Uber’s Reckoning Coming To Solana Ecosystem🔥Decentralized Rideshare Benefits

Hundreds of union members could walk off the job in the days leading up to and including Super Bowl 58. The big game is being played in Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium on February 11. Drivers are aware a strike would impact the hundreds of thousands of visitors who are expected to show up for the Super Bowl and related events. Could this lead to an epic mass-adoption catalyst for Solana ecosystem projects?


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00:00 Intro
00:22 Sponsor: Tangem
01:06 Solana on CNBC
03:30 “NFTs Are Dead” Exaggerated
05:14 Uber Strike
06:31 Feb 14th – Year of Reckoning
07:21 Super Bowl rideshare surcharge
09:01 Uber Tokens!?
10:40 Hivemapper Driver Benefits
11:53 Hivemapper SOLD OUT
12:41 AI Training Driver rewards
13:25 Jupiter
14:51 $WEN Token Airdrop
15:42 Phantom flips Coinbase Wallet
16:05 Devour Disrupting Uber Eats
16:38 Wow Bao NFTs
17:41 Devour CEO interview
20:31 Solana Saga for Drivers?
21:15 Outro

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~Uber’s Reckoning Coming To Solana Ecosystem🔥Decentralized Rideshare Benefits~
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Salana setting up now for some very Interesting things happening not only in The end of January but I think obviously We'll see February being a huge Opportunity you guys don't want to miss It we'll break it all down for you my Name is Paul bar welcome back in the Tech path all right a couple things I Want to hit on here tangum if you're Looking at self- custody wallets and you Really should be if you're holding any Kind of crypto don't leave it on Exchanges go ahead and start your Journey on self- custody the best way to Do that is just go over to tangent.com You can start here with their cards Works in tandem with their app and it's A super slick app very easy to use has Kind of an NFC type connection creates a Great experience and also super super Secret all you have to do is click that Little get tangum link right there and You can even get in on these um new White cards which are out now get the Three card set it's the best way to go Gives you backup on backups it's a great Way and um you'll love it you'll thank Me later make sure and click the link Down below let's hit on a couple of Things I want to open with a first clip Here this clip is by Chris Dixon Chris Dixon is from a VC called a16z a16z one Of the biggest VCS in the blockchain Sector the reason this is important

Listen to where he's at take a take a Look $7.6 billion under management Notable Investments include coinbase Unis swap salana which is up big now an Open C this week I think we're all Trying to understand what's just Happened with the SEC and this Bitcoin ETF and what it means not just for Bitcoin but potentially for the salonas Of the world and everything else yeah I Think any institutional acceptance like The ETF is a good thing is a net Positive um that said I'm very focused On uh and our firm is very focused on Investing in entrepreneurs building new Utilities new applications that are used By hundreds of millions and eventually Billions of people so less focus on Financial instruments but I think say You separate the idea of crypto money Money crypto versus like utility crypto If you will those Services can be games They can be social networks they can be Financial Services um and so the Financial part is important but I think I think in a lot of ways it's been Overplayed in the discussions salana is One of those that actually has a big use Case it's like ethereum yeah a I'm Curious if you think that turns into its Own ETF but be where you think it really Goes I mean look I think this technology Is an I think this is the future of the Internet so I think over time you will

See greater and greater acceptance of ETFs and other kinds of financial Instruments so you know um but uh but I Think that will take time and and you Know our focus is on on investing in Early stage entrepreneurs and we see a Lot of innovation ETF would never be Something you'd look at it's too far Down the road uh for us no yeah we I Mean we're we're generally early stage Investors all right so Dixon of course Hits on a few things there first of all I I want you guys to just set back and Realize that was a discussion on salana By Andrew rorin this is on CNBC these Are amazing times to be living in Because we are seeing now the reality of What mainstream Wall Street is getting To and that is the Revelation that oh my Gosh there is a new internet being Developed right now there is this whole Layer of blockchain digital ID what we Will know as decentralized technology in The future all of that's coming to Reality and it's happening right in Front of our eyes and I think a lot of People are start take notice here so Here's another clip real quick on Dixon He talks about nfts a little further Listen it one big idea or seemed like a Big idea was nfts you won't open see y Uh and now nobody wants a chimp or Monkey maybe you think that they do um Yeah what happens to that this idea of

