When Will Bitcoin Bull Market Start! (This Is The Signal)

In today’s livestream, Deezy and guest Dan Gambardello talk Bitcoin! How does Bitcoin dominance affect price? When is Altcoin Season? Who would win in a fight – Elon or Zuck? All these questions and more will be answered!

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0:00 Intro
0:46 BTC Dominance
4:55 Stablecoin Theory
11:06 Elon vs. Zuck
12:56 BTC Price Prediction
16:10 Outro

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Zuckerberg vs musk in a cage match who Do you have your money on you know what I think he might try to get some Neuralink a hacks or maybe fill his body With Nanobots give himself like Chimpanzee strengths there might be Something there [Music] Well Dan we're I guess we're going to Talk about Bitcoin dominance I mean how Do you feeling about Bitcoin dominance You heard me say I believe you know we Have Bitcoin bsv pumping Bitcoin cash Pumping in the past that's a scary scary Sign that things are about to fall I Mean what are the charts telling you Here I guess I'll share my screen let's Just jump into it let's jump let's dive In Bitcoin Dominator I want to I want to Try and break this down like as simply As possible leave a side emotion like Just pull in the data so I guess to set Context to this Bitcoin dominance chart The the most important thing just the Way that I see the charts anyway if we Go to just a regular Bitcoin chart it's All for me based on the bull market Starting right and for me it's these Areas bull market doors that's bitcoin's Bull market doors bitcoin's bull market Doors back in 2017 2020 uh and speculatively post 2024 Having kind of all the way over here And very simply what those doors are for

Me is it's a bull market High to a bear Market low and it's just this Retracement this Fibonacci when Bitcoin's breaking through there Aggressively that is the bull market Really just kind of starting right so There it is last cycle in 2020 here it Is in 2016-17 and you can even go all The way back and we had Bitcoin bull Market doors all the way back here in 2013. that parabolic just here we go Type of environment so if you pull that Area on the charts to bitcoin dominance This is what we're looking at all the Way over here potentially speculatively Bull market doors and I know there's a Lot of people talking about The bull Market's starting now and I That's just not something that I agree With I think we're kind of in between That area now the end of the bear market And the beginning of the next bull Market so very similar to kind of right Here Back in 2019 and you can just see Bitcoin dominance on the way up then We're in a very similar move right now The condominance is making its move but The thing that just really stands out to Me on this chart on the Bitcoin Dominance chart Is if you go to the Bitcoin bull market Doors being broken post 2016 having Bitcoin dominance fell in that bull

Market right If you go back to the bull market doors That we just looked at being broken in 2020 It had a little bit of an uptick at the Beginning of the bull market and then in The bull market Bitcoin and it fell Again So I'm very much just anticipating yes In the short to mid term until we get to The next bull market dominance can very Much continue to rise but this next bull Market I I very much to see it falling again if Not more more drastically and this area Up here I've just this lower high area For dominance it's another Fibonacci It's a swing high of the last Bitcoin Dominance pump to the swing low of Bitcoin dominance so I'm kind of leaving All this room like 60 65 dominance for Bitcoin from now until we get into just That next Bitcoin having Bitcoin bull Market whatever you want to call it and Just to kind of sum all that up and end This and to kind of tie in all coins to What I'm saying you hear a lot about Altcoin season if you just look at the Dominance chart altcoin season is Basically the bull markets that's all That's all season you know what I'm Saying so we might have a ways to go Before alt season truly is here And the one kind of

Outlier here one factor that really Plays into this and I'm really just Curious to see how it plays out Is everything going on with the SEC And the attack on crypto right now Everybody's so hype about Bitcoin and The Bitcoin narrative because all coins Certain all coins are very much under Attack right now right so there's kind Of this strength to bitcoin uh even from A risk assessment standpoint and we see Bitcoin kind of making a move to the Upside because of that but even with This attack on all coins Bitcoin dominance still lower than where It was at this part of the last cycle And that I mean that says something yeah So I have a theory and I don't really Hear many people talking about it it's The uh the there's an overlooked Factor When it comes to bitcoin dominance is That is the amount of stable coins in The market now what do you think of this Theory I'm just going to unpack it a Little bit I think as we get less uh Well more friendly Regulators in the System or maybe you know the the signals By BlackRock Fidelity it seems like Maybe there's some moves where there's a Slight shift in the regulatory Environment I think a stable coin will Be given the favorable treatment of Being labeled a commodity once that Happens a huge huge influx of uh stable

