XRP Dominates My Altcoin Strategy (Crypto Portfolio Update 2023)

XRP Dominates My Altcoin Strategy (Crypto Portfolio Update 2023)

Today Ben’s looking at his main portfolio to give you an update on why all the money’s gone and what else he wants to buy in the near future.

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These are going to be the major layer Ones of this bull run for us we're going To be looking at these three as well so That gives us seven we got eight we got Nine but it feels like we're missing a Coin what coin are we missing Oh Welcome to Big Boy crypto My name is Ben today we are going to be Talking about Our portfolio now you're like Ben what In the world is going on here teleport Your portfolio every single week you Show us these portfolios every single Week we've got we have a 1K portfolio We have a 5k portfolio which is ISO 20022 coins or things that could be Considered that 20 oh To do uh we have a 10K portfolio We have a 25k board for the portfolio These are for you guys we're doing these For you now these are real portfolios With real Assets in it Um and you guys know last week uh we've Been having some problems with coin Tracker so we're going to be moving over To a new platform so we'll be back with A regular portfolio video next week but This is not what we're talking about Today we're not talking about any of These what we're talking about is our Main portfolio you guys know we are the Only channel here that shows you our Entire crypto portfolio we did it all

Throughout the Bull Run Um we when we started showing the Portfolio I think the first time we Showed it I think it was around 10 Million dollars is what we had and then At the peak it went all the way up to About 35 million dollars and you're like What happened why'd you quit showing That portfolio Well we took out probably about 10 Million dollars Um not necessarily at the top but on the Way up we put a lot of this into real Estate assets so we think real estate's A great I'm not big on gold or stocks or Anything like that we have a lot of Money in real estate and then where did The rest of it go Foreign Gone That's where it went uh so also known as Celsius so we we took some money out Right value is going down we had like 35 Million dollars Um and then what happens is we get this Down to like where we have about 15 Million dollars in crypto And they're in altcoins and this goes All the way down to about 3 million over The market and then what happened Celsius comes along And this becomes nothing so guys all of Our all coins basically except for our Cardano and a few other we had some

Ethans in places like basically all of Our Um all coins disappeared most of our xrp Was in Celsius Um we have uh like I said our cardano we Had on a staking node this is these are Good reasons why you should have a Staking node uh or or stake your coins Off chain or excuse me on chain because You're protected from some stuff like That but the longer the short of it is We've got to rebuild our altcoin Portfolio that's what we have to do and We're going to be starting this process Over the next few weeks rebuilding this So what are we going to do now this Isn't we've got a lot of money on the Sidelines we can put in Okay so the point is of course we have Business income we can put in as well so What we want to do is we want to look at How are we going to build this portfolio Right how are we going to build this Well the vast majority of this Right needs to be well not vast majority Necessarily but at least probably 30 Percent Of this needs to be Bitcoin and eth Right that's what we believe Bitcoin Each needs if you've got a big portfolio Bitcoin needs to be a large percentage These is going to be no problem so what We're looking at is filling up all this Space right here now what are we going

To fill it up with well first thing We're going to do is we're going to Start dollar cost averaging into all the Coins that we want to be the base of This portfolio so you guys know layer Twos uh these are this is a niche that I Really believe in and so part of this is Going to be these are going to be the Coins we're going to dollar cost to Average into by the way we're going to Dollar cost average into these coins That we're going to put right here so Earlier twos we're going to be dollar Cost averaging and two obviously polygon Slash Matic right Polygon Matic Optimism And arbitrum so these are going to be Coins that we're going to be dollar cost Averaging into for layer twos okay then What we're going to be doing is we're Going to be going into layer ones Because these are our favorite coins Right we love layer ones we Bitcoin Ethereum right ethereum is a layer one So we've already got these two then We're going to start going into H bar Algo Cardano or Ada And ICP So we're going to be going into all four Of these uh pretty hard these are going To be the major layer ones of this bull Run for us we're going to be looking at

These three as well so that gives us Seven we got eight we got nine but it Feels like we're missing a coin what Coin are we missing Do you know Aaron That's right throw the X up that's right You can't forget about freaking x r p You got to throw it in the portfolio I Believe this is going to be the number One performer of the next Bull Run once This lawsuit is over so this is what We're going to be doing we're going to Start building this portfolio out we're Going to start showing you guys this as Well that's all I got be blessed Foreign

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