XRP Lawsuit Over By July! (Ripple Victory Will END SEC)

XRP Lawsuit Over By July! (Ripple Victory Will END SEC)

Will the XRP lawsuit be over by July? We also analyze bitcoin vs. altcoins.

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00:47 Charts w/ Kelly
04:50 Binance story
07:09 Low IQ
07:40 Vintage BitBboy
13:59 Q&A Portfolio Review

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Foreign Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] And if we look at this on the Bitcoin Chart we can actually see this playing Out uh and I'm going to pull up just Traditional indicators here on this one So everybody can follow along what we Can see is Horizon we broke out sure but We have a rising wedge that we had a Little false breakout come back into it Rising wedges typically break out Bearishly now this is further Exemplifying the uncertainty here Because we have this Rising wedge but The price action coming into this is a Falling Channel this is a bullish Structure so we have a bullet structure Within a larger Bearer structure coming Up to this line right here that we Outlined a few weeks ago the center of Uh the center the middle of June which Let's let's talk about it June 13th okay I know that I've gotten uh you know uh Issues before with the court where I had To have a court date set and the court Date usually took six to eight months to A year to happen how the hell did Binance have this charge brought against Them and now they have a court date on June 13th what else is June 13th Hinman Documents coming out what else is June

13th we have the financial means and Services committee or something meeting On digital assets on June 13th we also Have the fomc 13th and 14th all leading Into this I mean absolute catastrophe of Certainty right now so what I would Really suggest regardless of an ETA now Is the time to really make sure that you Understand what your risk exposure is Are you comfortable with are you very Scared if you're very scared right here You're probably too exposed you probably Don't have the right sort of Diversification in your portfolio the Other thing to consider here is that I Wanted to bring up I had the chart up Let me bring this up totals is uh Because of everything going on with the Altcoin market we need to have a be very Vigilant about even if you think you Don't like Bitcoin you only hold all Coins which one I will say is probably Silly because Bitcoin is the safest Digital asset because of the market cap And the amount of uh the time uh that Has been around but we have a strong Possibility we have a strong possibility Of the dominance breaking through this 48 sort of range that we've been in for Two years and why do I say this not only Are we near the top but if there's Uncertainty around all coins then and There's on-ramps and off ramps closing Like for instance on binance usdt was

Closed on binance uh I think it was Today or yesterday people are gonna There's a high probability that people Are going to start uh moving some of Their Capital maybe not entirely out of Crypto but at least some of it to Bitcoin there's more there's more Strength than the certainty of Bitcoin Right now as well as how it's looking in The charts everything is that the bottom Is sort of falling out because of the Certainty and those other assets so We've got to pay attention to this if This does start moving up sharply we may Be seeing a lot more pressure and Liquidity flowing out of the altcoin Market so I just wanted to urge caution Right now uh the only other thing I'll Show is uh in terms of charts is on the On the cardano chart actually that's not The chart let me go back uh on the Cardano chart you know we we saw the the Uh data coming out with uh Robin and Closing off the uh the on-ramps there Well we can see look at this I mean we Fell right out of this Rising wedge what Did it do break bearish that's what they Typically do but if we look at this on This chart right here where's the chart This chart right here I mean I was outlining the the last few Days on the bitlab stream once we lost This level not only do we lose a level We came up retested the level above it

Got rejected this was laid out in the Church for us despite the news and then As we come down right here I was talking About yesterday on the bitlab stream That this may be uh likely if this if This breaks down which just looks like It will why because we have a down Sideways down sideways down sideways Down I I do think that uh cardano is a Very high probability of coming down to This 30 Cent Mark so that's all I really Wanted to share here uh there's a number Of other things I could go into but it Doesn't doesn't it's all about just pace Yourself if you want to know more if You're feeling lost in the markets come Check out bitlab Academy Financial has Traded that it or excuse me added that I Plan to transition to a crypto only Exchange and reiterated that it Maintains one-to-one reserves for all Customer assets The SEC is taken to using extremely Aggressive and intimidating tactics in His pursuit of an ideological campaign Against American digital asset industry Finance.us and our business partners Um have not let's get the whole story Here Have not been spared in the use of these Tactics which has created challenges for Uh the banks with whom we work as a Result in an effort to protect our Customers and platform today we're

Suspending USD deposits and notifying Customers that our begging partners are Preparing to pause Fiat withdrawal Channels as early as June 12 or June 13 2023 we encourage customers take Appropriate action with their UST our Priority is and has always been our Customers we are taking these proactive Steps as we for a Time transition to a Crypto only exchange this is your key Line right here guys this is your key Line we are taking these proactive steps As we For a Time transition to a crypto only Exchange that's not what the headline Said was it To be clear we maintain one to one yada Yada okay so here we go What I've Been Told Is that All that's going on is this is a Transition period right now binance is In the final stages Financial U.S in the Final stage of closing a deal with a new Banking partner in the United States Who Could That Be I don't it's a ballsy bank I'll tell you That much if they're willing to go Against by the SEC and the then the Traditional Banking and the bribes from The banking system to Gary Gensler Um you know are doing [Music] [Music]

She doesn't write articles she writes Tweets you idiot you dummy who said We're talking about writing articles who Said that yes articles would qualify for Pseudonymous I agree tweets do not Laughs Would y'all stop Grow brain [Music] Oh wait what is this here what is this It's vintage bit boy this is vintage Bitboy yes I'm excited about this how Much are we gonna watch this video As much as you would like I would Imagine Very curious to see what it is here a Ripple love story I think what Nick was saying was this Like the second or third video that Nick Was responsible for helping you with I Was on vacation uh that is uh Clearwater Florida I believe this is the I was this Is when I took my kids to the Super Bowl Let's see see what the exact date is no April 9th this the oh oh this is the day This is the uh trip my Hellcat got Stolen on At the airport ah this so we went to Clearwater for the Super Bowl had such a Good time we went back in April as a Family Can't wait for Congressman Donald to get To talk to Gary can't wait for the Attack ads on Gary and Warren and 2024 I

