What Is Jim Cramer Hiding?

What Is Jim Cramer Hiding?

What if I told you Jim Cramer has something to hide? He’s waging war against crypto to protect something, and today I’m going to tell you what that is–and no, it’s not the average investor.

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What if I told you Jim Cramer's got Something to hide he's Waging War all Out War And it may be against you That's right Jim Cramer is trying to Protect something And it's not the retail investor after All this is the same Jim Cramer who was Incredibly bullish at the peak of last Year's bull cycle Who's now on a mission to get everyone To sell the bottom after crypto took a Bearish turn Something must have happened to Jim's Crypto thesis I don't care whether Jim or CNBC is Bearish on crypto or not They've been wrong before I don't ever Expect them to get it right My mission is to get to the bottom of Why he's talking about it so much what Makes him so sure he's going to be right Today we're gonna give Jim Cramer a Giant metaphorical slap on his big bald Head let's get it All right Walking a bit more crypto my name is Ben And today I want to tell you the reason Why Jim Cramer is going after crypto and It's not what you think also don't Forget to hit subscribe and turn on Notifications so you don't miss any Content from the book crypto Channel I'm all for it I think it's almost

Irresponsible not to include it every Treasurer should be going to Boards of Directors and saying should we put a Small portion of our cash in Bitcoin Jim Cramer wasn't always a crypt of hater Two years ago he's very bullish on Bitcoin and he talked about a lot on CNBC news shows including Squawk Box the Network's morning news program he was Interviewed regularly about his take on Crypto and one thing was very clear he Called Bitcoin specifically exciting Saying he's all for it even going as far As to call it irresponsible not to have Any He even recommended company treasurers Should buy it because it's quote unquote Interesting hedge this is Bush Jim and We saw him a lot of them getting the Last Bullseye goal and all the way to The 69k Bitcoin top unsurprisingly Bitcoin sparked joy for Jim after he Bought a bunch of it at 12K and the Chart went up and to the right that's Right folks Jim Cramer made a bunch of Money from Bitcoin he reveals this and It's hindsight When he goes and shows us how much money He made at the top of the bull cycle When coinbase had its IPO as a direct Listing on the NASDAQ the price of Bitcoin was knocking on the door of Fifty thousand dollars even though he Was selling he said it was so bullish he

Did suggest to the audience that the Price was starting to feel toppy but he Also said that he owned some cash gold And Bitcoin and even said it's an Alternative to a cash position in April 2021 when bitcoin's priced at well over 62k he told Squawk on the street that he Sold half his Bitcoin position his price Rised over 60k and he was the profits to Pay off his mortgage he says he used Phony money to pay off real money And it's right then that we get our First clue about what Jim Cramer is Hiding and why he's about to make a slew Of terrible crypto calls Jimmy chill Might have just gotten lucky with Bitcoin but the truth is he had no idea What he was buying and that doesn't Change as crypto overheats and the Market it's a double top at 69k looking Back on interviews and comments he makes About cryptocurrency we see that he Never did his research and even though He knows zero about digital money he Will make authoritative calls about it Constantly And this doesn't change during the bear Market and where we are now all right so The why why don't we all switch to Salata media solata sounds like it's Actually commercial and the other guys Sound like that they're antique There's already thousands of people Already switching so in this clip Jim

Continues to talk about crypto and mad Money and other CNBC shows like Squawk Box to weigh in everyone on the network Adopts an outlook for crypto that ranges From bearish to bullish they invite Guests like novograd CZ everybody's Favorites gamer Sam Bateman freed and Several other investment experts and Financial advisors to try to tell Viewers what to think about Bitcoin and Other cryptocurrencies at the very least It raises an eyebrow The Kramer did an interview with Solana CEO Anatoly yakovenko in June of 2021 Priesel on a pump which always trained For around 30 dollars Did he know something about the VC money That was going to funnel into the asset To dump on investors then laugh about it On the all-in podcast Or did he know something about the Relationship between Solana and the guy Who wants to put everyone out of Business but won't pay for a haircut Sam Bateman freed it's unlikely we will ever Know but when the original interview Aired Kramer ended it by saying I think I'll buy some but that's been cut from Every replay video I can find online By September 8th the price of Solano was 209 and November 21 it reached an All-time high of just under 250 bucks Regardless of what Kramer knew or didn't Know Solana turned out to be a good Mad

