This is the reason YOU NEED to invest in Crypto Gaming! (BEST COINS & GAMES)

Crypto Gaming is the next BIG THING! What are the top crypto games? What are the top tokens & coins? Should I invest? What do I play?

Crypto Stache, the OG champion of Web3 gaming joins us to discuss the latest trends in the gaming space future predictions.

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0:00 -Is the crypto gaming sector undervalued?
1:22 – Why are you so bullish on crypto gaming?
4:43 – Problems crypto gaming solves!
9:44 – Who is ‘Crypto Stache’?
11:28 – What are the most popular crypto games today?
15:46 – Best crypto game for a casual gamer to play?
17:03 – Top gaming blockchains?
20:24 – 5 year prediction

**Note: My overall opinion is that the name of the game is to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible. Alts are interesting but a lot more speculative. I use them to accumulate more Bitcoin & Ethereum.

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Web3 gaming is one of the most Undervalued verticals in crypto today Agree or disagree 100 agree But it's not just crypto gaming is one Of the largest and most valued verticals In entertainment period It dwarfs movies and sports combined Sir polish on gaming and then also Crypto gaming Oh yeah for sure I mean gaming has only Seen increases of massive percentages Over the last decade and that combined With crypto and what we're doing here in This kind of Cutting Edge the bleeding Edge of you know the next generation of What gaming is going to be I think that That's a winning combination in my in my Book you know it is still early I mean We're still working on things I don't You know I know a lot of people say oh It's early it's early it's early you Know but it's true and with with games You know the development cycle is a long Time we see a lot of iteration very Quickly in the cryptos sector but that's Hard to do harder to do with a game Right you know D5 has iterated very Quickly and you know tokens that you use For actually you know peer-to-peer Transactions all these things have Iterated very quickly but games uh are Not as quickly you know iterating Because of just the nature of game Development

I know a lot of Gamers at least publicly Have some critiques with crypto gaming So why be so bullish on crypto and Gaming coming together specifically I mean I think the first thing is uh Just knowledge they just don't really Understand it I think that you know There's a lot of service level Information out there and they're and They're not inclined to actually go and Search past that that's the first Barrier right there is is and that's not Just Gamers that's pretty much everybody Does anybody know how their flat screen TV works No one cares I don't right no no I know Yeah me neither really uh you know you It's just technology that was better Than the old CRTs right and so we use it And it's been it just is a better Quality uh in the very you know in the Very basic form Nfts and blockchain Technology are Working the exact same way right so There are benefits there but you know I Think that without you know someone Really like doing a little bit of Research to see where we're at right now Because it's not fully fledged right It's it's like if we were talking about LED TVs before they actually were like Full in like Mass manufacturing or mass Production So I think it's a little bit hard for

People to kind of wrap their head around It but you know they they know that There's a problem Uh we just saw just recently just a Couple days ago where uh Call of Duty Decided that they were going to Discontinue war zone one Leaving all of the skins and items that People had purchased on Warzone one Out of nowhere there's nothing so you Spent money there and those things are Gone they can't they can't be you know Ported over to the next version you Can't sell them to anybody you can't do Anything with them and that's a problem That is is easily fixed you know nfts Can easily fix think about having nfts That you buy that could be used on every FIFA right every time you play FIFA like All the new season came out oh I gotta Re-buy all these I gotta rebuy all these These players all my favorite player Gonna buy them again every single year Well if they were nfts they could easily Just be ported over uh and and then also Traded back and forth too which would be Really great Uh but in addition to that you know you Also have authenticity of items as well So when you talk about actually being Able to trade items which some games do Allow you to do But there's also a big big black market Of duped items or Faked items items that

