TOP Passive Income Stream! (Cardano Crypto Defi)

TOP Passive Income Stream! (Cardano Crypto Defi)

What is the best way to earn passive income in crypto? Tune in to learn more about how to set up your passive income stream on Cardano

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Don't be expecting anything worth Something it's worth nothing You ready for the rate this Niche yeah Let's do it I'm gonna do first I'm just Gonna say the niche to you and just give Me what are your first thoughts cardano Defy I like it I like it I like it a lot I like it a lot well I don't have a Cardano wallet hooked up so I'm not Gonna be able to like go through the Steps but this is just a quick breakdown I'm not affiliated with the team this Isn't any kind of sponsored endorsement This is just I have met the team at Several cardano events I like the team They're always out there and I'm about To bring up Men's swap to me it is the Closest thing to uniswap on uh uniswap Is for ethereum men's swap is for Cardano so if you go to men's Swap and Always make sure you know you got to be Very careful with the URLs it's closed Off right now but it's M-i-n-sw-a-p when you open the app it'll Go to don't trust Google Just be very careful you can look at Like maybe the official Twitter account Or you know maybe a a trusted person That makes content check the link in Their YouTube description so this is Their site right here this is a you know It's a little bit more than what you Would see on uniswap and here are all

The little trading pairs yeah you're Trading in cardano instead of eth or Usdt so you see there's the mint swap Look at that coin that is a hot coin if You were in cardano defy like me you Probably didn't buy any um but yeah There's agix uh uh World mobile token Has a huge uh fan base meld so you can Go you could trade this will take you to The uniswap style thing that you're used To you select your token I want to trade Cardano into you know this really hot AI Coin you click on that and then uh you Know you figure out what the Figure out your slippage figure out Everything and then get your trade going There also this is what I do I add Liquidity uh we go to the pools here You add liquidity they have uh trading Pairs now I'm not going to get into Impermanent loss that's uh we have Videos on that so you just type in bit Boy and permanent loss you'll find Something there but you can add to the Trading Pairs and you'll earn something By what they call farming so if you go To farm you'll click this this breaks Down the trading Pairs and what they Give you you see the APR right here on The top right APR 50 that is very Surprising that means you know I I don't Know if agix is going to go down but uh You know that's a lot of people probably Being incentivized to uh stake this so

Just be careful and you will earn Rewards this trading pair will give you Min Swap cardano and agix as a reward I Trade uh or I farm just full disclosure I do eight of men I do Ada WMT I do I Just undid my liquid Finance I might Jump back into it I don't do Society Although I do stake my ape there I do Shed I just did that that is a stable Coin that it's actually like a dollar Three look at that juicy APR to me it's Pretty safe I stake some Ada and some Dollars to me I just kind of set it and Forget it and uh there's one more we do Like the Husky team uh junkies uh you Know if you're holding a junkie hey Don't be surprised if you see husky Maybe not it's worth nothing though so Don't be uh don't be expecting anything Worth something it's worth nothing and Then I can't find the next one you have To go down and you'll see different ones Here Lobster uh another meme coin so you Go there and then you'll just earn Rewards and then you can just you'll do What they call harvesting so you add Liquidity you'll get liquidity pull Tokens and then with those tokens you go To this Farm page and then you'll stake It and then uh if you'd go by this and See staked only and then you could uh Filter it by that way then it's not Confusing and then that's basically just A summation of cardano D5 if you're not

Used to defy do a lot of research don't Just jump in you need to know what in Permanent losses TJ is do you have like a 10 second Explanation of impermanent loss I I Could do one Go ahead uh you put up say ethereum and A coin If that coin and it's a thousand dollars Worth yeah 500 ethereum you have five Hundred dollars of random altcoin you Submitted in there if ethereum goes up In price when you pull out you're gonna No longer have a 50 50 split if ethereum Goes down in price relative to all that Will also affect it in the inverse Relationship so if you really value eth And then all of a sudden you know the The the price tanks you're gonna walk Away with less eat so you got to be real Careful uh you'll say hey I had 500 of Eth and now I put in a thousand and now I'm taking out six hundred dollars worth And it's less and where did all my eth Go so just check out uh impermanent loss You could uh get burnt but when you see Some juicy aprs and I normally say you Want to stay below 20 APR but you know This is cardano D5 when it's a niche uh Ecosystem like this it can support a 30 You know for maybe a few months again Not Financial advice just be careful you Need to watch it carefully and only do It if you want to promote free speech

