Whose Bitcoin Spot ETF Will Be First?

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Wall Street money pouring into the ETF Race is it going to happen [Music] [Music] [Music] Kathy Woods Arc reportedly first in line For a spot Bitcoin ETF they filed for an ETF with 21 shares long before BlackRock Dig and its application is reportedly First in line okay so uh looks like we Don't have anything highlighted here but I was looking at her tweets that looks Like an ad so Kathy Wood she's Reportedly ahead In mid-june Black Rock of course uh Invested so BlackRock invested a couple Weeks ago uh but they filed uh all the Way back in April and that is now the Only one ahead of black rocks here uh Many people are observing that they Could should be ahead of anyone uh for a Spot Bitcoin ETF uh let's see they're First in line because the next SEC Decision date this is important August 13 2023 and so we don't have a date for The other applications like the one form Uh BlackRock here so uh looks like uh Maybe they're going to be first in line Maybe they're going to be ahead of Grayscale we'll see how that ends up Playing out I don't know the ins and Outs of ETF approvals yeah and how that Works with Wall Street and you know the SEC and everything I'm sure there's some

Back alley rooms where everyone kind of Knows each other and I don't know if That's going to have any effect on the The application process but I would Think it would I would love to hear the Details of what the rules on the SEC is In terms of their uh approval do they Have to approve do they have to approve Or deny them in order could they just Straight out approve big yet we put a Poll there in chat uh 81 of you guys are Saying BlackRock gets approved first so Here's another scenario delay for you D's I want to hear your take on it Let's just let's just pretend for a Second they do have to address Ark Invest first before they can even deal With uh with uh uh BlackRock [Music] [Music] Do you think that date August 13th they The SC has from now till then to find Some BS way to deny Arc invest so that they can give the First one to Blackrock do you think That's going too far what are your Thoughts about what the SEC is going to Do well the biggest the the going too Far thoughts I've had is uh you know BlackRock submitted this knowing it's Going to fail knowing it would create a Dump and then they would buy in and then They would submit the application with The correct paperwork and then they

Would get approved and then we'd have The real bull run this would be the False top I don't know if I'm buying all That uh but you know At this point I don't know I don't know You know trust is at an all-time low With Regulators I feel so I think trust Is at all time low with our government So honestly at this point there's no Telling what kind of handshake Agreements are going to be in the Background and if someone's going to get Secret approval or secret denials I did See someone in chat they gave another Flip to the whole another like wrinkle To the whole story saying did BlackRock Know they're going to be denied do they Are there all these submissions should The SC can deny all of them and then There's a crash in the market so they Can all Buy in low and then they get Approved later on there's a lot that we Don't know but I I think I'm in Agreement with Chad I think I think one Way or another BlackRock gets the first Approved ETF the question is do they Just jump Arc or does art get denied We'll see I mean this seems a signal That that doesn't happen but again but We will see I missed the TJ Ben Duo uh Lots Ben will be on later Harley and Don't you worry we got a good Duo going On here yeah Harley uh we'll ride you Off into the sunset and by the end

You're going to be quite happy someone Said DZ should show his real love for Cardano and buy the OG nft on cardano This is a buried by Barry ales the floor 69 000 cardano uh yeah I don't know if I'll Be buying any of these uh anytime soon The last sold for 60k 50k 50k 70k 85k uh Yeah yeah so uh who well maybe yeah down The line down the line all right reality Preparing to submit Bitcoin ETF filing Uh according to a source expected to Submit their own filing Source tells the Blog this will say the recent ETF race Has kicked off by BlackRock earlier this Month uh Source familiar with the firm Say it plans to submit as soon as today Following the lead of asset manager BlackRock this will be Fidelity's second Attempt at such a product in 2021 it Filed for uh ETF called the wise origin Bitcoin trust but was denied in early 2022 so tonight about a year and a half Ago Fidelity is also a Powerhouse with Tens of millions of retail brokerage Clients and over 11 trillion in assets Under its Administration also no Stranger to cryptos it's operated in Institutional custody and trading Service business in the market since 2018. uh what is that business I'm Wondering this should be Fidelity Digital assets okay so if they've been In the space just more and more uh Wall

Street money pouring into the ETF race Is it going to happen Yeah [Music] [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Music]