Have been essentially you know they've Hacked the code or hacked the game in Some sort of way to create these items Which people are paying for you know or Maybe having to earn in the game and Then selling them and they're fake and That hurts a game and the economy as Well and nfts and blockchain Technology Can help with those things too now they Just they don't need to be even called Nfts or blockchain technology you know We don't we don't talk about games being Like oh did you guys hear about the Latest unity game have you heard about The latest ue5 game I mean we know that These things are technologies that help Power these games But we don't talk about them like that We don't need to talk about nfts like That in gaming either I think that's Where a lot of people kind of uh you Know mistake that it's technology that Is going to make this industry or or the Experience just you know maybe 20 better That's a pretty good Improvement just Like flat screen TVs made the viewing Experience about 20 better I like that Let's uh expand on the problems that Crypto in gaming can address so you Would identify one one problem the Call Of Duty problem it's a problem that Vitalik had when he you know was Thinking up ethereum that his character

And World of Warcraft got nerfed the the Powers and stuff got lesser and he was Like oh I worked so hard and they just Did that internally so that's the Problem you brought up no governance Right I mean like that's the thing that We you know is another part of kind of What we're doing here in crypto in General is you see governance being a Big part of many models I think that's Important too so Community governance You're talking about I think governance in some sort of way Uh you know I think now right what we See in crypto is governance through like Holding of items right like oh you have A bunch of tokens then you get a go you Know but I think that when it comes to Gaming it can very much well be oh well You have 1 000 hours in this game that Allows you to have some sort of opinion On the direction of where things are Going You know not I'm not saying full control The ship here that's just ridiculous and That would just stifle you know a Company and their ability to do things But I think right now you know gamers Are getting the short end of the stick In a lot of ways uh I I don't know man If you remember but uh you know it used To be able to buy games and then you Could take them back to like a Game Stop And be like hey you know I I bought this

Uh the latest Mario played it for about Six months beat it a couple times had Fun I wanna I wanna sell it back so I Can buy another game and that was a that Was a big part of Gaming And now that's gone you know you buy a Game on Steam You can't resell it you can't resell it But if if they were nfts the actual game Itself was an nft Then you could easily and I think that's A great use case for nmts and gaming too And there's some companies out there That are doing that right now so there's A lot I mean the benefits are are Plentiful it's just you know the Narrative has been skewed And so just to list some of the benefits You just named uh governance a more Distributed governance uh you mentioned Authenticity you mentioned longevity With your first example Call of Duty Anything else you want to say with with As far as the benefit goes no I mean I Think those are those are some pretty I Mean there's other ones too you know There's other ones when you talk about While the next one we could really talk About is anti-cheat and identity right So we talk about decentralized Identities dids these are something that Aren't aren't you know not even crypto Native the did is something that the Wwc3 has been working on for a long time

A digital identity now it being crypto Powered or blockchain powered is Actually makes a ton of sense because Now that information is on an immutable List Ledger but it can be combined with Newer technology like ZK snarks right or ZK technology ZK ropes zero knowledge Proofs essentially where uh you you know Information can be quarried in a way Where the information is stored Immutably but is not actually given over To the company but is is hey yeah okay Yeah we're giving you a zero knowledge Proof of that that person is that person They are 21 they can purchase that beard Or they are they are who they say they Are they didn't cheat and or they did It's connected to their digital identity So nfts and blockchain Technology can Help with that too there's I mean There's so many ways then well here's The way you want to know I'll keep going All day long how many times have you Jumped into a game only to find out that Your username has been taken Now what if what if usernames were nfts That could be easily traded across Different platforms and then every game You went into was using a blockchain Based uh digital identity system Where it it used those nfts and and so That way you actually had a unique Identifier across every platform and Every game

Now you know there may be some people That want to fight over some of those Things you know but in general it could Go to the highest bidder a lot of times And that would be that would solve a lot Of those problems So there there are definitely a lot of Solutions that blockchain and nfts solve In gaming it just comes down to you know Understanding what they are and I think A lot of Gamers just don't really they Don't make the connection they know There's a problem and then I don't know But no nfts aren't scam you know and They don't they don't make the Connection to the bridge between and I Liked what you said earlier how you kind Of mitigated expectations in that just Like the plasma screen TV made a 20 Better you said you know all that stuff Plus you know it's not going to be 100 Totally decentralized because then the Game wouldn't get made they're still Going to team doing it but it's just Going to be you know that much better Yeah I mean think about think about a Billion dollar industry and you talk About the overhead for for a business Right would they say that with a billion Dollars uh if you can reduce overhead or Reduce costs or reduce friction by 20 Percent That's significant man You know people don't think they're like

