This Explosive Move Is Now Flashing Danger Signals for Bitcoin. | Crypto is Vulnerable Here

This Explosive Move Is Now Flashing Danger Signals for Bitcoin. | Crypto is Vulnerable Here

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Over the last four days Bitcoin has Pumped nearly 36 percent this is Stemming from the lows that happened on The weekend after the news of the U.S Banks beginning to collapse was released In this video Let's analyze the Short-term signals which are showing That this explosive move may be coming To an end but this may only be in the Short term so let's dive into that in Today's video just after you hit that Like And subscribe let me know that you Want to see more of this content and You're enjoying the information that I'm Putting out there now huge props to our Trading Community which is smashing the Longs and the shorts making massive Profits while this Market is extremely Volatile our mechanical systems are Hitting the mark and our swing trading Strategies are also receiving plenty of Profits for our Traders so if you want To get involved with that just click the Link in the top of the video description Right here free trading strategies these Are legit strategies that you can use on Any Market crypto stocks as long as you Learn it you you can get the benefits From it now this is in our free Discord Community and the deal is for the next Seven people as we only have seven spots Left get on board with that if you are An experienced Trader and would love to See you over there CPI data came out

Overnight and if you needed an update it Came in at six percent the forecast was Six percent it hit the mark the other Data that came out with CPI month over Month basically dead on to the forecast And if you're wondering what the core CPI was it was point one above the four Cars so this has now led the S P 500 to Potentially have removed some or more of The fear out of the market you guys know That we've been following this as a Potential low in the market for March of 2023 we've been talking about this for Nearly nine to ten months when that First low came in in June expecting the Low of the market for the s p the macro Markets out there to be in or very close To being in we saw the next low come in In October and then December was the Higher low and it looks like we may have Formed the next higher low now I say That with some caution as we haven't yet Pushed a far enough away from these low Levels however there are some pretty Damning evidence here to say that this Is at least a temporary low and Hopefully building into a longer term Low what I'm talking about is the bounce Of 50 3855 points you know that we've been Watching that mentioning that day after Day after day because that essentially Is our 50 level of this full move up From October to that recent peak in

February now back down to the 50 so Basically halfway it's also above the December lows I wasn't as confident of These holding but we're now seeing some More volume come into this Market the Day of Monday was one of those extreme Days everyone was waiting to see what Would happen in the the market after the News of the weekend and so far it closed Up it closed Above the Law the linear Downtrend here you can see the close on The S P 500 this is the Futures chart The Minis that close is above the log Line so I'll zoom out so you can see That in full scope this is from the All-time high connected to the Peaks or The significant Peak here in August and It is just closed above that and now on Tuesday has bounced away from it so we Have a bounce above the 50 we have a Close and a second close now above the Linear down Trend here so this is the Bear market downtrend and we have a Higher volume coming into this Market The extreme Bears or bears in general Have a lot of work cut out for them to Try and push this Market back down to Test any of these lower prices and then Even more work to get further down past The current low of 3 500 points like We've been pointing out for a long time Now this is a potential transitional Period I would say that we're getting Closer to confirming this as a

Transitional period from bear to Bull Once we break past this rejection level Here at 4 200 points when that happens You can bet that you will start to see a Change from the Bears to the Bulls The Narrative will shift the macro bear Narrative will shift to bulls and will Begin to see more excuses from the bets If the government didn't step in if x Didn't happen if yada yada didn't happen Then we would be at lower prices that is Guaranteed I'm giving you that guarantee Of what will happen out there in the News But let's try and stick a little more to The data the facts on the charts be a Little bit more objective again that one Is preparing us emotionally this one is Going to prepare us for the stats and The data on the charts the last thing I Want to point out here with the S P 500 Is going on this extreme volume so if I Zoom out you can see the covid crash Load this is a long way down and it's a Long time ago now we are basically on The anniversary or coming up to the Anniversary of three years since this Low we had a nice low in March of 2020 Big volume bounce out of that low now we Find ourselves in March 2023 check out The volume profile here this is some Pretty extreme volume the only other Days we've seen this extreme from that First crash into January and then we