Money call and it was a bull market and It was pretty easy to look like a genius So how did he go from bullish gym to This and I think that everybody who owns These various coins you know Salata Litecoin I think you're I do think You're an idiot okay I did not go to College to get stupid these people who Own these things should not own them They shouldn't own them at the top of The market Kramer's telling everyone to Buy Bitcoin buy Solana saying it's Irresponsible not to and it's a great Hedge and now he's calling everyone who Did that an idiot Thanks Jim Thank you For what I can see things start to Change when the price of Bitcoin started Dropping and Jim has no idea why he Still talks about buying some altcoins But his sentiment is definitely changing He tells everyone he owns ethereum and To his credit he gives practical advice Like not borrowing to buy crypto only Putting five percent of your capital and Speculative Investments expecting the Possibility that a crypto investment Might not pay off And as time goes on Crypto Investments with a short time Horizon don't pay off say the least the Fact that we zoom out the history shows Us that Kramer recommends buying and

Selling crypto at all the wrong times Some have dubbed this the double Kramer A history of buying high and selling low Ouch it wasn't just gym a lot of Talking Heads on CNBC we're bullish on crypto in 2021 as well it's culminated on August Of 21 with a CNBC report I think Included one out of 10 investors were Buying crypto he must have started Getting a lot of pushback from people Who lost money which probably got us Where we are today well Jim Cramer Actively fighting crypto and using his Platform to tell anyone and everyone to Sell and never look back He's lashing out and when people lash Out it only means one thing they've got Something to hide so what is Jim Cramer Hiding looking at past videos it's Pretty obvious he's licking wounds after Doing almost no research on crypto and Blindly recommending and reactively Fighting He's made it very clear from the start It doesn't understand what it is it's Crystal Clear it doesn't know Bitcoin Maintains its Supply demand economics With a four-year Bull and Bear cycle you Should watch my show Jim That's how we make our calls and we Might not have gotten all the numbers Exactly right but our timing has been Pretty spot on for the last several Years but instead of calling Jim an

Idiot like he's called us Let's give him the benefit of the doubt And assume that he really does want to Protect investors after all we nuclear Regulation is coming and he knows it too And the SEC can do some damage to Us-based crypto companies and restricts On what investors can do but we forget Is global it's not in a bubble like American stocks even if the U.S ban Crypto enforcing those laws would be a Logistical nightmare blockchains don't Stop except for Solana and regulating Every crypto wallet in America would be Impossible The point here is regardless of what Goes on in the United States with the SEC crypto will continue to be used Around the world And this is where Jim Cramer is hiding Another major research blind spot he's Trading crypto as if they're stocks and They simply aren't in fact they have Almost no similarities to stocks they're A novel investment category we've never Seen them before and they need to be Treated differently Jim is hiding his ignorance by being Bearish after showing the top he's Looking at notorious NBC bears like SBS Buddy Andrew Ross Sorkin and wishes he Could say I told you so but it's too Late they won't be able to use crypto's Volatility saves a reputation

Because pretty soon it's going to swing All the way down it's already damaged Consider this an official invitation to Join the bit Squad we'll show you the Ropes and teach you everything there is To know about crypto you start by Reading my new book catching up to Crypto the links Down Below in the video Description in the meantime let's not Repeat the mistakes of 2019 when CNBC Was telling us not to touch Bitcoin when Actuality It was time to buy and now it's time for Me to say bye be blessed and also screw Jim Kramer Foreign Thank you

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