Tokenizing art well I think that's been The sort of death of nfts has been Exaggerated so last year there were $8.7 Billion 2023 $8.7 billion in sales of Nfts and remember this is a technology That was that this was standardized and Basically invented in 2020 so it's a Very early technology and I think like a Lot of Technologies you go through these Kind of Boom bus cycles and and the Other thing I would say is that a lot of People think about nfts as um as sort of Avatars in fact it's a very expansive Technology so for example you can use Nfts we see a lot of musicians using Nfts to sell digital merchandise to Their audiences and create new income Streams um to supplement streaming which Doesn't pay them very well we see people Using nfts for new social networks and And the advantage there is in existing Social networks you're locked in if you Build an audience you can't leave and You and if they change the algorithm You're stuck with it with with and um Social networks built using nfts the Users have the power to Leave yeah so I think this is a almost a Training mechanism that we're going Through right now trying to get Mainstream media and also I think Finance media in on the on the game Because what we're dealing with right Now is this Evolution around nfts and

Dixon hit it on the head and that is Slightly over exaggerated in the sense Of the death of nfts really the next few Future of nfts are this utility use case That we're going to see all sorts of Businesses starting to implement and Some of the businesses that I think are Going to start seeing disruption is what We've talked about before on the show And that is with projects and companies Like uber Uber we did this full video on It it was uh called Uber Steels Millions But it was really talking about the Opportunity it's that second video right There I'm circle around a little bit but Anyway it was really talking about the Opportunity of how drivers and remember Uber is a very expansive delivery Ecosystem so there's a lot more to it Than just doing ride hailing but the Opportunity here is for drivers going Forward now we're going to paint this Out for you because there's a lot Happening within salana that will lend Back into what I'm getting at now what's Happening with Uber right now is of Course this big lawsuit that they lost And there's a big huge movement this guy Right here R share Professor he's one of The leaders of the movement and the Movement is really to get you know it's Much like what you deal with and anytime You have a labor kind of dispute well That's kind of what's happening with the

Uber drivers and it's happening in a Very big way and it's happening at an Interesting time as well because Remember we've talked about teleport Here on the show before teleport Launched at uh uh you know the salon Breakpoint I think it was two years ago They had a big release uh last year and There's a lot happening within teleport I think is going to start to really set It apart and possibly open up an Opportunity for drivers and if they get Going here on this quick enough they Could actually seize the day on this I Want to go to a clip here because this Clip will get into kind of why the Drivers are so upset and what this might Mean is an opportunity for salana listen In February the 14th Valentine's Day is Going to be a big you to all the Gig companies because we're going to Switch the apps off or we're going to Leave them on and just let it surge 2024 Is the year of Reckoning uh you can see All the channels all the channels are Turning against Uber and lifts one Protest one soft doesn't work you got to Hit them over and over again February The 5th just protest after protest after Protest this has just been secured right Share protest.com right we are going to Spit fire in 2024 all right these guys are upset as You can see I mean and this guy he's a

Character he's kind of the lead Carney Of them all but the point is is that This is a big movement that could affect Some major events one of the major Events that could affect of course is The Super Bowl happening here in the Next couple of weeks will there be a Ride share search charge in Las Vegas For Super of course there's going to be A surcharge but if these guys get Underway with any kind of real situation This could be a big deal for not only Uber but it could shed a lot of light on A very negative situation with Uber and I think that's the thing that may hurt Them in the long run the biggest Factor Here is it's going to bring the driver Community together and if that happens And we see some sort of opportunity with Decentralized r sharing take hold we Could see something take off pretty Quickly remember it's it's very slowly And then all at once so pay attention Pay attention something's something's Brewing here's a clip right here talking About the Super Bowl protests that are Coming and while the demand during the Super Bowl may be high for ride share Drivers many are fed up at the low wages They feel they're making which they say Is barely enough to get by now what We're noticing is that their take is Anywhere between 55 to 70% they're no Longer transparent as to how much the

Rider pays for the trip so I get charged By Uber a random couple $200 $300 amount Per week Uber issuing the statement to 8 News now in which they say quote Uber's True take was around 20% of total Rider Fa last quarter also stating that they Have increased their transparency with Their drivers by providing we to Make they're not happy they're not happy Out there um now so when you don't have Happy drivers and you have a potential You know situation Brewing you're going To have to create the some sort of Incentive to be able to one keep those Drivers rolling get a lot of the new Drivers that don't really know what's Happening you know and uh unfortunately Take advantage of them and I think That's what they've been brewing here They've launched Uber tokens don't get Up in a roar it's not a blockchain token Listen in these executives are book Smart you know they've studied we are Street Smart we figure their out in Hours days weeks they figured it out we Have to come up with some new Here they introduce Uber tokens Uber Tokens one Uber Pro token for every trip You take earn more tokens per trip by Driving during extra point hours they're Admitting here they have a big problem And they think they are now going to Solve that problem that they created With Casino tokens you're making a big

