Wow! Something Big is Happening Right Now… w/ Cryptocurrency in February 🤯

Wow! Something Big is Happening Right Now... w/ Cryptocurrency in February 🤯

Will Bitcoin recover 2023? Crypto news February? Let’s discuss the latest cryptocurrency news for bitcoin, ethereum, altcoins, & MORE! SLAP THE LIKE BUTTON! 👋

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00:00 Crypto News Today
00:18 Amazon To Enter Cryptocurrency THIS YEAR (HUGE)
03:23 Ted Cruz Crypto Legislation Announcement
4:25 George Santos FTX BRIBE | Crypto News
06:19 SBF FTX Caught ‘Witness Tampering’!!
07:51 Bullish Tezos (XTZ) News!
09:33 Kevin O’Leary LATEST Crypto Interview

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There's something big happening right Now with cryptocurrency we'll start with Amazon quickly get to Ted Cruz and his New Bitcoin legislation and then finish With possibly the biggest news Sam Bankman freed bribing again and how this Affects you as a crypto investor hit the Like button to support me and let's Start with Amazon now officially to Enter the crypto nft Market with gaming Initiative this has been confirmed by Six different sources that the world's Largest retailer is planning to launch a Digital asset Enterprise focused on Non-fundable tokens and web3 gaming this Spring so per the report Amazon's Initiative is in the relatively early Stages of development and the firm is Expecting to make an official Announcement in April furthermore the E-commerce giant has more than a dozen Partners lined up for the project Including layer 1 blockchains blockchain Based gaming startups and developers in Digital asset exchanges And subscribe Members of this channel already know Some of the blockchains and companies That Amazon's working with of course it Was about nine months ago last year that Amazon CEO hinted at possible nft sales In the future so about nine months ago We shared this with you that Amazon was Working behind the scenes and then just Three weeks ago we learned that AWS

Amazon web services partners with Cryptocurrency Avalanche the scale Blockchain solutions for Enterprises and Governments so Amazon is already using Avalanche I would guess that other L Ones they would probably use for an nft Gaming platform would obviously be Ethereum and polygon they are the name Brands and then we'll just have to see Which other dap platform L ones that Amazon ends up using Now in a direct quote from the report on How Amazon plans to integrate nfts in Gaming in general one example in the Works is getting Amazon customers to Play crypto games and claim free nfts in The process adding that Amazon Executives leading the initiative have Reached out to at least one family Office in recent months and they've also Allegedly planned to conduct an nft drop With an artist but this has been Cooperated by six different sources that Amazon is getting into crypto gaming it Is worth noting that Amazon has been Posting roles for developers and Engineers in the web3 realm since 2021 Back then the company posted that they Were seeking a digital currency and Blockchain product lead with a deep Understanding of the digital Cryptocurrency ecosystem again all these Clues from the past year including job Listings integration with L1 blockchains

Their CEO flat out telling us we know Know that Amazon with their over 197 Million monthly active users it's no Surprise that they're looking to get Into cryptocurrency starting with crypto Gaming and by the way I did not know This that Amazon already offers its Prime service subscribers which I am Access to a video game platform members Of the service can access the platform's Catalog and receive monthly rewards to Claim AAA games the new nft initiative Could bolster the service by offering New rewards and attracting new users all These signals tell me that Cryptocurrency is not going away in fact It's only getting bigger for example Senator Ted Cruz wants Capitol Hill Vending machines to accept crypto if the Texas senator's resolution is passed his Congressional colleagues and Capitol Hill visitors will be able to buy some Pringles with Bitcoin while burning the Midnight oil so what are these details On Wednesday Cruz introduced a Concurrent resolution that if adopted Would require the architect of the Capital the secretary of the Senate and The chief administrative officer of the House of Representatives to only Contract with food service contractors And bending machine operators that Accept cryptocurrency for the capital Complex in Washington DC and this by