Oh it's got to be a whole new no 20 is Great I'll take 20 all day long Guys who who is this guy in the Sunglasses and hats I mean we've been Talking to him for so long that you know Stash I'm going to introduce you at the Beginning but you know give our audience An introduction I know that you are one Of the most well studied most Well-played guys in crypto gaming who's A streamer so you know feel free to brag A little bit give us your background Sure uh so yeah I mean I got into crypto 2013. been uh in it since then and Started doing content in 2017 so got Into it real early uh obviously I was Doing a lot I was doing a lot of just General Bitcoin education until nfts Kind of Hit the scene in 2017 and when I Saw that I was like this is the Counterpart and I mean it literally is You have fungible and non-fungible right It's like the the other side of things Were here and I immediately saw how it Was going to be applied to entertainment And to gaming specifically which is one Of my you know one of my passions right Entertainment and gaming so uh early on I jumped on it and I was actually the First I was the first YouTuber to create An nft and distribute it to 5 000 people The first one ever And I've been I've been covering uh Blockchain based games ever since then

So about 2018 was when I really you know Got into that so uh you know and then we Got the channel and we got a great Discord and now you know I work here for The gaming intelligence agency and you Know we go on these great missions and I Get in disguises and we have fun we play All the latest games we talk about nfts But you know really just gaming together As a community and and you know trying To be informative and and keep it fun And light you should see this guy at a Crypto conference going around in this Get up it's it's great this guy's Popular but um we call the old standard Issue here at the Gia this is the old Standard issue a standard issue Um you know so you're actively doing it You're actively playing these games I Like that that's why I brought you on Because I want to know the most popular Crypto games today so I think when People who are generally into crypto Think of crypto gaming what do they Think of maybe they think of Satoshi Dice way back in the day maybe they Think of crypto kitties which is kind of Like the first generative of nft but Those aren't I don't know those aren't Really games a lot of people think of Axi infinity in 2021 to most people That's probably the first crypto game But you tell us today what are the Popular crypto games that if somebody's

Interested in they should look at these Yeah yeah I mean there's there's been a Storied past here with with uh crypto Games uh but fast forwarding to today Yeah there are quite a bit there are a Lot actually that are in development or Getting close to being released or have Been released the quality is is Significant now there's a lot going on Right now Um some of my favorites that we'll just Put out there and these are in various Stages right so uh one that I really Love playing is dead drop it is in still Like a like a pre-alpha stage so they're Still in kind of early development but That is uh by Dr disrespect and his team Over at Midnight Society they're Building a really great extraction Shooter a vertical extraction shooter I Have a lot of fun playing that there's a Great Community around that another one That's also in early development but is Very playable and stable it's called Wild card it's kind of a mix between a TCG so you collect different collectible Cards like you know like imagine the Gathering but then you combine that with Kind of like a a like a MOBA battler Style and you got wild card it's a Really unique and different kind of Gameplay uh which is actually a really Really interesting and fun And then you got games like eluvium who

Are all you know doing really well they Have a multi-game kind of system I like Their Overworld they're making some Progress there uh and then also star Atlas has come out with some really Great updates they're on Solana I know That a lot of people may not have faith In Solana but star Atlas if anything's Going to keep that that chain afloat and Keep going they're they're definitely Pushing it and uh the team there is Top Notch Um so I mean there's a lot of and so When it comes down to it You know there's there's a style of Genre of game that you like there is Almost now a pretty good top quality Game in that is nft or crypto base that You can play Gala games has a bunch of Great playable games uh Spider tanks is A great MOBA if you love mobas and you Actually like earning and playing that's A great one for that they also have Um another shooter coming out called Last Expedition that's going to be good I mean I could keep going on man there's So many great games right now uh a lot Of them are still in very early stages Or middle stages I wouldn't say that Every you know any game really is 100 Polished or or you know what I would Consider like hey ready to go God's Unchained if you like tcgs that one has Probably had the most development time