Can't either guitar here we go Channel and all the interwebs my name is Man everybody on the channel I show you How to make money in cryptocurrency if You like money and you love I remember That intro go ahead And make one a full Bitcoin you said Down below also guys if you're in the Xrp army or if you are just in the Crypto Community go ahead and smash that Like button because what I got to talk To you about today is absolutely huge uh And some people may say bigger than my Hair which is hard to do look at that Hair look at that All right guys listen Here's the thing uh we got Bitcoin kind Of pumping right now kind of exciting Stuff I'll talk to you guys about Bitcoin and trading every day I think What's going on right now with xrp is Extremely interesting and I'm announcing Today that I'm officially Oh wow or at least But I'm at least gonna start wow This is when I started falling in love With xrp most people what no clue that 2023 the best way to make there we go With physical products shut up if we Look back people Shilling Xrp who's a financial protest what we're Seeing right now with xrp in all reality Is a protest of the SEC and it is a Protest of the status quo a protest of

The way things have always been if you Guys watch our Channel every single day You guys know uh that uh TJ hates xrp I'm not quite as bearish on it as he is But the fact is I think as a crypto Community community we can join forces Together and see the reverberating Effects that this is going to have this Case between and ripple Labs the Reverberating effects it's going to have And I read an article this morning and It wasn't necessarily from a crypto site It was from is it two years ago over two Years ago it was I have YouTube premium I'm not logged in I think that two or three days ago But it looks like there's a chance that This could go down as the largest uh Hallmark case in the history of Cryptocurrency in the history of digital Assets maybe even in the history of the SEC and you guys know as bad as TJ hates Xrp we all said the other day the SEC is Really the entity that we should really See change from now I could get into we Watched this entire video we don't have Time but man that's a good video that's Good takes guys I have a lot of good Takes it's so crazy what people say About me on the internet they either Talk about everything we predict so much Stuff years in advance About how big this case was going to be

I said back then I didn't think that They would win I was saying that before That and that was the day that I turned And I I did join the xrp Army now it was Not the true mastering commander of the Xrp army yet uh but I did become this Helper crime a little bit later so wow Interesting Um okay uh speaking of xrp which of Course is brought to you guys by steak If you guys would like to buy or not buy Excuse me if you'd like to play games With crypto uh all you got to do is go To Bitboycrypto.com steak and you guys can Sign up uh depending on if you are on The US side or you're International uh Right there on the site we are working On a full page by the way guys it'll be Done uh you know not in the not this Week but uh where anything that we have That we have a link for we're putting it On one page so you know that's going to Be a big deal there rebelkates more Crucial than ever amid coinbase binance SEC Crackdown If only there was somebody in April of 2021 that was trying to tell you how Important this case was you know We'll have to go we'll dig for that Video we'll try to dig for that video Yeah yeah Whether xrp is related security or not The Ripple cage will have a influence on

The two latest crypto exchange lawsuits Credo lawyers told coin Telegraph the Judges residing over coinbase and Finances lawsuits will likely watch the Results of the SEC versus Triple case Closely lawyer James Murphy we love uh Meta law man you know he does a lot of Good stuff sends me a lot of emails Um he's been on the show actually before I believe explained in a series of Tweets that a favorable outcome for Ripple could undermine the entire basis For the sec's case against both coinbase And binance This this makes me think the case is Going to end closer to the end of July Really yeah I think so like because this Kind of makes sense Because I think we're going to have a Long boring summer when the xrp case Ends throw that extra by the way if You're in the xrp Army it it when the Case ends We're gonna all coin Market is gonna go Crazy Right now we get the the re-listings and The whole nine yards so very interesting Very very interesting I mean do you Think Ben that that okay so all these Recent lawsuits is just they knew They're they're going to lose hard when They lose the Ripple case but it's like Can we flood as many people as possible Right now and then it'll be a one-fail

Swoop xrp Ripple wins and then coinbase And binance case goes away well I don't Know if they'll see it it's kind of this Thing where the SEC Wants to make sure what you're saying is Correct but yes he wants to make sure That they get all these enforcement Actions in before that happens Big Boy Crypto where where should I put the rest Of dry powder 95 USD Um he has a total of 29 600 and his Portfolio Um Oh he's got no okay he's got 295 600 in Bitcoin okay that's pretty good Portfolio it's pretty good portfolio Um I would like to see you increase your Xrp and your Ada and uh at least at Least one of your Layer Two networks That's what I'd like to say it's a good Time to increase that ADA bag it is Uh Eddie sees that ten thousand dollar Portfolios you got 15K H bar I've been So shocked at how many people have H Bars number one in their portfolio it's Very interesting look I'm going to tell You the same thing I tell just about Everybody Um that has a portfolio like you have Here uh you need more ethereum in there Guys you need to have ethereum or Carnano Um or xrp I believe is your number one Bag uh or Bitcoin Bitcoin will work as

Well Um I think some of these other ones are A little riskier I'm not saying HR is Risky like it's not going to do well but You just want to lead with your more Stable assets I do think it's a great Time to add cardano so I'm hoping for 100k to 200k I think it's definitely Possible I think you're going to Probably hit that range and that's good All right guys uh that is all I got for Today you guys be blessed have a great Weekend [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Thank you