TOO LATE: One of The Last Bitcoin Buy Signals Has Run Out. Only Happens Once Every 3 Years in Crypto

TOO LATE: One of The Last Bitcoin Buy Signals Has Run Out. Only Happens Once Every 3 Years in Crypto

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Only a week ago, Bitcoin was putting in a new higher low at $24,750 but has just hit $29,000 after Blackrock announced it’ll be filing for a Spot Bitcoin ETF.

Was this really the last chance investors had to buy “cheap” bitcoin? Let’s review the charts in today’s video along with what investors can do next if they missed the low price.

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Bitcoin has pumped to 29 000 just a few days ago people were Expecting a new low in the market this Is how Wild the swings are let's have a Look at the most recent Buy Signal that Has left the building and is it too late For a lot of the Bears or those who were Just waiting for further downside that's What we're looking at in today's video Your home of macro cycle analysis across Bitcoin cryptos real estate and the Stock markets you know that we've been Covering this month after month after Month on the channel smashing that nail On the head hitting those lows based on Our Gan and Wyckoff analysis of course Along with our time Cycles as well this Is where we study the past to forecast The future if you want to be involved With our community just like a lot of Our members are here smashing crypto Gains to the upside to the downside They're Longs and the shorts make sure You check out the link in the top of the Video description for Tia premium just Recently you guys been absolutely Crushing this Market just in the last Eight hours Longs of 100 70 20 100 you Guys are doing absolutely amazingly well These are just the most recent trades That people have post for themselves Okay so enough with the Shilling there We have been looking at this being a Very very significant low in the market

Coming through Based on our time based on our structure Based on our prices our support and Resistance based on basically everything Else going out on their in the markets With the narratives especially as we're Able to understand the macro versus the Micro There was your micro downtrend with a Lot of bears thinking the market had to Collapse further But the macro is still up higher highs Higher lows now we're going to fast Forward to today where we've just hit 29 000 the BLX doesn't show up until the Following day but this is just really Good to have a look at for the longer Term perspective so there is a huge Buy Signal which we've covered many many Times before this one here looking at The mvrv so right now this has left the Building and I posted about it on Twitter as well so if you're not Following do that down below the main Purpose here is that you don't get left Behind especially in the bottoms of a Market because all the bad news is out There at the bottoms the bottoms must be Formed on pessimism bad news fear the Majority of high-profile Traders and Analysts and financial media and crypto Media and crypto channels and everything Like that they are all either unsure or Bearish this is just how bottoms are

Formed and you're seeing it for you Through your very own is how it Continues to happen the difficulty here Is that most people don't want to hear This and I was exactly the same when I Was first starting out over 10 10 years Ago now for trading so I started in 2010 And over 15 years ago when I started in Real estate back in 2006 I might look a Little bit younger than actually Anne We'll leave that aside but basically When it was at the lows no one wants to Hear that the market is going to reverse It's so hard to overcome those natural Human instincts that tell us that there Is more worse in the market to come There is more downside there's more fear To come yet what's going on is the exact Opposite and that's exactly what we're Looking at here so this particular Signal itself is just the mvrv you can See the green zones at the bottom here These are those entry points and we had A huge entry here through this region Of June through to March of 2023 we also Had our price buy zones underneath 19 And a half thousand now I don't want it To be all doom and gloom for those who Haven't got in or don't have a big Enough position or maybe they have just Been wanting to buy Bitcoin but just Didn't have the money there because of How much they'd lost on the way down Just sort of listening to

Altcoin experts what I want to help you Out with in this video is just looking At those reaccumulation zones and how You can find those on the way up like we Have done in the past as well so the Reason for this is the the signal here Is essentially The market coming out of the mvrv zone Right at the lows here we've seen it Before 2018 2019 broke out and it went Above 0.5 that was what I had in the Previous video here looking at a Specific filter for your trading Strategy so that just means when you're Able to Overlay another Form of data or using what I'm calling a Filter it helps you identify when it's a Real breakout over a false breakout Because we do have plenty of false Breakouts in the markets So this left the green zone and it never Returned except in a Black Swan event so Now this is the only thing people can Hold on or hold their hopes on is for a Black Swan in BTC all I'm saying is Don't rely on a Black Swan to get you Into the Market within a lower price in A buy Zone these are few and far between And even if they were more often than They are it's extremely difficult to buy In at those times because that only Happens for a few moments in time maybe It's a few days maybe it's a few hours Maybe it's a week but at the time it's