Have to go all the way back to that Covered crash low now granted there may Be one or two days at a slightly higher As well but these have all formed Relatively good lows in the market pay Attention to that volume profile on the E-mini Futures chart and let's continue To see whether we can maintain these Lower levels over that longer period These are all signs that we're Potentially putting in the low I'm not Saying that this is it we're not out of It just yet it's basically been 24 to 48 Hours but the signs are looking good pay Attention to these rather than the Headlines from macro Bears you came here To find out what's going on with Bitcoin And this explosive move the false Signals coming to an end the US dollar Has been down for the same amount of Days the Bitcoin has been up but it's Done a less of a move to the downside For obvious reasons bigger Market less Movement there but we're coming up to a 50 level here for the US dollar now this Is the short term stuff and I'm Preparing myself and you guys are Listening for what may come over the Next few days because the broader Picture hasn't changed I'm still macro Bullish but I want to try and stick to This data and not give you too many of My own opinions the information here on The chart is that we're coming up to a

50 level at 103.35 this may lead to a bit of a Bounce and if we do get that bounce that May put some more pressure on Commodities and of course Bitcoin may Get thrown in there as well now if we Start to break to the upside and Bitcoin Remains strong it may just hold out Within its own trading range which we'll Get to in a minute so we want to see What happens on the US dollar whether we Do end up breaking through 105 or 106 And whether we test this 107 level Before eventually Falling back down and testing those Lower prices again so that's the short Term stuff which may affect Bitcoin Right now as what we've seen for the Daily close on BTC is a close above the Previous tops now I was posting about This on Twitter and if you want to Follow me over on Twitter go do that Links are in the video description Somewhere halfway down I say that Because I don't want you to get scammed Out there with all of those fake Accounts if you use these ones here you Know you've got the real account I only Have one of those on each of Twitter and Instagram back to BTC and this close has Been relatively weak after a pretty Solid pump to 26 and a half thousand Dollars I would not have believed would Be at twenty six and a half thousand

Dollars two months ago as we started to Break out but here we are the weakness Now in the short term four hour chart You can see that we broke back under the Previous highs and that we've put in a Fairly high volume bar on the on the Four hour and then been swiftly rejected So the short term isn't looking great But that doesn't mean that the macro is About to flip yet we need to see Multiple Triggers on The Daily and then The weekly for this thing to swing back Down right now of course we're only on a Four hour chart so we're only expecting A shorter term move here yeah huge Volume that was the Peak bar and we've Reversed from this point we have our 50 Level 23 000 to the downside so should We start to see some consolidation above These levels then over the coming days We would expect the market to mount Another attempt to try and break back Through that 25 3. within this time so That's the objective look at the market But within this time for the news and The market sentiment and the noise that We hear out there in headlines you'd Expect the Bears to come back and tell Us that the Bulls were wrong this was a Short squeeze you're going to get it That's what I would expect to hear when It comes to how the headlines would Start to play out over the coming hours Or days should we come down to test

Somewhere around the 23k and potentially Lower but for now that's our first level To keep a watch out for we've covered The bearish short-term analysis now Let's look at the longer term analysis For BTC we're on the daily chart here And we've seen a close back we within The previous tops this isn't the Strongest signal that we would want for A close on BTC especially with high Volume and a very low close but we could Hold out at these levels for a matter of Hours or days and if the Bears can't Push it back down and break past these Previous bars that were basically Changing Trends to the upside then we Could rest assure that we're just Mounting another attempt and a higher Low to then attempt breaking through 25k Again bitcoin's done four days to the Upside it hasn't done that since January When it broke out of the accumulation of November and December so this is still a Strong signal that the Bulls are in Control but we need to have a cool off Period after such a solid move of 36 Percent up from that low I've got a Wyckoff video coming up soon this has Been questioned around it being a phase A and a phase B on my schematic I was Looking at this being a phase a b c and Potentially we're in Phase D so there is A little bit of discrepancy among Wyckoff analysts out there so far it