Itself may seem insignificant to some After all they're just vending machines But for me and I think Ted gets this That this is a way of normalizing Bitcoin and crypto for our lawmakers And I do have to mention before we get To the Sam bankman freed bombshell of a News story it turns out that FTX execs Not Sam bankman trade but other high up Execs maxed out their donations to Representative George Santos and FEC Filings federal election committee Filings I believe was what that stands For have revealed that the New York Congressman George Santos Under Fire for A plethora of lies and Misrepresentations was a favored Candidate among ftx's leadership so who Specifically maxed out their donations Well it was Ryan salami ftx's co-ceo Clear Watanabe a former FTX senior executive And ramik Aurora the company's ex head Of product all donated the maximum Possible amount to Santos's campaign Permitted under federal law during the Summer of 2022. now George Santos wasn't The only candidate they donated to Besides Santos they donated to one Salami's girlfriend who was up for a House seat and it was a huge crypto Proponent and then also Carrick Flynn Who was a so-called effective altruist So these two make sense because the

Beliefs sort of line up with what FTX Believed in but why would they Dole out Maximum contributions to Santos is less Clear Santos never made the issues of Crypto effect voltrism or financial Regulation Central to his Congressional Campaign yet they gave him the max Amount of money so we'll just have to See what crypto regulation or lack of or Pro or against what Santos does Involving cryptocurrency in this year if He lasts that long obviously he's Already lied about what college he went To how he was a big volleyball star at The college so as this story develops on The crypto side I will keep you updated Big news coming out of the Department of Justice Sam bankman freed apparently tried to Influence Witnesses through signal so This is a messaging platform and as the Doj is reporting Sam bankman freed should be barred from Encrypted messaging software including Signal over fears of possible witness Tampering prosecutors claim that bankman Freed's overtures to FTX U.S general Counsel his name is Ryan Miller Constituted a possible attempt at Witness tampering so he was speaking to FTX Us's lawyers in fact his direct Message on Signal was I would really Love to reconnect and see if there's any Way for us to have a constructive

Relationship use each other as resources When possible or at least to vet things With each other so trying to Buddy Buddy Up to the other side's lawyers and Bankman Freight has also been in contact With other current and former FTX Employees as well as per the filing and When specifically did this happen the Government claims that bankman freed Wrote to Miller via signal the encrypted Messaging app on January 15th days after Bankruptcy officials at the crypto Exchange disclosed the recovery of more Than five billion dollars in FTX assets So FTX U.S lawyers started discovering a Bunch of money that was still there and SPF chose the message and say hey let's Talk before we reveal any more big Stories to the public and this is pretty Big if you hold tezos you'll love this The California Department of Motor Vehicles to digitize car title Management system via tezos and the Reason that they're doing this is the Agency is looking to modernize its Current system and bring greater Transparency to car title transfers so They didn't choose cardano they didn't Choose polka dot they chose tezos this Move is part of a collaboration between The California DMV tezos and a Blockchain software firm oxhead Alpha With the latter announcing a successful Proof of concept on January 25th the

California DMV has tapped oxide Alpha to Build a private tezo's test net that has Dubbed a shadow Ledger it's essentially Designed to become a blockchain-based Replication of the agency's current Database so the test net is happening Now and in terms of when to expect the Full release the agency wants to have The shadow Ledger ironed out within the Next three months and following on from That it's looking to roll out Applications such as digital wallets to Hold and transfer non-fungible token car Titles with the DMV acting as a Middleman to oversee such operations Again this should be a signal for you to You that nfts aren't going away our Government is using blockchains tezos And non-fungible tokens to add some Transparency to this to their database And by the way if you love Bitcoin and You'll be in Miami Beach in May 18th Through 20th come hang with us use Altcoin daily for Bitcoin 2023 awesome Crypto conference and use code altcoin Daily for 10 percent off link down below So I believe you lost 15 million with FTX is that if that number is correct That's close you're not scared close Number it's that it's actually 18 Million 18 years counting 18 million and You say you would go back in as Cryptocurrencies could be the 12th Sector of the S P 500 you're confident

Enough to go back in if it's regulated I am back in I bought Bitcoin after Pressed the bull 17 000 I owned polygon I'm involved in many other projects I'm A Believer in the technology I'm not a Believer an unregulated chaos

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