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Crypts have made this fatal mistake in Every single crypto cycle and it is so Easy to avoid at the bottom of the Markets most are too scared to put their Money into the market they wait for the Herd to come along so they can feel more Safe about where they're putting their Money when it comes to the emotions they Get more and more greedy the higher the Market goes if you have a small amount Of money at the bottom and a large Amount of money at the top it only takes A small correction to wipe out all of Your gains and put you back into a state Of fight or flight you should be getting More fearful the higher the market Climbs however you don't need to be Super fearful just have your plan ready In case the market corrects so that you Can take your profits and not divide it All the way back down make sure you are Following a market throughout its entire Cycle don't leave when the market Crashes don't leave when it gets boring Typically they are the best times to be Investing your investment should look More like the triangle on the right you Can see that it's upside down you should Be putting your money in at the bottom And less at the top however the emotions Are also flipped in that sense lots of Fear at the top lots of greed at the Bottom