Coins is going to emerge second Point Here how do some whales buy Bitcoin sure There's some OTC deals you got you know The guy and I'll meet you in Dubai and You know I'm gonna give you a billion Dollars in cash you're going to give me A billion dollars in Bitcoin sure that Happens sometimes but a lot of times They initially put a whole bunch of Money into the ecosystem via stable Coins you've seen tether Prince during a Bull run oh tether just printed another Three billion oh tether just printed Another 500 million what is that if not A whale entering into the market via Tether and then what do they usually do With that tether I think they buy some Bitcoin and so you have this huge influx Of stable coins every billion printed at Tether is a nice knock on bitcoin Dominance and then I think they Immediately buy Bitcoin so we have Bitcoin pumping at the same time Domination falling and it all makes Sense if you just think of yeah a whale He'd mark it by he goes to the tether Offices he gives them the pile of cash They give them a pile of tether and a Wallet and then he just goes on binance Any swaps into Bitcoin what do you think Of that theory how more and more stable Coins as we move forward will enter the System rendering this metric uh you know Just less powerful I definitely agree

I'm kind of curious are your thoughts With everything you just said like what Time frame on this chart do you see that Coming into play so I see it happening a Little bit sooner this time I think We're going to have black rock Fidelity Vanguard these ETFs maybe even some Sovereign Nations you know maybe even Some EU Banks we saw something with Deutsche Bank is going to try to do Custody so I I think they're going to uh Essentially you could make it six months Earlier I think it's going to happen a Little bit earlier what that does to Price action I don't know you know I Mean already the last cycle was a little Bit odd with the double top you know Technically three years ten months it Should it should have topped in October November which it largely did but then We got the early pump in April and so You know there's some weird factors at Play here you know I don't know if it's Institutional money trying to front run A bull market creating an early bull Market I I just kind of thought of that Actually that maybe maybe that's what's Happening there yeah and that's what I'm Trying I'm trying to really pinpoint This time around too because everything Really does even with all the crazy Headlines that we have going on Everything does Seem I don't want to I don't want to say

This but it seems a little different This this cycle yeah because I mean what The SEC is doing is kind of foundational To why it's so different because we have Coinbase now And binance and ripple it's not like They're in this like weak defensive Position like years past I mean ripple At the beginning what did coinbase do They've removed xrp like right away like All right all right we're sorry xrp Let's get rid of it now coinbase is Coming out you have like uh their Chief Legal officer basically Paul graywall I Think his name is just putting out Videos just like yo we're gonna we're Here to fight bet Brian Armstrong We're here we're happy to represent the Industry let's move forward we're going To keep building they're not removing All coins like Ada this time right so Yeah there's just something different in The air right now you know what's funny Is you know what was the Crux of that Change it could be Gary ginsler's videos He's going out there like he's you know Richard Hart and 21 you know hey you Know I'm I got some clever pun about Steak knives and staking and you know Here's a picture of a vampire with the Wooden stake and you would not expect That in 2020 you would not expect yeah You know I I could see when Jerome Powell was nominated he's gonna make

Memes no I never would have guessed that So maybe they're taking a page out of Their book and you know I'm gonna fight Fire with fire you're gonna try to make Some clever 50 second video well I'm Gonna make some sound bites for you so Maybe uh they started this I know that Sounds a little challenge you know what They started it Dan Gary started it that Really is kind of what it is it's like If he's going to Fallout attack which He's been doing he's from a PR Perspective it's it's just the worst way Possible like he's really failed in that Regard I just think you know the donors The people that were maybe in support of Him originally they really are kind of Like uh what are you doing dude you know Well it reminds me I don't know if it's Sun Tzu or just a Chinese proverb but You know there's death by a thousand Paper cuts and the SEC has a finite Amount of resources I don't know what That number is but they only have so Many employees they only have so many Dollars in the bank they have only so Many man hours per a work week and now They're maybe being spread thin like Butter over too much bread to quote uh Bilbo Baggins there we have this xrp Case we have this coinbase case we have This binance.us case and then there's a Little thing called FTX and so maybe at The moment people are sniffing blood you

Know coinbase you know what maybe they Can't devote 80 of their resources on Me Maybe now they can only devote 12 of the Resources and he got Mexi and okay Gemini and Kraken maybe some of these People are going to start seeing this uh The shift in resources and say you know What now is the time for Jesse Powell to Fight after the SEC so there could be a Little bit of they're spreading Themselves too thin and maybe now is the Time to take advantage of that I think So which is which is great to see that These guys are like coinbase and all Them going on the kind of offensive now Foreign [Applause] I really need to get your two cents on This very very hot button topic and that Is Mark versus Elon Zuckerberg versus Musk in a cage match who do you have Your money on will it happen I think it will happen I'm on elon's Side here with this right but come on I Don't know he needs some I think he Could use some tips and training yes I Feel like Mark Zuckerberg's definitely Got the Jiu Jitsu stuff going on like he Does this thing yeah he's got a Serial Set but he's definitely like pretty Serious about it right so you don't Understand but I I think Iron Man Don't underestimate the whale move I saw Elon kind of revealing some of his