Big mistake we figure it out faster than Your Engineers can write It all right so the you know there's Some things here though that could Create an opportunity and you know if if We were played their cards right I mean Could they possibly actually circumvent This and create something that would go In a direction I doubt that it would be Just because of the decentralized nature Of where blockchain is going if you look At what teleport is doing and kind of Connection Point here the key is having The right drivers at the right place and Obviously having the function of digital ID is going to be a big factor here for Just security all those kind of things That happen within this but also it's The ultimate multiple streams of Revenue That a driver could be earning other Than just doing General and they could Be doing that today as well and that is Of course Hive mapper we've talked to Them had Ariel on the show their CEO Couple of times and we've talked about Hive maber and its potential I want to Go to a clip here around Hive mapper Just so you can kind of get a framework Listen it so Hive mapper is building a Global map and the way that we're doing That is quite simple so you buy this Dash cam you install the dash cam on Your car it is collecting all of this Imagery all this location data and as

We're mapping here the salana blockchain Is supporting our ability to ensure that This is being done correctly and being Done in a way that is Equitable to Everybody who's participated we reward You in our honey token it's a reward Mechanism saying like look you put in This effort right to build this map to Contribute and collect this data here's Your reward for it and then we have These map AI trainers and so the map AI Trainers they can be sitting anywhere in The world behind a computer and they're Training the AI and by training it we're Actually improving it and those people By the way are also rewarded in Honey Tokens all right so as you can see a lot Happening there with HIV mapper uh Here's their dash cam we've actually uh Tested one of these we have guys in our Studio that have these and use it every Day but the point is is they now are Sold out of these orders placed today Are July of this year I mean we're Talking six seven months down that's a Problem because it's creating one a Secondary market for the devices you can Kind of see here what's happening and This of course is Ariel see me he's the CEO right there but the point is is that There's demand there's demand for this We're going to see more advanced demand In this especially as more people start To realize that this is an opportunity

To earn rewards by doing the things that They do every day which is driving now There's a lot of other factors that play Into this because it gets into the whole Idea around what they're using with AI We just showed a little bit of that clip But additionally within this is their Their new um app that is out so if you Go over to their website you can kind of Learn a little bit more about this get Rewarded for Road reporting this is kind Of like the ways think of it as the ways For hide mapper to where the app itself It's not mapping but the app itself is Going to reward you for reporting Incidents and issues so that itself uh Is a huge advancement for a hyp mapper And and I think for the future of what They're doing but it's going to start Opening up more Innovation around what Hive mapper is doing remember all this Stuff is riding on salana we're going to Get further into the detail of this Because this is really start starting to Pan out into a big movement that could Be happening something's going on February 21st we'll be watching that Very closely I know what it is yet but We are anticipating some pretty big Moves here with that so here's the jup CEO Jupiter exchange talking about Um and remember all these transactions Have to go through an exchange if you're On salon and you're using these kind of

Tool sets out there but what's Interesting is he's talking about we Should just show him how to do this Listen it every single step of the way You prove your loyalty to the system and It's very important everyone understands That right because every closed system Demands loyalty yes right so what really Important here is the migration what People don't understand is that that's Their job you don't not criticize them What you do you stand up for Yourself you stand up for yourself right You don't criticize them right you show The world was better and that's what Through example true Example all right so I think you can Only go so far in showing through exam You have to take market share is really What it boils down to you start taking Market share people pay attention and I Think that's what's going to most likely Happen speaking of that right now final 73 hours of jary I'll try my best to Finish the Mad Sprint couple of things Happening uh one key thing here is Jupiter uh will come after jbrary so be Ready for that most likely it's going to Be early uh February for this to happen So on on that front lot happening most Likely well this is going to be the Biggest airdrop in salana history so That in itself is a pretty big deal uh For sure now how does this all connect

To kind of this next generation and just By the by the way if you guys guys Hopefully you guys got the wind drop and You went out and claimed it if you've Been using your salana app or Phantom Then most likely you were able to get This this of course has already been Burned now so this this particular Airdrop is is done but the good thing is Is that it was free money it was free Money for pretty much everybody out There that went and claimed those tokens If you've been using your salana app at All you've been using J Jupiter's Exchange so that is um a big factor here And you can kind of see a little bit of The movement here on when likelihood is One could go and continue to go up uh We'll take a look at that maybe a little Bit later but again these are other Salana apps going to the next uh level For sure all right so I want to show one Other thing here and that is this right Here let me kind of zoom in on that Phantom flipped coin bases wallet uh in App store downloads so we are seeing a Major movement here in not only in defi But I think people starting to realize What the platform is to be able to get The most activity for airdrops the Function it with swaps and what we'll See in terms of potential projects are Going to be continuing to be launched Within that now some of the projects

