Will Recession Crash BTC & SP500 | Recession Fears | #recession #btcnews

🔴Video Title: Will Recession Crash BTC & SP500 | Recession Fears | #recession #btcnews
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After three consecutive years of calling For a recession will the analysts get it Right in 2024 let's find out we're going to stick To the data and the facts not the news Headlines not the emotions and not your Friend at work telling us the market is Going to collapse let's dive in this Chart shows us every year that the S&P 500 had a down year then an upe and what Happened after that and the results are Phenomenal 86% of the time the following Year was an up year can you believe it This chart shows all of the years that Were up after after a down year and what Followed from that point in the last 60 Years there were no down years in the Last 60 years but in the last 90 years There were three so is this time going To be different we focus on the facts Data and the cycle so cut the noise from Your trading and investing subscribe to The channel and I'll see you at our next [Music] Update