Will BlackRock Bitcoin ETF Corrupt Crypto?

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00:44 blackrock tweet
01:20 blackrock story
05:28 defi next to be targeted by the sec?

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And in my mind I'm like you idiot you Have no idea my best knowledge of Bitcoin if only you could tell wait till The future shows I will show you 95 000 Bitcoin and your lips are just a Completely different [Music] [Music] [Music] Hey Uh here's just a good breakdown to talk About the BlackRock recruiter exposing Their manipulation and control exerted By financial institutions uh he did just A really good breakdown of the James O'Keefe uh tweet there where they they Got someone on video uh where he says BlackRock decides people's Fates uh it's Not who the president is it's who's Controlling the wallet of the president You got 10K you can buy a senator war is Real effin good for business so uh Uh there's a little husky uh reaction There gotta love the Husky there all Right uh so yeah he did a really good Breakdown on that so if you want to Learn more check that out Eric Wall all Right well during the CT minute you saw Me liking all those tweets with the the Black Rock leak well that's what we're Going to talk about right now uh similar To what happened uh with the project Veritas stuff with James O'Keefe what do We have we have a deleted LinkedIn well

Who's Sergey varlay he's the guy that Was in the video and he has deleted he's Deleted his LinkedIn uh he dropped the Bombshell that exposed the recruiter the Latter revealed what the company takes Part which includes corruption bribery And encouraging Wars since being Investigated he has momentarily deleted His LinkedIn however the same has Reappeared online uh the the journalist Recently spoke to the recruiter who Unintentionally leaked some of the Company's secrets and how they Essentially Run the World Without The Public's knowledge he said in one of the Interactions with the O'Keefe uh Ops Operatives here they don't want to be in The news they don't want people to talk About them they don't want to be Anywhere in the radar I expect it's Probably because it's easier to do Things when people aren't thinking about It we've been screaming about BlackRock For years we've screaming about Corruption we've been screaming about How the elites are trying to pull Strings without people really knowing Well this is literally proof right there So the more we talk about it the more we Put Blackrock in a thumbnail the more I Start shouting from the rooftops the More we can actually affect some change Because Is it's going to be one person at a time

Okay so what do we have coming up we Have Fourth of July let's all be that Weirdo that brings duck don't bring up The vax okay don't bring up hotels don't Bring up UFOs just bring up BlackRock Okay don't bring up reproductive let's Just bring up BlackRock maybe bring up Inflation yeah and then see where the Conversation goes because yeah we do Need uh people uh this is a good sell Zone okay well That could be could be I have to look at That market Seifer B DZ on July 4th if Your family rejects you just talk Yourself up with an inner monologue get Yourself going keep pushing through The fight is on I mean we gotta on a More serious note like it is like just So people know like not not that us Talking about BlackRock we're not going To take power away from BlackRock Blackrock's very powerful but they do Lose power with people talking about Them and and the concept of what they do With their corruption yeah so we need to Keep that conversation going not that we Are actually going to take power away From them in terms of long long haul but It does keep their power in check that They know that they're being watched and They got to think about their moves a Little more they got to be more Deceptive when they want to crush people So all right uh here we have buyers in

With this quote right here he talks About can you can buy your candidates First there's Senators these guys are F And cheap you got 10 grand you could buy A senator you got 10 grand you can buy a Senator I could give you 500k right now No questions asked are are you going to Do what needs to be done it doesn't Matter who wins they're in my pocket I Want to do it again the price of bread Literally everything goes up and down This is fantastic if you're trading Volatility creates business opportunity To make profit war is real effing good For business it's exciting when Goes wrong right This guy's evil man this guy's evil and He's not even one of these like 80 year Old octogenarians that you know I only Got five more years on this world I Don't care if everyone's eating crickets In 10. this guy's like you know looks Like he's closer to my age and so just To see him So blindly working with the elites it's Uh it's frustrating do you think that Guy has inner monologues easy Um it is the same noise as a cricket's Leg you know it's like insects maybe This quote was an accidental inner Monologue that he accidentally said it's The Crag crab clicking noise of the Predator that's that's what his inner Monologue is

Foreign [Music] [Music] Stable coins D5 likely to be sec's next Target in U.S crypto Crackdown uh stable Coins and D fire likely become the next Targets uh of the SEC on the crypto Industry barenberg said a report on Tuesday uh they're looking to reduce the Potential for unregulated D5 protocols To serve as viable alternatives to Regulated lenders and exchanges then They could Target the stable coins that Serve as the lifeblood of D5 uh Barenbergs also said the USBC is Targeted uh by U.S Regulators the impact On coinbase Revenue could be significant Noting that first quarter 23 they Generated 200 million in net revenue From interest income earned on usdc Reserve so they're crushing it uh making Their little yield off you know some of These larger institutional D5 protocols There Um yeah so D5 rate this Niche how's D5 Going to do All right so we got two competing Narratives here we have the narrative That it is a better system and then we Have The Narrative of regulators hate it Because it's unregulated and so these Two systems are going to be at battle BlackRock is seemingly signaling they Want to back door their way into you

Know flash loans and D5 but they're Going to signal that it's bad and so to Me this is ultimately D5 will win Because BlackRock wants it to win and I Don't mean to sound jaded right here but I I think that is what's going to be the The pivotal point because what do we see Right before BlackRock Fidelity all These ETFs we saw coinbase action from The SEC we saw binance U.S action so we Saw this huge flood campaign while Institutional investors are pouring in I Think we're going to see the same thing We're going to see a fud campaign on Defying stable coins meanwhile they're Going to be rushing in and so me I I Think D5 will win what do you think Yeah yeah I I think so I there's a lot There's a lot still here unpack I'm even With the stable coin conversation DC I Don't know if we have time on the show Today to do it but sometimes like I I Maybe we'll have to do something down The road with special memberships to Hear certain conversations we have Behind the scenes in our prep because DZ And I talked for I don't know like what 10 minutes before the show going back And forth on what Bitcoins price is Going to look like uh with all of these New ETFs coming out then we're also Going to talk about what what Stablecoin's gonna look like uh I don't Know do you want to get into some of

That conversation you want to say that For another day uh we'll save it we'll Save it's already past 12 30. we still Got a xrp and a potential q a but they Cannot measure my power level wrapping That point up though I think that that Stable coins are going to play a Significant factor the question is how Regulated were they how regulated will They be what will they look like will we See a lot of actual stable coins or will We see a lot of uh you know cbdc's that Operate like stable coins there's a lot Of question marks we still have about What the future looks like yeah so you Gotta kind of wait for that [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Applause] [Music]