This Pattern Helps Predicting The Next CRASH !!! | #bitcoinnews #cryptonews #recession

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Now I'm not saying this is the final Pick I do not think the prices are going To go below roughly $25 to $30,000 as I Put out on my forecast tweet and I'll do An update video for that on the channel Too how do I identify a distribution Pattern so maybe we can get a little bit Closer to the action if we see a similar Distribution pattern at the next peak of Bitcoin so looking at this it can Hopefully help us learn on a shorter Term time frame which is what we are Looking at here a short term time frame Which just means if they are a Distribution pattern on a short-term Time frame you'd only see a shorter term Correction at least in that period so We're not talking about major collapses We're not talking about freaking out Dropping past 25 or 20K and we're not Talking about cryptos collapsing past Significant support levels Either