That are being launched there's one Project out there that I'm actually Advisor an adviser on it's called devour Devour is a food ordering app that's Connected to the blockchain that's tied To gaming rewards so it's it's an Interesting project the reason that I Like this and one of the reasons I'm Involved with these guys is how they're Starting to provide utility to the Restaurant industry and this is a big Factor because I think the restaurant Industry the hospitality industry will Be a big big winner going forward here's A company called wowow it's one of the I'll call it one of the rising stars in A sector called fast casual you'll Notice something down here on the right Hand set side right there is that you Can buy this available in Walmart right Now's uh the team over there has put Together a great cpg program and then They have a token and a collectible These are their collect ible boughs Right here which of course is Hot Buns Club I love that one and so shout out to Jeff and all his team over there they've Done a really good job but they're Starting to connect the dots that's the Point they're connecting the dots of how To understand one digital Collectibles Rewards nfts and blockchain these are All utility-based Platforms that can start to play into

Maybe the future of food delivery Imagine if a restaurant could airdrop Drivers imagine if a restaurant could Start to re reward patrons With airdrops all of this starts to Function in a new Dynamic around not Only the future of the web but the Future of how marketing and loyalty is Going to be done so one thing I talk About a lot when it comes to the retail Sector all right so I want to jump to a Podcast clip that I do uh for another Business I run that is in the food Sector and the reason it's important is Because devour is really focused on that Sector but I want to listen in I want You guys to listen in on this podcast Where uh Shelley the devour CEO talks a Little bit more how Saga the salop phone Is connected to maybe the future of how This might work listen in devour we just Celebrated our two-year anniversary um And in those two years we buil a a Platform uh devour go uh to put food Ordering in places others are not gaming Esports entertainment and metaverse so Jeff and and WBAL they they released a Digital token um for their loyalty Program their WOW bows we really look Forward to getting our Olo integration So that we can get more of the the Wildbow locations onto the platform we Are able to recognize that that wow bow Token um in a way that other platforms

Are not we've been beta testing and Testing a lot of the things that we've Built but those tools are built for not Devour to be the star but for gaming Developers restaurant Brands the others You know what what we're powering Because when when this occurred uh it's Called The salana Saga all the creators Of all these daps started dropping in What they call airdrops now I want you To think about this if you're a Restaurant brand right now imagine if You had partners that were airdropping Value including yourself to your Customers to me I look at that and I'm I'm like every mobile device maker in The world has to be shaking in their Boots right now you just created a Loyalty card that is a phone of again What we've built is that ability then to Take that airdrop and and do something With that at transaction level when Ordering food or turn that into a perk Or unlock a secret menu item that no one Else has access to it was a meme token Called bon and I it sounds silly guys But you think about the marketing Efforts that you do as a restaurant okay The things you do as a restaurant brand Are pretty silly let's just go to Chipotle burrito all right come on all Right that's one of their best CH Campaigns yet and could you imagine Getting some sort of benefit from CH

Chipotle on a saga phone that would drop Rewards right into my phone just because I've got a device we're right place Right time and you know and we built the The right technology to be able to to Leverage all these these types of Things all right so that was you know it Was a podcast I do uh talking about Technology that is shifting into retails And obviously the Food Service space is A big part of that that and I think We're going to see more of this Especially as we see devices like The Saga start to really unfold the Opportunity and remember we've just Lined up a whole slew of functionality Within salana when you think about Drivers uh when you think about food Delivery you look at the opportunity for Mapping various sorts of ways that they Can earn uh rewards earn airdrops all of This applies to both sides of the plate That's what decentralization does for You and I think that's the power if you Go all the way back to the Chris Dixon Quote that is happening now is the Utility use case is starting to be Unveiled and I think this is a very Interesting Year you guys don't want to Miss this one 2024 is going to Definitely make a difference in Blockchain going forward all right if You guys are listening in make sure and Jump into our Diamond Circle it's one of

The best places to get additional Content and of course we have podcast Over there do a lot of other research Etc and of course if you want to catch Me out there on X it's at Paul Baron We'll catch you next time right here on Tech Bath

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