Out of any crypto game they got started In 2018 I got into the closed beta then And uh they are now launching on epic Games and they're going mobile here Pretty soon and so if you like tcgs it's A great competitor and I think they're One of the more polished ones spider Tanks as well so there's a lot out there Man there's a lot out there I see a lot Of people say good things about God's Unchained I'm familiar with them but I Don't know if this is like asteroid Marketing on Reddit but I always see Reddit comments saying like oh God's Unchained is actually fun yeah yeah it's Great I played for years I I don't play Too much these days because you got you Got to invest a lot of time in a TCG man And uh the matches alone are you know Range about 20 to 30 minutes but hard Knowledge is is a big part of that you Really got to know all the cards and so That's hard to keep up I noticed you didn't say decentraland or Sandbox to ones that people would Probably think of Blue Chips what are Your thoughts on those uh both great Yeah yeah I'm both great you know what I Will say is that these are what I would Consider like metaverse platforms They're platforms that have are created To create experiences like Roblox so I Mean whereas I I would still consider Them crypto based games uh they are

Platforms for games I think that both of Them are doing a great job I do feel Like maybe the sandbox edges out uh DCL By just a little bit based upon their Partnerships and things that they've Been doing very consistently but uh you Know I'm building us I'm building a game In the sandbox I don't know if you knew That I didn't seek agent stash themed Game where you're gonna you're gonna be An agent we recruit you and you go on This great adventure and and it's a lot Of fun it'll be a lot of fun to drop Later this year nice if there was like For the Casual Gamer for somebody who's Interested in crypto not necessarily Gaming but wants to be involved in every Aspect of the crypto space he wants to Try out a crypto game what is the most Like intuitive for that person that kind Of like easy to use easy to get involved In not too high stakes and everything That you'd recommend like I mean you Know if you really want to go like super Easy and you don't want to like be Bogged down by too much blockchain Knowledge or nft knowledge uh a great Shooter called evio it's EV dot IO is Like liter it's a browser base you jump In and within second you don't need an Account nothing within seconds you're Fighting and it's it's fast paced uh Very esports-like and it's a lot of fun On the flip side of that if you're not a

Shooter kind of guy you don't like FPS Games Blanco's block party is actually Real it's super polished as well I Should have mentioned that earlier too Uh they've been around for a long time And it is a very casual game where you You know I'd say reminiscence of fall Guys but has has shooting racing and Other types of mode collecting modes uh And it's great for all ages too you know That's something that if you have kids You could play that with or or you know Maybe you're just a big kid at heart you Could play it and it's a lot of fun with Your friends it's multiplayer tune so Mm-hmm and now like thinking about I Guess the L ones or the underlying Blockchains that these games are are Using give us a rundown on the top Chains the top lock chains that gamers Are choosing to build on or build with What are those Uh so I would say right now you know the Top Top three easy are polygon Immutable X And ethereum and I mean those are Obviously all kind of revolve around Ethereum right ethereum being L1 you Know the layer one and then uh polygon And immutable X are two scaling Solutions l2s right uh that games are Built out on but that doesn't mean that There are other chains too I'd also say

That I throw Avalanche in there yeah so You started you started with ethereum And then two ethereum layer two slash Side chains so this is ethereum Ecosystem and now also Avalanche right Avalanche is evm compatible which is Great so you know everything ethereum Works you can work on on on Avalanche You know there's that good compatibility Uh so and they've been doing some good Things there's been some great games That are getting ready to launch on on Uh Avalanche shrapnels at the top of my List there they they are still in pretty Early development too but also a great Extraction shooter I mean amazing Trailers and gameplay from everything I've seen so there's a lot of good stuff Going on in avalanche and there's some Other up and coming chains that are Trying to do some stuff uh there's a Little bit of stuff on cardboard Donald Not a lot a couple standouts there I Would say uh would be cornucopias which Is kind of a metaverse platform and also Boss cat rocket club they're doing like The their whole boss cat planet and boss Cat Moon and then uh we could look at Another one upcoming is sui sui I don't Know if you guys know Suey I mean maybe You guys talked about it here on the on The channel but uh they're also starting To get some gaming and stuff going there That's uh pretty interesting too and

