Watch This Hidden Signal For When #Bitcoin Hits NEW ATH! | #cryptonews

🔴Video Title: Watch This Hidden Signal For When #Bitcoin Hit NEW ATH! | #cryptonews
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I think I've uncovered a hidden signal To tell us when Bitcoin hits a new All-time high this signal occurs on the S&P 500 what we're looking for are two All-time high prices before Bitcoin gets To a new alltime high itself so far this Hidden signal has triggered every single Bitcoin cycle and it's flashing its First signal this cycle right now the S&P 500 pushes to a new Fresh High then Corrects and for a period of time trades Underneath the alltime high then on the Second attempt this is where things get Super interesting Bitcoin is ready for a New all-time high by the time the second Signal flashes on the S&P 500 Bitcoin is Getting ready to break to a new all-time High right now we're at the stage where Bitcoin pauses or corrects so if you Want to know when this signal flashes The second time meaning we're about to Hit a new alltime high cut out the noise Follow the channel and I'll see you at The next Video