Extreme fear and so if you weren't able To buy it twenty four thousand that we Just had a week ago 24 800 or 25 000 25 3 or 26 you will not be able to Buy when the market dumps like that Because the fear was Far Far More Extreme and has to be that much more Extreme to get you into the market uh to Get the price down that far while there Isn't that much bearish news out there So this is the signal that we have seen And what comes next from the signal is Massive okay so this is the entry Zone This is the bottom of 2014 2015 the Market broke out dipped under and then Did not see that zone again which just Tells us that the bull market well and Truly on something that I've been saying For months upon months upon months 12 Months now we've been in a trading range Of between 15K and approximately 25k and Of course now we're at 29k So what comes next are these Re-accumulation Zones look at this in Close up here it had a spike out the top Of this Didn't make it to 0.5 so that's my Filter here to let me know that well Maybe we've got another chance to buy Back in the green zone here okay so then What happened is the market went into Many consolidations and many Reaccumulations within reaccumulations You can see there's one up the top here

Drop down another reaccumulation at the Bottom another little one at the top and Then it went sideways here another Reaccumulation broke up again another Reaccumulation remember this is on a Weekly chart so if you go into a daily You'll see just how much time there was Within each of those re-accumulations so What it's characterized by is this mvrv Indicator here between like you can see Here it's sitting around 0.25 to the Peaks of approximately 0.65 so use that Rather Loosely somewhere around 0.2 to 0.7 but in fact this has or was a very Good opportunity to get back into the Market after The confirmation of the breakout after The confirmation of the low and Confirmation of a new bull market Beginning we were looking at the lows Obviously for 2022 in November we're Pretty confident that was going to be Low but there wasn't any final Confirmation we're almost at those Points now where all of the confirmation All the check marks have been hit and The market is ready for that next solid Grind out now I'm not that bullish where I think we're going to go to new All-time highs in 2023 maybe it happens Maybe it doesn't that's not the point The point is to remain cautious that We're in the early stages of a bull Market and if in fact this does remain

Above the green zone here which is Approximately 0.2 where we currently set At 0.34 at the lowest point and the Highest points are at 0.63 so rather Similar to what happened in the previous Cycles then this can be another good Reaccumulation Zone the difference Here Pay really really important attention Here If you were going to be getting into Bitcoin potentially ethereum leave Cryptocurrencies all coins for now but This is where the pyramiding structure Really needs to come into effect so what Happens to most investors or retail at Least is that they start to buy a little Bit at the lows they're just getting Their feet wet they're unsure they're Bearish they're listening to their most Favorite High profile Trader who doesn't Understand macro who doesn't understand How macro Cycles work Um and they're just buying little bits And pieces and then as the market goes Up further they start to buy more and More because they're more confident that The market is going up then at the tops They buy even more because everyone is In everyone is talking about how bullish Things are every the new the news is Talking about it their families talking About it people on public transport are Talking about it people at work I'm

Talking about it and so they feel Extremely confident and they put more And more money in so basically the way They invest looks like an upside down Pyramid that is going to be the way that People lose money Even if they bought the low even if they Bought a 15K they may have only bought 100 bucks and now here at 28k or 29k They buy a thousand bucks and that the Market goes to 50 or 70 grand maybe they Buy another two thousand three thousand Bucks And you can start to see how if that Just rolls over just a few percent from 70 grand to 50 Grand they're way down Even though they bought the bottom that Is how you do investing wrong that is How the biggest players in the game have Done it wrong you're El Salvador if we Look back maybe you haven't been in the Market that long so I can just bring up To speed El Salvador they bought Tens of millions if not hundreds of Millions maybe they've even got that Billion dollar bond out if you remember That news item at least Michael Saylor Also bought billions of dollars of Bitcoin above 30 000. Market goes down Then they're only buying in the millions Sounds like a lot and when you do the Maths if they're only buying percentages Compared to what they were buying at the Top they're buying fractions now

Compared to what they're buying at the Top they did the whole Bitcoin thing the Wrong way around that's even the Smartest people on the game are doing it The wrong way don't be one of them you Don't need to be overly smart you just Not need to not do stupid in the Market simple simple maths don't pyramid The other way around pyramid this way Around So that is the signal the signal is Leading the building but we've got a Re-accumulation Zone and the way not to Lose is what I just talked about there Don't be an upside down pyramid Be a strong based pyramid and work your Way up if you are confident that this is The low or at least in the low areas Maybe it does go down further we don't Know for sure but this is how you Protect yourself Form a solid foundation like any good Structure then smaller and smaller on The way up you're building positions Like that rather than the opposite way Around okay so that's what I'm going to Mention there that is how to win the Game that's it's as simple as it is all Right so that's what we're looking at Short Term we've looked at that before In terms of the signal itself in this Particular video which I did three weeks Ago And in terms of the short term looking

