Time To Buy These Cryptos? (Cursed AI Movies)

Time To Buy These Cryptos? (Cursed AI Movies)

In today’s stream recap AI generates a cursed Will Smith movie, more free money hits you wallets in the form of another airdrop, Taco buys an NFT and much more!

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AI will revolutionize movie making the Movie It's just Will Smith eating spaghetti It's gone wrong [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Had a huge pump relatively speaking of Course because if you look at that seven Day very very flat it's almost just like A flat line there let's click on Arbitrarm see what's going on here on The seven day again like I said you're Going to see a little bit oh okay it Looks a little oh that was the 30 day Right 30 day very flat you go to 14 That's where you can start to see a Little bit of uh wait a minute wait a Minute no it isn't that old is it yeah On the seven day you see a little bit of Movement it's not quite as flat once you Zoom in and that just shows you how big Of a wick down that took it came down From five dollars all the way to one so Evaporating eighty percent of its value Essentially immediately same thing that Blur token did but that 24 hour looking Good a lot of support I did accumulate a Little bit of arbitrum I put in the DZ Trades on jpeg junkies have you Accumulated in an arbitrary I'm assuming You'll want to pick some up yeah no I'm I'm locked and loaded to do it I haven't

Actually pulled the trigger yet just Because of uh I mean I'm in a Substantial way I've got a little bit But are you going to chase the pump are You going to wait I'm not really too Focused on the price right now whether It's a dollar twenty a dollar Thirty Where was this in that right now like a Dollar 30 something uh right now it is Coming in yeah 138 yeah I don't care I'm Not a bit like if it's a dollar twenty Dollar forty anywhere in that range you Know it's probably I think I like it Obviously better closer to a dollar Twenty or even closer to a dollar but I Think long term it'll get back up Towards that five dollars throughout the The whole cycle so towards that five Dollar where it launched at uh so I'm Not really too worried about buying it a Dollar twenty dollar thirty dollar forty All right guys we have some breaking News first we're going to look at a Couple of things on Twitter and then We're gonna go straight from that to Check out Watcher guru's Twitter Breaking news you're going to want to Stick around trust me but let's uh you Know let's look at some likes because People more than this breaking news People want free money and guess what if You want free money if you like free Money if you need free money go ahead Hit that like button let's see if

There's some ways to get some free money Here if you missed the Armature from Airdrop then ZK sync as your next big Airdrop opportunity This Thread contains Everything you need to know about ZK Sync including what it is the token and How to get the airdrop full guide right Here Did you see my tweet actually with the Will Smith thing before I go into Watcher Guru I do want to share that uh This AI will revolutionize movie making The movie oh my God that's terrifying This is a AI mid-journey probably you go Into it it goes in the details of like What is Like it's just Will Smith eating Spaghetti it's gone wrong I'm sorry those nightmare fuel everybody And I apologize all right let's check Out [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] I actually bought an nft today I heard I Heard it was very expensive yeah the Cost of like thousands of tacos so if You go to my Twitter account I liked one Of the posts actually I retweeted it so

Uh board API Club ecosystem is exploding They have all these collections they had Sewer passes they have heavy metal which Are going to be meccas they also have The other Deeds lands that we just Talked about it's a image of all of the Meccas and what they'll turn into oh There you go oh that does look cool yeah So I bought that second one on the list It is um yeah it was around 2.15 this Guy yeah oh wow yeah so their uh their Ecosystem is expanding over the summer There's going to be a lot of activity Happening in the other side uh they just Came out with their codas that are going To be I think this is what I own there You go yeah the the bio the bio uh heavy Metal box yeah I I am very bullish on The Yuga Labs ecosystem they seem to be Delivering ring on every front they Don't let you down and they are all into Dynamic nfts like two years ago Everything was frozen so the image the Actual metadata couldn't change they've Introduced um pretty much Dynamic nfts That can be uh changed over time so as You can see the heavy metal box turns Into the mecca V1 V2 V3 and there's Going to be games in the other side to Rank them up there's going to be Artifacts you can collect it's going to Be amazing I definitely recommend Checking it out and that's that's pretty Much all I got for uh in the nft corner

All right uh Pro crypto Attorney John Deaton believes xrp is better off with Jim Cramer as a Critic here is why I Would agree with that uh hit that like Button if you uh like the reverse Kramer Indicator uh Deaton uh he's the attorney Known for a strong advocacy for digital Currencies especially xrp has once again Shared his thoughts about what role he Hopes Jim Cramer should play in the xrp Ecosystem commenting on a short video Clip of Kramer shared by Twitter user Deaton believes Kramer is better off as A Critic of the payment token and its Ecosystem while it's not evident that he Was aggrieved by the subtle show of Support he believes a consistent Criticism of xrp will be better for the Digital currency in the long term in his Words the very moment xrp's price Stopped moving upward and did a 180 was When Jim Cramer said Ripple might win Jimmy chill can you go back to calling It a scam please this is just Highlighting the fact that yeah Oftentimes Jim Cramer says bye it's a Time to sell when he sells sell sell Sell sell sell that's the time to buy We've seen it time and time again Kramer What's going on just say you hate Bitcoin already say sell all your crypto And then we could start pumping and then The markets are Off to the Races Foreign

[Music] [Music] Thank you [Music]

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