URGENT: Elizabeth Warren calls for TOTAL SHUTDOWN of Crypto Market (Polygon Prevails)!

URGENT: Elizabeth Warren calls for TOTAL SHUTDOWN of Crypto Market (Polygon Prevails)!

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0:00 – Elizabeth Warren Calls for Shutdown of Crypto
1:44 – This other Senator says NOOO to Elizabeth!
3:10 – Coinbase says China will soon DOMINATE crypto.
4:47 – Luxury Move-to-Earn Shoe (on Polygon) UPDATE!
8:27 – IRS Can Access Coinbase User Trading Data
8:56 – T-Mobile Parent Company Polygon Validator
10:51 – Injective Integrates Polygon

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If I buy Bitcoin am I buying a share of Stock or am I buying a pork belly or am I buying Uh Euros are you buying air oh wow okay You're going in what is it going in U.S Senator Elizabeth Warren is calling for A complete and utter shutdown of the Crypto Market until our country's Representatives Can figure out what the hell is going on Why because it is funding and fueling The Chinese fentanyl trade in America Don't get it twisted fentanyl in America Is a huge problem she understands that This is a huge problem U.S overdoses Involving fentanyl have become the Leading killer for those age 18 to 45 The chemicals used to manufacture The Dangerous Drug often comes from China And winds their way across multiple Borders on their path to U.S users of The synthetic opioid which The Drug Enforcement Administration the DEA says Is 100 times more potent than morphine She understands that this is the problem That Americans want solved she's Conflating it with crypto as if crypto Is doing this why is she conflating it With crypto well there was a study done From elliptic that revealed more than 90 Chinese businesses offering to ship Fentanyl almost all of them except Chris Crypto for such an exchange on the back Of this fud she's trying to stir up

Senator Elizabeth Warren is trying to Push through actually reintroducing her Digital asset anti-money laundering act Through Congress which is rather Draconian in something the crypto Community and mass has said we don't Want this Elizabeth the crypto Community Is lucky that there are other Senators Not just Elizabeth Warren but people Like Senator Warren Davidson who's Pushing a pro-crypto message Pro Positive crypto regulation quote we have Over 50 percent of the world's invested Capital in our Capital markets but when You look at crypto 70 to 90 percent of The liquidity is offshore this is not Good for our Capital formation we've set Up the protocols and architecture for Every major Innovation since the Industrial Revolution in Industrial Revolution automobiles Aviation Aerospace Computing the internet era why Would we bail now on fintech I mean the Reality is is we have about four and a Half percent of the world's population We have about 25 percent of the world's GDP we have over 50 percent of the World's invested capital in our Capital Markets but when you look at crypto 70 To 90 percent of the liquidity is Offshore that is not good for our Capital formation in the United States We need the system that we have in our Country to provide the the things that

Only our markets can and we should work To do that with legislation not just Putting pressure on Regulators but one Of the regulations that Gary gensler's Highlighted is we need to restructure The SEC we need to eliminate the Chairmanship and create a three and Three parity with the commission so that The commission actually has to be Collaborative instead of being driven by An activist coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Says that if America doesn't act quickly China will dominate the digital asset Industry in an opinion piece on May 30th The coinbase CEO wrote that recent Crypto industry turbulence quote might Make it tempting for policymakers to Write it off as an unstable asset class This is effectively what the U.S Regulators have been doing missing the Forest for the trees and treating crypto As a speculative or gambling tool rather Than a financial technology Foundation Quote by enforcing restrictive policies The U.S is inadvertently driving crypto Innovation offshore Brian Armstrong said He went on to state that America and Other democratic nations are up against Digital systems promoted by an ambitious Adversary China China is promoting its Digital platforms alipay and 10 cent Globally through its belt and Road Initiatives he cautioned there's also The digital Yuan Central Bank digital

Currency cbdc which is being pushed hard By Beijing furthermore China aims to Directly challenge the US dollar and its Role in global Commerce Warren Armstrong Quote given these moves and China's Strategy to leverage Financial Tech to Protect its own national interests it Should come as no surprise that Hong Kong is positioning itself as a global Crypto Hub China is the biggest threat But other nations are racing ahead with The rollout of crypto regulations these Include the UK United Arab Emirates Brazil Japan European Union Australia Singapore all of these vying to become Crypto hubs let's talk about a project In the polygon ecosystem move to earn Web 3 luxury shoe Leandro Lopez this is A channel partner of ours exciting Updates exciting news Lopez the token Just got listed on Mex C Global this is An exciting day for Leandro Lopez Holders and people who have their Apparel and anybody interested in the Move to earn space generally speaking Imagine there's an easy way to dive into The crypto world a world where fashion And crypto have never been so closely Connected We've made it our mission to connect Fashion and crypto in a playful way our Mining shoe has an intuitive chip in the Soul that allows you to connect your Shoe to our app with every step you take

