opportunity to be getting into the Market here's why once the masses figure Out that well life goes on after Interest rate pauses then you possibly Will see the markets go up again as they Did in 2023 now these are all Hypotheticals but the main thing to do Here is to think outside the square and Think what would happen if the masses Don't get what they expect we'll be Covering these Market movements and more On the channel in real time so stay Tuned subscribe down below and I'll see You at the next [Music] Video