Tucker Talks Crypto & CBDCs with Guest (BitBoy Reveals Government MASTER PLAN)

Tucker Talks Crypto & CBDCs with Guest (BitBoy Reveals Government MASTER PLAN)

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Welcome to Big Boy here my name is Ben Today we're going to be talking about This Tucker Carlson interview with uh The governor of South Dakota now this is A fascinating interview because I think It shows the master plan that a lot of People in the government have for cbdc's They're gonna try to sneak it in we're Not going to let them so guys let's go Ahead and check out this uh interview I'm going to react to it I want you guys Know what I think Gary ginsler Silicon Valley politicians are using that Concern for their advantage as always Several states are now trying to Centralize currency with these so-called Central Bank digital currency now as you Guys know there's a big fight right now In the government whether we want or not We but whether they want the cbdc to be Controlled at the federal level or at The state level so you look at a lot of These moves that are being made at the State level obviously they're going to Fit um you know on that side of the Argument by the way not currency at all It's software But they're going to do it for your own Good obviously this is a tool of total Social control if they control your Money if they can zero out your bank Account with a keystroke then you have

No autonomy they control you And of course we know the great reset Folks you know you will own nothing and You will be happy Um there was one article we're talking About a girl who was living her life and Uh you know in the year 2040 and She did she realized that she didn't Even ever want privacy like you know What privacy was really overrated I Really enjoy when I go to the bathroom And everybody can watch it's kind of Weird it's weird flex but uh you know That's what Tucker's talking about here Is we want to separate uh the cbdc Away from control because I if you're Not able to spend your own money well he Says you don't have autonomy Cryptocurrency and that would put the State on a path to centralized digital Currency South Dakota is Governor Christie gnome The only Governor we're aware of was Paying attention to this veto debt Bill She joins us tonight to explain why Governor thank you very much for doing This first and for coming on Um why did you do it you're obviously Under Pressure not to veto it but you Did why did you you like that gigantic Veto branding uh brander that they have There pretty funny Paul Tucker was the right thing to do I Became aware of this bill it wasn't

Introduced until almost halfway through Our legislative session was in the Tactic It was sold as an update to the Guidelines of the universal Commercial Code backed by all of our financial Institutions our banks as we started Reading through it we saw the section of The bill that changed the definition of Currency and essentially what it did was Pave the way for a government-led Cbdc and it also banned any other form Of cryptocurrency or Bitcoin or digital Currency that existed so for me it very Clearly was a threat to our freedom in South Dakota we are the session that Completes its business earliest in the Year we are the first ones to really Look at this bill and find out the truth Of what's in it and I did veto that bill I'm asking my legislators to change Their minds to make the right decision And help me kill this bill once and for All but I'm telling you Tucker we've got The same language coming to over 20 Other states I believe it's to pay I Think that uh well what she said is very Powerful she said first of all The banks were backing this and she Didn't know this was coming out Um she in South Dakota one of the first States to be able to take a look at this But she says there's 20 other states to Have this in process

Um and I think that uh you know good for Her for standing up and shutting this Down but there's a much bigger fight That's going to occur here and you've Got to think right like the last time They wanted to do a stable coin bill in The government what happened Tara Luna Collapsed and out of that they got uh You know a gift now they weren't able to Actually get it through because of Sam Um in some other regulatory things that Were having last year but They're getting ready to introduce Another stable coin bill right as all This is going on and I think what you'll See with the unpacking of or the Deep Pegging of usdc over the last couple of Days of course it is almost back to full Peg now Is that there is a stable coin or Brewing and the United States wants to Win that stable corn stablecoin War the Government wants to win a cbdc that's What they want Um from that so Um you know we've got to pay attention At all costs of what's going on right Now because she just said they were Going to try to ban all crypto Unbelievable way for the federal Government to control our currency and Thus control people it should be Alarming to everyone and it's being sold As a UCC guidelines update there's no

Rush to do this we need to be smart and Make sure that we're doing what we can To protect people I find it ironic that We also are having this discussion at The same time we have basic Ammunition in a separate code so they Can track it so not only can they tie These two issues together if the Government doesn't approve of what You're purchasing if they have the only Form of digital currency out there that Is endorsed and utilized in the country They can control how you spend that Money and thus take away all your Freedom It's so nicely put and I and I don't Think you're overstating at all the Significance of this really quickly do You think and you want to give everyone The benefit of the doubt on their Motives do you think that legislators in Your state understand what this bill was Actually designed to do Yeah I don't know if they read it Tucker that's what it is alarming to me Told by lobbyists that they had listened To for the last 20 years that it's fine It's just a regulation update this is What we do is adopt Federal Regulations But if you start reading it you see in There there is a redefinition of Currency that it says government cbdc's Are okay if they're run by the Government but any other form is then

Banned Unbelievable tactic They played the long game they had these Lobbyists for 20 years build these Relationships with people so the banks Can come in and get these lobbyists to Put this thing over the finish line and It didn't happen but you see what They're trying to do here uh they tried To okie doke them uh for sure it is Clearly People's assets are utilized It's other forms of currency that they May choose to if it is a digital Currency and it is clearly putting power Into the hands of government if anything We should have learned the last several Years is the government can't be trusted Uh you know Bill Tucker what I was Surprised by was that you know the bills That have made it to my desk this year People think about South Dakota being Conservative and being a very Republican Speak the first bill I had to veto was a Tax increase now this has made it to my Desk we've got other challenges as well I really hope that what you've done Inspires other Governors appreciate your Coming on Governor Christie gnome of South Dakota thank you Ultimately It's hard to really know what's going to Happen with stable coins and cbdc's if We don't even know it's gonna happen

Tomorrow in our country with banks and I Think what everyone is seeing now is That the financial system the the Financial infrastructure of not just our Country but any centralized power They always run their course and right Now we are butting up against several Factors Um you know that could lead to the Demise of the system uh we're looking at The you know end or the beginning of Cbdc's uh we are looking at Um you know uh digital currency Basically trying to adopt uh new Technology or wanting to stick with the Old technology Um you know Not changing not innovating it's not Just on a capitalist level it's on a Governmental level too if our government Is going to you know not want to get With the times then other countries are Going to pass Us by we have the Fiat System the money printer the quantity of Easing the the rate hikes the Controlling of the entire economy by the FED all of these things are playing a Role and they're all kind of like Hitting right now we've got the debt Ceiling you know the most debt we've Ever had Consumer Debt uh credit card Debt out of control So guys things are not going good with Our system it's not a temporary phase

That we're in which you have to Understand we're in the last rows of the Fight uh to save our financial uh you Know system or do we let it go and we Let Bitcoin or other some other type of Crypto uh takeover what do you guys Think drop your comments down below uh Can you believe the audacity of these People to try to push this bill through Without anybody paying attention that's Politics for you that's all you got be Blessed Bible app

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