Seems like we're still in the phase D But I'll have a video on that coming up Soon so make sure you are subscribed and Like the content so that it pops up in Your news feed for now though we are Looking at the potential for this to Accumulate consolidate and break to the Upside for the Bulls and for the bears Looking at how the market responds Should we come down to around 23 do we Break lower put in lower highs and then Come back to test lower prices if that Happens we're going to be in these lower Areas for a much longer period of time And maybe that Wyckoff phase B is Actually in play rather than the Possibility of this being phase D where We start to break out and push higher Being prepared on both sides of the Markets is the only way to be getting Into the markets if we're only ever One-sided we're always going to lose so Be prepared for both sides but have your Bias in in your own trading and Analysis So that you can actually take a trade if You're always thinking the Market's Going to be both then you'll never be Able to take a trade this is why we look At the Bitcoin dominance for altcoins as Well now I've had a steady position Where I'm not investing in all coins now Because my position is a lot longer Picture I'm not interested in getting Into all coins just yet but for trading

On the short term with leverage it's Been a beautiful opportunity which is my Segue to shout out our free trading Strategies Link in the top of the video Description as I said there's seven Spots left and our members are making Huge gains over there get involved if You're an experienced Trader and join The community back to the Bitcoin Dominance for all Queen season we would Need to see the dominant start to Capitulate and we may be coming towards The end of that for the short term maybe We'll start to see some altcoins pump Again but not holding my breath just yet Because we're still above the 50 level This is for the Bitcoin dominance with Stable coin included but if we don't Include the stable coins then we see a Much clearer picture to the upside we Can see Bitcoin has put in a low back in May of 2021 which was just a month short Of the all-time high at that time so Basically one of the market tops and we Can see that the lows have been getting Higher on the dominance which means over This period Bitcoin is gaining the uh The dominance back from the altcoins and For a longer term investment maybe over The course of months to years in all Coins this is not what you want to see For your altcoin positions there are Going to be the odd few the outliers Which are out running this Market of the

Bitcoin dominance but this is a bit of a Needle in a haystack with over 20 000 Cryptos to choose from make sure you Continue to follow your charts and have A look at what's happening on the Bitcoin dominance especially while it Continues in this uptrend and that leads Me to ethereum some consider an altcoin I don't think it's an altcoin for much Longer if not has already removed that Status of altcoin it has tested and False broken above its log bear market Downtrend so this happened just over the Last 24 hours breaking to the upside but You can see how close it came to closing Above it basically a few bucks off Closing to the strong side of the bear Market the logarithmic downtrend so this Is yet to be seen whether eth can break Out of that but the positive signs are Strong volume to the push and also Higher lows forming since the June low The November low the FTX collapse Actually came in at a higher low than The June low so this is all looking Positive for ethereum I'm not sure Whether we're going to come back to Break these lows as that volume has been Significantly high so it may in fact be Setting up to be stronger than Bitcoin In this next cycle yet again we know From previous cycles that eth has put in Bigger gains than Bitcoin but it has Also put in bigger losses is when the

Bear Market comes in this bear Market of 2022 was no exception it fell 82 percent To the low in June pretty hard pretty Fast which led many to believe that we May see further downside for ethereum But for now the chart is saying that This Market is prepping for another Strong move to the upside especially as It tests some of the macro bear Market Signals as always I'll continue to Update you here on the channel for the Macro cycles of macroeconomics of the Traditional markets and of course our Djm plays on bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies don't forget you've got Those links in the top of the video Description seven spots remaining I'll See you at the next one and your Question is should I change my shirt for The next video Until Then peace out

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