You collect Lopez coins which can be Traded or used to buy new Lopez products With every purchase of a Lopez product You will receive a counterpart a Lopez Nft which can also be collected and Traded One of the first and become a part of The biggest where to earn community in The world Leandro Lopez reminder you can get these Shoes right now and start walking to Earn well at the very least you can Pre-order them handcrafted in Portugal These shoes are not bought on the Secondary market and then just sold by Leandro Lopez these are high quality Hand crafted by Leandro Lopez in Portugal the mining chip will now be Made in China for enhanced quality our Intuitive mining chip measures speed Distance and pressure to ensure that Your coins are collected safely and Securely the mining chip consumes only a Fraction of power and can be easily Recharged on the included charging mat But it's not just and only the charging Mat just by walking you recharge the Shoes so if you wear them actively Probably don't even need to keep them on The mat that much these shoes feature a Kinetic charging unit so the shoe Charges just by walking and then it Seamlessly connects to an app on your Phone via Bluetooth our local Pez app

Allows you to connect our shoe for Mining the Lopez app is the gateway to The metaverse meet friends customize Your character collect coins while Running or walking on the map you will Receive daily challenges to boost your Shoe what are you waiting for now I know A lot of people own Leandro Lopez's Regular shoes as this is a luxury Fashion brand that is well established Outside of crypto my question to you is Have you ordered your mining shoe yet Because right now only pre-order Available pre-order now estimated Delivery August 2023 to October 2023 is when you get Your shoe with this shoe you will be Rewarded with Lopez tokens for walking You can exchange them later at the Exchange like Mexi Global for cash or Buy with Lopez token luxury fashion in Our online store because Lopez is the Utility token for the Leandra Lopes Ecosystem Leandro Lopez Lopez the token Has already been listed on ledger so you Can safely store your Lopez tokens on Ledger and soon users will be able to Buy and sell Lopez directly on Ledger a Lot of celebrities wear Leander Lopez as Well 50 Cent seen wearing their vest in A music video released just two weeks Ago congratulations again Leandra Lopez Listed on Mex C Global and soon to be Fully integrated within Ledger I'll

Leave links below let me know if you're Pre-ordering the shoe one government Agency that's not waiting to make moves The IRS breaking news IRS can access Coinbase user trading data a court has Ruled a coinbase user has attempted to Argue that the IRS violated his Constitutional rights when it sought his Trading data the U.S government says This is okay so just centralized Exchange users in America keep in mind This can happen but then again we Already kind of figured right let's get Into a little good news t T-Mobile's Parent company becomes a validator Meaning they have enough of the token to Start staking and validate the network T-Mobile's parent company becomes a Validator on polygon Matic Network the Parent company on one of the biggest Cell service providers in the US is Becoming a validator on layer 2 scaling Network polygon Matic in a new Company Announcement Deutsche Telecom the Conglomerate that owns Telecommunications giant T-Mobile says It will begin validating nodes for Polygon just like it's been doing for Other prominent crypto assets for years Quote Deutsche Telecom subsidiary Deutsche Telecom MMS extends its Validation nodes to polygon providing Staking and validation services for the Proof of stake Network and polygons

Supernet Solutions Deutsche com MMS is One of only 100 validators on the Polygon Network other digital assets Deutsche Telecom currently validates Nodes 4 include ethereum flow chain link Cello and Q very very exciting now about The polygon node the polygon ecosystem Is very developer friendly and resource Efficient it is based on the highest Security standards of the ethereum Ecosystem the collaboration with polygon Is an important step for Deutsche Telecom MMS to fully exploit the Potential of blockchain tech and enable Applications suitable for Mass adoption This is from the head of blockchain Solutions at Deutsche telegram according To the announcement as a validator Deutsche Telecom will also help secure Polygons proof of stake side chain and Supernet app chains contributing to the Security governments and Decentralization by running a full node Producing blocks validating and Participating in consensus and Committing checkpoints to the ethereum Mainnet see most people don't know about This we do because we follow the market Every day and it is exciting being in Crypto seeing what's happening injective Protocol all integrates polygon to Accelerate cross-chain composability Injective today launches a Groundbreaking integration with polygon

Enabling true D5 composibility for the First time in history Native assets from Polygon and injective can be utilized For a diverse array of cross-chain use Cases within the two ecosystems Utilizing a new connection from Wormhole Assets such as Matic and injective can Now be transferred in turn this Integration paves the way for increased Collaboration liquidity and Accessibility benefiting both chains and Their respective communities we cover The crypto Market on a daily basis Subscribe to the channel like the video See you tomorrow