Will Biden ALLOW Bitcoin ETF?

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Biden wasn't always adversarial against Crypto it was only after the Wonder Boy The poster child that's right Long-haired SPF once that collapse Happened that's when they signed no no We don't like crypto well you did four Months ago you had secret meetings just Earlier [Music] [Music] [Music] Now for the top story of the day Everybody we're going to be talking ETFs We're going to be talking Tokyo we're Talking all the places Europe's biggest Bank as support for Bitcoin and ethereum ETFs in Hong Kong I'm talking about HSBC This is on Monday June 26th that is Today the largest European bank has Allowed its customers at its Hong Kong Branch the largest bank in the special Administrative region of China to buy And sell Bitcoin ETFs on the Hong Kong Exchange according to widely followed Crypto reporter Colin Wu of course China And Hong Kong same region but they're Going to have different uh rules for the Hong Kong autonomous Zone there Hong Kong Regulators asked major Banks to Accept more crypto clients the support For crypto ETFs comes after The Regulators put pressure on International Banks operating in the city to take on More crypto clients more specifically uh

They ask HSBC Standard Chartered and the Bank of China to accept more exchanges As clients per the report traditional Banking Giants in Hong Kong are reluct To take on more crypto clients due to Resistance from senior Executives Stemming from recent high-profile Collapses in the industry hkma reported Reportedly encouraged the banks to not Be afraid I think this is going to be Risk adverse Senior Management they've Seen what has happened they probably Remember the the switch over from Great Britain control over to Chinese control Maybe they're seeing some correlation There maybe it's seeing you know hey Maybe there's going to be some rules That change we could get rug pulled we Saw what China did with crypto in 2021 We don't want to repeat that situation So we don't want to invest billions and Then poof it's all gone in a puff of Smoke but I think uh you know maybe That's just senior leadership the Government pressuring them to Signal Some support means it could be more Long-term support but I would not Bank On that now Tim what are your thoughts On Hong Kong's long-term support for Crypto yeah I mean they've kind of made It known this is a story been developing For months now first of all the good Part about this is that it does have China's stamp of approval I mean yes

It's different China and Hong Kong are Not the same but China controls Hong Kong and China kind of I can almost see This is like China watching what Hong Kong's doing to kind of be a testing Ground to see will this play out in a Way that's favorable to us because it's Still China they still want their Control so there's a lot of things still Closing mainland China and then you know So you're saying well it's only one Small section of China is able to uh you Know invest into this Market I would say This any billionaire in China can Probably have an office in Hong Kong I Don't know why they wouldn't be able to Unless it's yes uh you know Alibaba CEO Too soon all right let's uh check out This YouTube video Jack ma of course We're talking about there [Music] [Music] All right uh we have this guy he's Saying no way Bitcoin ETF gets approved In the Biden Administration this is About 27 seconds long Brady what about though the odds of the Bitcoin spot ETFs getting approval right Because they say no way in the body Administration I say no way in the by Administration that's my call like Um I don't think it'll happen Interesting what do you think needs to Change in order for it to happen down

The line Administration yeah I mean like Honestly it's just this Administration Has just at this point with all the Things they've done they've just made it Clear that they're not interested in Crypto being a part of the US economy Right like that just there is nothing That's come out of anything related to The White House that has shown any Positive sign in any way it's just it's A fall attack I can't explain why but Um but that's the case so um I just Don't I don't think there's anything Anyone can do I think BlackRock knows This I think they're just you know Getting their feet wet uh they're sort Of figuring it out getting a rejection In sort of letting the world know They're interested and then when the World when there's a different Administration that's a little more open To it uh then they'll really do it but I Mean I could be wrong but you know I I Don't think we're gonna see a Bitcoin ETF uh with fine in the White House all Right so a couple things there one he is Saying and the 575-1 record is going to Be broken is going to be 575 to 2 saying They will get rejected the reason They're getting rejected is the signals We've seen from the bite Administration Well I'm going to add one wrinkle that Perhaps this guy's not thinking about Biden wasn't always adversarial against

Crypto it was only after the Wonder Boy The poster child that's right Long-haired SPF once that collapse Happened that's when they said well no No we don't like crypto well you did Four months ago you had secret meetings Just earlier well now all of a sudden You're inviting them over into your home But now you don't like crypto no it's Only after the FTX collapse that they Are signaling no no no we we really Really dislike crypto so I'm not gonna Say it's a no here I'm gonna say it will Get approved that is my guess Tim Stan Stand for something are they going to Get approved or denied yeah they're Going to and this guy first of all I Don't know who he is second of all he he Didn't sound like he was confident about His take whatsoever it's just more of an Opinion he's throwing out there which by The way that's that's a lot of people I Mean that's a lot of us sometimes as Influencers however when it comes to This situation it doesn't take a lot to To kind of dig through the crap and get To What's Happening Here Yeah Biden was Pro-crypto when he had his voice Sam Bateman freed that went down now he has To restrict because they want control That's all this is and we're seeing Happen in China China's government they Want control American government they Want control they had to FUD they had to

Flood binance they had to fund coinbase They had to flood all these other Exchanges because they don't have Control of those exchanges but where They will have control is where they Allowed the black rocks you know it was Always odd The Sovereign Nation Ukraine Was a principal investor in FTX That was always odd yeah and then you Know you saw the allegations of bribery Money you know being funneled money Disappearing the list of odd things when It comes to Ukraine is piling up and It's too long of a list to cover in a in One video yeah yeah that whole psyop Over the weekend you know oh you know There's a big coup that's happening and Then you know big fat nothing Burger There [Music] All right [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Music]