Yeah so so yeah there's there's quite a Few chains but I would say that yeah Definitely the most popular are ethereum Based but Avalanche I would put it in a You know solid second if you're going to Talk about outside of just okay as far As alternative l1's Avalanche I mean you Mentioned Solana earlier I would have Thought B and B chain would be a popular One but yeah okay so I mean Solana and B B are in there you know what I will say Is that BNB I guess a lot of the stuff Developed there is is kind of Eastern Focused and so I get maybe less exposure To some of that stuff and and also They've been kind of notorious in the Past I mean this is definitely changing But for being more of a scammy side of Things now I'm a big supporter of BNB And binance but it is true there have Been you know you know some things and That's not that say that that's not on Every chain but uh yeah Solana has Definitely seen some Exodus I would say So whereas there are still games Building there outside of uh star Alice There's one called Panzer dogs which is Very casual and fun it's kind of like a Tank like a a pixel tank battler game Which is kind of fun too so it means a Lot is up there too but I would say that They've they kind of lost that magic and That push uh with that VC money and FTX Going

Guys I'm learning something if you are To hit that like button and comment Below as far as what's your favorite Gaming chains or what's your favorite Games I have a couple more questions for Stash make sure you subscribe to him his Links are below Um I guess future outlook you've I mean You know the history of crypto you know The history of crypto gaming you know What's happening in gaming in general so Give us like a five-year prediction of This space for crypto gaming what do you Think is going to happen Bob your prediction I mean I think in Five years we'll see one of these we'll Call web3 gaming native like native Games become a massive hit and when I Talk about massive hit you know you're Talking about a game that that sells uh Thousands and thousands of copies and Has tons of people playing it on Twitch On YouTube and streaming it and uh you Know is is beloved by many people and They won't even know really that it's or Care that it's blockchain and nft Enabled they'll just know that they play The game it has some skins they like it That are really sweet and that they can Trade them and buy them and sell them if They want In a Marketplace that is secure and safe And friendly instead of having to go do It on the black market where where you

Know people get duped all the time and Get scammed and so I think that That's really what I see in five years And I think that we'll see a lot of Games utilizing these things and once we Kind of see that big Breakout And maybe this is a simple question but Do you think that if that game that's a Huge breakout is on Avalanche or on Ethereum or polygon or Salon or whatever Do you think that that is you know good For the underlying value of the chain You think that's significant a little Significant or how do you think that Relationship will be oh of course it's Incredibly significant right now gaming Is the largest transaction volume By by almost every chain I mean on Ethereum the the volume of transactions On ethereum the majority of them are are Gaining so yeah it'll be huge it'll be Huge when you talk about the underlying Infrastructure for anything You know when you have I don't know We'll say uh you know 50 000 people Using it or or even half a million People using it versus You know 500 million people that's a Significant boost right and so you talk About well then is there value created There well of course there is because It's it's built in and baked in to what We're doing here at crypto like that's Kind of the whole point

So my final question is kind of like a Fun one kind of like more life advice And you know feel free to keep it brief If you want bring it at me yeah just a Sentence or two is fine uh finish this Sentence please I became wealthy when Oof Okay legit I became wealthy when I met Lifelong friends because I was in the Crypto industry I love it stash thanks so much for Coming on today guys go follow stash go You know engage with his stuff uh give Us final thoughts for the altcoin daily Audience and feel free to plug whatever You like Yeah uh you know I gotta say all coin Daily guys they've been they've been Holding it down we've been friends for a Long time and they've been crushing it And uh consistent and always good Looking and and you know and I I think The audience probably knows and Appreciates that but uh you know I I Appreciate you having me on and hanging Out and and people listening for a Second that's sometimes that's just hard To get so I appreciate you all going Daily audience and everyone put us out There and uh yeah make sure you guys go Check out my channel I'm at crypto stash S-t-a-c-h-e everywhere you want to be I Do fun shows and stream uh multiple days A week and you know if you like gaming

It's the place to be