At the time frames here We were waiting on an approximately Approximate 8 to 11 or 14 week downtrend Guess what we got this is what I put out On Twitter as well so it's all out here on My Twitter for free you can check that Out so we're looking at time frames if I Can just find that there and also a more Recent one as well I won't waste your Time let's have a look at it here we're Looking at the nine well we're looking At eight to 14 weeks and I was roughly Looking at 11 weeks because Here is your downtrend top to bottom Another top to bottom there's 11 weeks And there's 14 weeks okay so there have Been times in the past where we had to The downside after a pump We had an eight-week period half of Eight is four there's a four week period There's another 14 there's another eight So you can see these numbers repeating There's eight from the top to the bottom There is seven okay so that's why we're Looking out for that eight to fourteen Ish weeks and when with a nine week down Move So it's most likely now that this is the Low June 15th is a low we've now broken Weekly swing tops we've broken daily Swing tops we're starting to really form A solid foundation here and this just Continues to fly in the direction of the

Macro Bulls be very very careful of all The narratives that are coming out we've Got all of this BlackRock ETF jargon G BTC basically if you just want the short Version of it if you understand then We're going to see all these big Narratives continue to come doesn't mean It's going to pump it all the way to 50 Grand overnight but if these narratives Continue through into the bull market in 2024 2025 Then people will start to say this time Is different Black Rock is in there are Massive institutions that are in this Time is different they didn't they Weren't in last time this is a super Cycle yada yada I'm only mentioning this Now because this is how you've got to Get your mindset prepared for the Absolute that comes at the tops Of the market I'm having to go at Bulls Here now because the balls will be just As annoying as what the Bears were at The low telling us how much further the Market had to go down even though it Wasn't going to go down we had an FTX Collapse that's it bear Market's over The bull market started in November of 2022 if you were waiting for this sort Of a move to call it a bull market I'm Afraid you're too late all markets start From the low of the bear Market the Absolute bottom measured from that exact Date that's what I'm measuring the bull

Market from the The the feelings of the top of a bull Market are not here yet they will be and When they do come just just remember That this is going to be full of Annoying Moon boys I'm sure many of you Call me that already that's absolutely Fine we're definitely not at that point Yet but those absolute moronic Moon boys And everyone calling for the this time Is different because XYZ will be Prepared for that because we'll prepare For it at the bottom same thing happens In the stock market same thing happens In the real estate market because I've Been in so long maybe I'm becoming jaded To the fact that humans are pretty Stupid when it comes to investing they Keep doing the same thing over and over Again but you and I we have the edge The Edge is our patients the edges Understanding human psychology and more Importantly The Edge is the chart the Chart basically marks up human Psychology at its finest to the exact Detail the data is right there we've Seen a nice solid pump today we're going Down to the Daily look at that yes maybe We get the pullback that's fine we've Been up for one two three four five six Days already this is green it is Actually a down day it's a lower high Lower low okay don't forget that include Broken those tops we're broke in this

Area let's see if we can get a nice Clean pullback to just readjust this Excitement in the market right now That's what we need this is The Tweak That I was looking for right here Looking at the next weekly Target level We're looking for a close above 28 500. This is literally a day ago 24 hours ago Market was only at 26 and a half Thousand dollars so you can see how Quickly things can run and break key Support and resistance levels in this Case it's broken several key resistance Levels this was one of those significant Areas 28 450 which is why I'm looking for a Weekly close Above This level it's not The end of the day it's not the end of The world if it doesn't close above There ideally we don't want to go any Lower than about 27 200 Plenty left in the bag if you guys want To be part of our membership Tia premium Link is in the top of the video Description covering stock markets real Estate Cycles the big one the economic Cycle the biggest of more which is of Course including real estate and Cryptocurrency trading to pull those Profits from the market and go and Invest them in a longer term portfolio Maybe like your real estate portfolio Maybe your stock portfolio maybe even Some more BTC and ethereum so

Congratulations once again to these guys Like And subscribe to the content I'll See you back here at the next video and I've also got an interview coming up With the legend himself Phil Anderson so Stay tuned for that subscribe like Etc I'll see you guys in the next video Until then take care and peace out