Secrets though it's called the whale I Guess he just layers yeah the walrus is That what he called it the walrus yeah I Don't know if that's a play on Elon Tusk Uh the the Rick and Morty reference Maybe maybe it is I don't know uh you Know what I think he might try to get Some neuralink a hacks or maybe fill his Body with Nanobots give himself like Chimpanzee strengths there might be Something there yeah there absolutely It's gonna be sick I just know that I'm Kind of interested to see it play out so It's up there with moon landing I'm Gonna say it's moon landing it's below It but you know not by much well I think It really plays into this whole I mean There's obviously this like I don't even Know social media War right the Dynamics Between Facebook and Twitter are so Different between censorship and kind of Freedom of speech so it's gonna be kind Of fun to watch the fans of Facebook and The fans of Mark Zuckerberg and the fans Of Elon they're kind of just rooting Against each other it's like a different Kind of sport it's like a social sport It's weird I want them to have trainers In the Corner we can get some select Like the rock or so you know like maybe The Rock and Vin Diesel and opposite Ends maybe get like uh Dr Hotes on one Side and like a different doctor with Contrary point on the other you know

They're the ones Oh They'll Jam the Q-tip up the nose and like no no it's Not blood I'm checking your PCR I think Timbo Slice has something here we I mean We talked dominance we talked about a Lot of stuff while you guys were talking We kissed 31. then we literally just Seconds ago hit 31 400. uh we're right Now at 31-2 we didn't talk about bitcoin Price Dan where do you see the actual Price of Bitcoin getting uh forget Dominance where are we going over the Next couple weeks and months before Maybe a pullback and then later on we'll Hit that window so how high do we get Before the real window starts so this is Crazy bitcoin's breaking this area I've Been watching obviously probably a lot Of people watching this was the swing High back here mid April so we had this Falling wedge or falling Channel hit the Target which was pretty confluent with That resistance area so my my biggest Thing right now that I'm watching we Have a forty two thousand I know it's Gonna sound crazy we have a 42 000 Target out of this Rising wedge this is Like a a big Target obviously this isn't Like an overnight thing this isn't even Like in a few weeks this could take a Little bit longer but my biggest thing Right now We broke this area I'd like to see on This daily chart there's still eight

Hours left what kind of Separation Bitcoin can get from a close like you Know we get these pumps and on the Shorter term it just like it dies right And there's just a crazy Wick right here That'll be the first thing I'd be Watching if Bitcoin can just close a Daily candle above 30 800 so that's like 400 away from where it is and then what Kind of separation from that area can Bitcoin get that's probably the biggest Thing and then I think more importantly what's Happening on the monthly is something I Wanted to point out we have the 20 month Moving average seven and a half days Left this is probably the bigger Question for me because I'm more of a Macro person if Bitcoin can close Above This 20 month moving average this would Be huge because the last time Bitcoin Has closed a candle above that area was On its way down in the bull market or Bear Market in April uh and then if it's Happening if this move continues Bitcoin Starts really rallying to or towards This 42 000 Target to the upside We have a huge indicator about to go off If you just look at this on the monthly This is a monthly macd the last time we Got a macd Crossing above the signal Line was Right before that last bull market so Yeah it's looking strong I mean these

Little moves to the upside on the short Term they they really do play into these These bigger moves and like DZ was Saying I mean maybe maybe everything Happens a little bit earlier this time And that will be interesting to see you Know with all all we need is some Ridiculous bullish Catalyst whether it's Something crazy good happening with a Coinbase case binance case the ETF stuff That could push some bullish narrative Whether or not you think it's good for Crypto or not just some some news that Is that is very big from a macro Perspective Elon Market buys for Tesla Bitcoin Moment and you know we don't know what It is but yeah when it does happen yeah I tend to agree we're going to see some Fireworks whether it's an xrp case or You know uh Michael Saylor says I'm Buying more you know it's another four Billion we'll see what it is but when it Happens hey guys you better have your Seat on the rocket ship everyone's mad I Haven't asked you anything about cardano I I love cardano I know you love cardano As well uh I'll go ahead and put it out Here I think I think we hit about 660. Next Bull Run is that your oh for are You talking like all the time yeah we Could go up to nine but yeah I'm kind of You know just kind of looking at Previous all-time highs and reducing the

Multiple from three dollars ten cents I Come up with you know a little bit maybe More than a two 2.2 x uh maybe it's a 3X Which would be a little above nine Dollars but I'm coming in at like around A two and a quarter X from previous All-time I guess I think that's fair I Think a conservative range I think a Good range is seven to ten bucks okay Um and it could surpass it it could fail To to get it but that's for another Video we'll talk about it yeah maybe Maybe that agix robot maybe it takes Over the world and it becomes you know a Hundred dollars a coin we don't know What's gonna happen Dan always a great Time guys everybody make sure you go Give them uh watch some of his videos is Really great stuff thanks bro I Appreciate you having me on dude always A great time Dan one of the best guests Off ATV love you Dan [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music]