And you want to promote the cardano Community don't do it trying to make a Moon bag I do it because I like the Cardano community I I like to walk the Walk and not just talk the talk so That's that's my breakdown for cardano D5 let me know what you think do you Guys like cardano defy what's your Favorite cardano altcoin type it in Below type it in below I'll go and say Mine I like uh I like Charlie it's the Uh it's the chain link of cardano uh It's fairly larger market cap do you Know any cardano alts you might not slow Capital I mean Ajax is the main one that I would know so yeah I mean Ajax is it's Hard to miss that one Cody I guess all Right all right well let's do a little AI talk here we have uh the big big Announcement from Google and they are Beginning opening access to his chat GPT Competitor Bard this has been in the Works for years and years and years but When chat GPT just blew up and hit 100 Million users super super fast I think They accelerated their public uh test And so that's maybe why we're seeing it When we're seeing it here starting in The US and UK they can join the waiting List for or the English language access To Bard previously open to approved Testers only they describe it as an Experiment allowing collaboration with Generative AI technology that replies

Relies on past data to create rather Than identify content just last week Google and Microsoft made a flurry of Announcements on AI two days apart They're putting draft writing technology Into the word processors and other Collaborative software as well as Marketing related tools for web Developers to build their own AI based Applications in a demonstration of the Site to Reuters they Showed how the program produces blocks Of text in an instant different from how Chat gbt types out answers word by word Unlike chat GPT they're not proficient In generating computer code they said on His website also said it has limited Their memory of past exchanges in a chat And that at present it was not using Bard for advertising core to Google's Business model I think it's going to be Good I need to go ahead and sign up for That test net or you gonna do the same Uh sure why not do you use chat GPT at All I did I used it a ton when it first Came out I haven't played with it as Much recently but yeah I would say I Play with it more than I quote unquote Use it but yeah I think it's I'm very Intrigued by it all right a lot of the Cardinal Community likes uh VY finance And uh cornucopias Kopi I do like copy I Like the Kopi team Charles hawson gave It the seal of approval it is a

Metaverse project on cardano that Actually has a racing game and beta I've Seen uh people play it I haven't played It myself I don't think you could test It right now but they brought the Consoles they brought all these PCS to a Cartano event they had I think eight People racing at once so they seem to be Further along than most projects Building a metaverse there's only a few That actually have like some sort of Workable product all right Bill Gates of Course he has something to say on AI There will be an AI that does everything That a human brain can except for the Limits that they're going to put on it Of course true to form he's already Thinking about the next big thing in Tech it is buying all the Farmland oh I'm sorry in Tech not agriculture uh Super intelligent AIS are in our future He said in a new post on his blog Tuesday he believes that people will see AI on par with the capabilities of human Brain 10 to 100 years from now okay Bill I Think you can narrow down that window Just a little bit more aren't you like a 180 IQ or something to be sure Microsoft Is making a huge bet today that the Future will be heavily reliant on AI in Early February they unveiled a new Version of its Bing search engine that Runs on a beefed up version of chat

Gbt's natural language AI technology Last week they say to it add chat gbt to Its 365 Suite of business software this Is including word PowerPoint and Excel The chat GPT stuff I've seen with Excel Is pretty powerful uh you know Decker I Know he's sweating it right now Salesforce announced Einstein GPT this Month which said is the world's first Generative AI con consumer relationship Management technology Salesforce at Einstein GPT has generate uh and Generate personalized emails for sales People to fire off to customers and Create specific responses for key Customer questions also be capable of Auto generating code for Developers [Music] Thank you Foreign

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